Over the last fifteen years the most common request we get from our users is to develop a long term profitable strategy that can build a sizeable fund from relatively small initial amounts. This very sensible approach to sports betting can only be achieved through a statistically based, high strike rate and risk adverse strategy that allows the daily compounding and reinvestment of generated profits within an automated environment.

“The greatest invention of mankind is compound interest” .. (Albert Einstein)

The beauty of compounding is that it allows the user to start with a small amount of money and use a strategy that combines a high strike rate with regular small levels of profit.

On its own this type of strategy can take considerable time to deliver worthwhile profits when using the same staking value. However when associated profits are reinvested back into the bank, the staking value can increase from winnings thus allowing the magic of compounding to occur and the value of the initial bank to increase in an exponential rather than linear fashion.

For example of a starting amount of just 250 which is compounded at just 10% per month will grow to nearly 8,000 in three years and a whopping 71,000 in just five years. However in sports betting we are never going to get a 100% strike rate and there will be many months where a 10% return is not achieved and indeed months where a loss will be incurred.

These were the challenges that we set out to address when we designed the BankBuilder PRO Compounding Formula and we are excited to report that the results since testing this new concept over the last few months have been nothing short of exceptional.

Since January 2017 the Bankbuilder PRO Compounding Formula achieved the following:

- Daily Strike Rate 88%
- Max Bank Drawdown 2.3%
- Bank Growth 434.02%
- Current Bank Value 2,670.11

Projecting these results, we estimate our initial 500 growing to over 6,000 by the end of the year !!

  Fund Growth  
  Weekly Returns  

Do I need any specialist sports knowledge ? – Absolutely none whatsover as we do all the work !!
Do I need to be a member of any other RaceXpert service to join ? – No, this is a completely standalone service and as such no other subscription with us is currently required.
What kind of help and support do you provide ? – As well as written help we also provide all our users with live online help via the support application from www.anydesk.com which is very nearly as good as having us sat there with you.
Do I need a Betfair account ? – Yes, you will need a Betfair account. You will also require a subscription to the GRUSS Betfair Betting Assistant and a copy of Microsoft Excel. There is a FREE one month trial of GRUSS available which you can access here .
Can I use anything else besides GRUSS ? - No, we will not be supporting any other Betfair access platform. You should also note that Gruss does not work with Apple or Android so this service is only available for PC.
Do I need to know anything about EXCEL ? – No you do not need to know anything about Excel but you do need to have Microsoft Excel ( any version after 2007 or later ) actually installed on your computer. Unfortunately GRUSS will not connect to Open Office so you cannot use that as a FREE alternative.
Will I need a huge bank to run this ? – The great news is that you are able to initially commence using this service with the size of bank that you personally feel most comfortable with. That could be 50, 100, 500, 1000 or whatever you can sensibly afford to gamble with. Then as your betting bank steadily grows so will your potential earnings, comfortably building you long term profits.
Will you be giving us the settings used to generate the profit from your newsletters ? – We will provide you with very few settings being used but once set you just connect up and go. That's it.
Can I have a free trial ? – Really if you are asking this question gambling on sport is definitely not for you. In our many years in this business we have found time and time again that gamblers looking for things for free generally give that free thing exactly the same level of effort i.e. none whatsoever. There are technical set up costs in implementing your account that WILL require payment. You also need to have a betting bank i.e. an amount of money that you are going to gamble with, which should be completely separate to any other funds that you need for your normal day to day living expenses.
Do I need to sit in front of my computer all day ? – No you do not. Your computer does need to be switched on and connected to the internet when there is racing underway but this does not require you to be in attendance, so you can just connect up Bank Builder PRO each morning and then get on with your life.

There is Absolutely NO time to waste ...

If you're truly serious about betting success ...

Then RaceXpert Bank Builder PRO is for YOU.


RaceXpert is without doubt the UKs Number One Ratings Service and after joining this totally unique service you will quickly understand just why we have now been in business for FIFTEEN YEARS.

Pease note that there will be NO TRIAL PERIODS free or otherwise and NO SHORTER SUBSCRIPTION PERIODS.

All ratings are NOT the same and we may get copied but we will certainly never be bettered. There is only ONE RaceXpert.

We look forward to welcoming YOU to RaceXpert really soon !!

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