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Racecard Seven Day
Top Rated Winners
12/1 Eacharn
12/1 Capture The Drama
12/1 Alsa Mix
11/1 Turn Of Luck
9/1 Conchita
9/1 Defi Du Seuil
8/1 Man Of Plenty
8/1 Magic Mirror
6/1 Rhythm Is A Dancer
11/2 Mr Mac
11/2 Siruh Du Lac
11/2 Getaway Trump
5/1 Tigerfish
9/2 Dynamite Dollars
9/2 Island Of Life
9/2 Midnight Queen
9/2 Stop Talking
9/2 Silent Steps
4/1 Wotadoll
4/1 Torpillo
4/1 Chica Buena
4/1 Exchequer
4/1 Deputise
4/1 Another Angel
7/2 James Street
7/2 Coup De Pinceau
3/1 Shininstar
3/1 False Id
3/1 Breden
11/4 New King
11/4 Crossing The Line
11/4 Tyrconnell
11/4 Camelia De Cotte
5/2 Trixster
5/2 Beleaguerment
5/2 I Am Dandy
9/4 Native Robin
9/4 Chatham Street Lad
9/4 Deep Intrigue
9/4 Moskovite
9/4 Se Mo Laoch
2/1 Rouge Vif
2/1 Western Honour
15/8 The Two Amigos
15/8 Zarrar
15/8 Ettila De Sivola
15/8 Destrier
15/8 Silca Mistress
7/4 Laughing Luis
7/4 Xpo Universel
7/4 Gonnabegood
13/8 Charbel
6/4 Champagne Well
6/4 Bags Groove
11/8 Millie The Minx
11/8 General Custard
5/4 Schiehallion Munro
11/10 Newtide
11/10 Hardline
Evens Min
Evens Inch Lala
Evens The Very Man
Evens Glory Of Paris


Horse Racing Programmer

Have you ever had a horse racing selection method in mind that you have thought about getting a programmer to write for you but for one reason or another you have just never got around to it ?

Wouldn’t you love to have access to a massive horse racing database but let someone else do all the heavy lifting working out your selections for you ?

Years and years of horse racing data accurately maintained and updated daily that you can put to use for your own purposes.

Well now we can help.

To explain further here is what we have recently done for someone who had a great idea but who also needed our help ( and horse racing data ) to make it happen.

1. Your system is initially sent to our in house coding team who give you a price.
2. If you don’t like the price or don’t want to proceed there is absolutely no cost to you.
3. If you decide to go ahead we then make a payment link available for you to pay in full.
4. When the work on your project is completed your selections are made available to you each day.
5. Your selections are completely password protected and are not shared in any way.
6. The price that you pay for your individual project gives you access to them for 12 months
7. Your 12 months does not commence until you are happy that your selections are 100% correct.
8. At the end of 12 months you are then required to have a RaceXpert Standard Membership.
9. The access to your selections then continues as long as you continue your RaceXpert Standard Membership.

It would be prohibitively expensive for the average betting person to be employing a programmer to carry out this exercise, particularly when you add in the ongoing horse racing data costs, hosting costs, etc, etc.

However by utilising our own resources for you to use prices are extremely affordable and you may be pleasantly surprised !!

Here is a completely unsolicted viewpoint of this particular service :-

" Just to reiterate RaceXperts latest offering, I came afresh into the betting scene after a long absense with a strategy that to my simple mind seemed pretty good. The trouble was, it meant a great deal of manual checking each day - something I was not good at! I searched around for some way to automate it, and came across RaceXperts, liked what I read about them from reviewers out there, and contacted them about my problem.

Needless to say, they came up trumps! They gave me an acceptable quote for doing the necessary development, and provided a working system within an excellent timeframe. I am now receiving my data each day, and excellent it is too!

But best of all, their response is second to none. This is an on-going project (as projects tend to be) and we will be refining the system as we go along, and I am very confident that the boys at RaceXperts will continue to advise, help, and develop from this point on in the way they have up to now.

I can't recommend them highly enough! "

We very much look forward to your feedback and working with you to finally make your horse racing dreams a reality.

Please begin by e-mailing us at or use the contact link at the top of this page and we will get back to you straight away.

We are really looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards

The RaceXpert Programming Team

RaceXpert Programmer  

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