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If you are a horse racing enthusiast, you have probably found yourself wondering how some people seem to have a talent for picking winners week after week. Their secret is most likely the horse racing software that they use.

While it is possible to analyse horse races by hand, it is incredibly time consuming to enter data for recent horse races, and to use that data to calculate likely winners based on handicaps, speed and form ratings and other metrics. The pros no longer do that job by hand, they rely on software to do it for them.

How horse racing software can help you

Horse racing software can help you to make a true income (not just a few pounds on the side) through betting on horse races. What's more, in the UK any income you make from gambling is tax free, so gambling can become very profitable very quickly!

Horse racing software will help you to decide which horses to back, and you will be getting recommendations based on hard facts and figures - not 'inside information' or 'sure things'. Software takes the emotion out of betting.

The different kinds of horse racing software

There are many different kinds of software. Some software provides analysis and information, while others allow the automation of betting or help you to monitor the performance of your bets. Let's take a look at the different kinds of betting software.

Automated betting

Some staking plan software automates the placing of bets on your favourite online sportsbook. After you configure the software, it calculates your bets based on your chosen staking plan, and places bets for you automatically. This hands-free betting system is great if you trust the software, understand your betting style and have a clearly defined budget, although there is some potential for it to go wrong if you configure it incorrectly.

Staking calculators

If you are just getting started with betting, use a bet tracker and a staking calculator to monitor your bets. Over time, this software will analyse your betting patterns and make recommendations based on your betting style.

Prediction software

Prediction software could revolutionise your sports betting. This software takes information such as race cards, horse form information, jockey and trainer statistics, speed ratings and more, and uses that to predict the outcome of races. There are a few companies that provide this kind of software. Most of them work using a subscription model, so you pay a monthly fee to get both software updates and data updates. It is worth trying a few of these kinds of software, and tracking the results that each one offers. Once you find one that you trust, you can use it for your betting needs, and should make the money back for the subscription fee within a few bets.

Bet calculators

If you like to place manual bets, then a bet calculator that lets you calculate round robin, lucky 15, yankee and other bet types will save you a lot of time. This kind of tool is handy to have on your computer for those occasions when your non-gambling friends ask for advice about which bet to place, for example when the Grand National is coming up, or they feel like a social flutter on another race.

Odds tracking

If you want to know what odds are offered for a race, or want to get an at-a-glance view of which bets you should back and lay, then odds-tracking software will be very useful. Some of the more advanced betting suites offer this built-in, and there are other applications that specialise in just this one feature.

Horse racing betting is still gambling

It's important to note that even if you use sports betting software, and find that the predictions that the software offers are generally reliable, betting on horse races is still gambling. While you can predict that one horse is usually a better performer than the others in the race, things can go wrong and a horse or a jockey can have a bad day. For this reason, you should not gamble with money that you cannot afford to lose.

The most successful horse racing gamblers are the ones that understand how to manage their bankrolls. They have a certain amount to bet with each day, and they limit their spending accordingly. They reinvest some of their winnings, but also pull some out as a 'payment' for themselves. This means that even if they lose a bet or two, they still come out on top long term.

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