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Horse Racing Tips

Everyone has to start somewhere. For those new to placing bets on horses, it can all seem very daunting and confusing. What betting system should you adopt, if any at all? Is it best to start slowly by simply placing a few standard bets? What is the definition of a standard bet anyway?

The terminology used within horse racing circles is unique and often quite baffling to novices. In order to guide you through your first steps into the utterly captivating world of horse racing, we have listed a few horse racing tips below, some of the basic principles of betting, the different types available and how to make the best of your money.

Horse selection

An obvious starting point. Whether you are a novice punter or a seasoned veteran, no form of betting system is going to work if you make the wrong selections. The factors which come into play when making your choice are vast and constantly evolving. To cut it down to basics, there are two methods of selection to adopt - the study of form or the adoption of a system.

The initial method is the more traditional of the two and involves researching the previous form of each horse in the race. This can be time-consuming but ultimately rewarding and helps novices expand their knowledge of the circuit.

Alternatively, many solid horse racing tips can be gained from using a system. Most betting systems accumulate historical data on each horse and turn those figures into ratings, making it much clearer to see which entrants might be worth a flutter. Using a system means that all of the hard work is done for you, leaving you free to make your selection.

Types of bet

To Win
No explanation is required here. You place a bet on a horse to win the race. Simple.

Each Way
Here, you are, in effect, placing two bets - one for your horse to win, the other to place (usually, but not limited to, the top three finishers). The amount you win by placing is a smaller percentage of the overall starting price.

Adopting a system to gain your horse racing tips is probably the way to go if you want to try your luck with a forecast or tricast bet, as you are looking to predict not only the top three finishers in a race but also the correct order. Not an easy task of course but the rewards are exponentially better. Reverse forecasts are another variation of this type of bet but which do not require you to predict the actual finishing order, just the makeup of the first three.

Pay-outs for accumulator bets can be vast. Here, you are betting on horses to win in a variety of races. There are a number of different types of accumulator bets offered by bookmakers, so beginners to the betting world should approach these with caution.

In contrast to all of the above types of bet, a lay sees you staking money on a horse to lose. These bets are placed at betting exchanges. If your horse does indeed lose, you win the money placed by people who backed the horse to win. However, if the horse actually wins the race, you are the one who pays up. The amount dependent on odds that you yourself offered. As with accumulator wagers, it is advisable for novice punters to get the hang of simpler forms of betting first, before trying their luck with lay bets.

General horse racing tips

When taking the plunge into the horse racing universe, always set aside a particular amount of money to be used for bets and do not exceed that amount. For instance, do not be tempted to put money on a long-shot at the end of the racing day just because you have suffered some losses. Take those losses on the chin and come back fresh the next time.

Try to limit your bets to particular races. Don't place a wager on every race. Predicting the winner of a race containing either a large field of runners or a worrying amount of un-raced horses can be a bit of a lottery, even if you are armed with a plethora of the best horse racing tips.

The world of horse racing is addictive and exciting, providing a fantastic buzz and sense of anticipation whether you win or lose. The most important horse racing tip is simply to enjoy the experience.

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