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RaceXpert Online (RXO) is a fantastic NEW SERVICE for RaceXpert members AND non-members alike.

The main ideas behind RXO are:

1) FLEXIBILITY: there's no software to install so RXO can be accessed anywhere there is an Internet Connection (work, laptop, hotel, on holiday, Internet Cafe, WiFi HotSpot, etc) by simply logging in to a web site.

2) SPEED: one click and the important information is presented immediately on a web page.

3) SPEED: a 'QuickJump' Toolbar allows you to instantly 'jump' to the data that you interested in looking at.

4) EXTRAS: some additional data will be available on-line which is not in the RaceXpert software.

5) OPTIMISED: the original RaceXpert data has been optimised for RXO to more accurately reflect a horse's chance of winning a race.

6) SELECTIONS: We regularly circulate member methods and ideas for the best ways to use RaceXpert ratings to make a profit. Remember the more you put in the more you get back so never be afraid to share YOUR thoughts and ideas.

7) EXTRAS: a daily download file, containing ALL of the data, is available for those who wish to work with the data in a spreadsheet, database, or programming language, with the intention of producing unique ratings/selections by manipulating the data accordingly.

8) RACEXPERT: if you subscribe as a PRO member to the RaceXpert software, you will have FREE ACCESS to the online racecards - this means you can enjoy all the features in the software, plus the flexibility of the online racecards - you can also subscribe to the 'RXO downloads' at a preferential rate.

9) AFFORDABLE: we have really listened to feedback, and a subscription to RXO racecards and RXO downloads has intentionally been made affordable for everyone - there is now no reason why you can't have access to the best horseracing information on the planet.

......and probably many more things also.

As always we will be listening to our membership. But whilst we may add some more online data as the service develops, there will always be some data that is exclusive to software users.

Please note therefore that all features of the RaceXpert Software Package are NOT available online.

With so many superb features we can't possibly list all that is/isn't available, but RaceXpert Online costs from as little as £8 per week so why not try it out today ?

RaceXpert Online Starter Membership = £8.00 per week

Online Member Renewals = £8.00 per week to £10.00 per week

All of the data on all of the racecards will soon be available in one downloadable file each day. This of course is really useful for those who wish to work with the data in a spreadsheet, database, or programming language, with the intention of producing unique ratings/selections by manipulating the data accordingly.

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What do RaceXpert software users think of our Online Service ? :-

"Very impressive! - another reason to retire!"

"As you can see from my history with you, I have joined and then my subscription has lapsed due to my working away from home. Now you are about to launch the online version, I can definitely say you have a lifetime member. Good work guys."

"RXO has a lot of potential."

"Working fine for me, thanks very much. I do like the way you have highlighted the Speed Figures, Ng and Nx."

"The yellow highlighting of the top two "scores" in each column is most useful."

"Think you are doing a great job - the speed and navigation bar work very well, and the information has shown up some good (unexpected) winners."

"I like the star ratings in the summary."

"The Format is GOOD, it downloads instantly, and all the info you need is available on one screen as I scroll down. I do like what I see. GREAT WORK."

"I like the quick jump toolbar - saves a lot of scrolling up and down!"

"I am liking RXO more and more. I cannot get over how quick it is even on my old computer and so much faster than the program with me."

"You have produced an excellent Online version of RaceXpert."

"The new 'Toolbar' and "Selections Summary' are great."

"I think RaceXpert Online is an excellent job and so quick even for my old computer."

"Impressed with your idea, and think it would be a very good way forward."

"My first impression is that I like it."

"Lots of detail there to browse through on days when I have time, quick summary at the end for days when I am pushed."

"I think the concept is great, and I like the lay out."

"It is clearly laid out for the serious horse racing fan / punter."

"A job very well done, I like it."

"I have been waiting for this as I work all day and seldom have time to review the information before I go to work."

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