We Just Cannot Stop Top Rating Big Price Winners
Style And Panche Wins At A Massive 66/1 ( 100/1 on Betfair )

Was the 100/1 Winner of the Nunthorpe - Sole Power a surprise to RaceXpert Members ?

" Thanks for a great service, Sole Power in particular, got some looks when I went to collect my winnings that day."

" Just want to thank you guys, I used to be a member, and I stopped for a few years. I am back on board and what do you know?! winners galore, just want to thank you as I had an accumulator come in on weds and it returned 8,426.79! excellent, thank you!!

" I have tested out the Dutching Method over two days initially, and have been blown away with the profit made! 41.66 points to level stakes. Brilliant! I look forward to every single Newsletter that you send, as it contains such good information."

" Just to say thanks for two winners yesterday, Benefit Game on which I took early odds of 16-1 and Derek, early odds of 10-1. I have always , from the beginning, thought Racexpert was excellent but recent results are way beyond that."

" Today I doubled my betting bank. I would say to limit your membership. If you have too many people in on a good thing then the bookies would have to adjust there odds to compensate."

" Keep up the good work. You put all other services in the shade."

" I have just applied your Knowledge and top OR rules to just two days racing, and all I can say is WOW! Just under 20 points for EACH days racing with just under a 50% strike rate. Winners included odds of 14/1, 15/2, 5/1 and 9/2 with a second placed horse by a neck at 25/1!
I would definitely say to limit your membership :-) "

" I just wanted to let you know the success I'm having with the EP ratings.I'm using the system referred to in an earlier email from you. That is "consider the the top three horses in the EP average 3 column - a qualifier is a horse with 3 improving EP ratings". On Friday I had 2 winners from 3 selections and today I have had 3 winners from 4 selections. I'm 60 years old and I have never had such success from a system before! "

" I am a member of racexpert and I am astounded by the results. Its the best info I have ever used "

" Truly Amazing. It seems everywhere one looks there are extremely profitable methods to be had. Your ratings are without doubt the finest on the market. Well Done."

" I must admit I have never seen anything like it in all my years punting "

" The Ng&Nx ratings are in my view much superior to the old Rx and Pr ratings. I have been backing joint top rated Ng&Nx ratings for the last 9 days Hcps & Stakes races Forecast price 7-2 & better. Selections 23 ,Wins 9 ,Profit 38.5 Points. Excellent."

" The new ratings are a great improvement "

" Well done yet again with your 28-1 top rated winner. I must give more credit to your Speed Figures."

" I have planned to take some long holidays and make a trip around the world. Of course the RaceXpert ratings has helped me a lot to finance this trip. Can you freeze my account for the time being until I return from my holidays. "

" I do know about Horse racing and find RaceXpert very profitable. "

" Thank you for providing an excellent service and in particular for the speed and quality of technical support that you have provided. "

" Thanks again for your excellent help and response. "

" You know your customer service is Number 1 - enough said. "

" I find your ratings service exceptional and all the information fantastic. "

" To be honest the service you run from providing the updates to helping out with technical issues is the best I have ever seen, there are hundreds of companies out there who could do with taking a leaf out of your book. "

" I only made 106.0 points profit today! "

" Thank you very much for all your help, great service. I'm very grateful to you."

" RaceXpert gives me so much to go at, and your speed figures are quite something! "

" I am an absolute fan of RaceXpert and love exploring its contents and all the info it gives. "

" Keep it up all you guys, without RaceXpert I'd definitely have to get another job. "

" The service you offer looks very impressive. "

" I would recommend it to anyone. "

" You are the Master with the Speed Figures - 25/1 top rated winner today - well clear of the 2nd rated. "

" May I take this chance to say how impressive the RaceXpert horse racing ratings service is, after one month of learning its features, its clear to me that there is a serious edge to be gained by anyone who uses the ratings correctly. I have never felt so confident about my betting! Many thanks. "

" I was previously subscribed but left for another service - big mistake - learnt errors of my ways. "

" A great service !! "

" Many thanks for your efforts over the year. "

" I want to increase computer information into my betting and this seems a cost effective solution. "

" Your service is excellent. "

" Your ratings have become a valuable tool in my betting. "

" Many thanks for your prompt response. I enjoyed seven winning bets out of seven placed today. "

" I really can't thank you enough for your continued help. "

" I would like to say thanks for a great piece of kit, since I started using your ratings my average daily profit has gone up over 30%. "

" I do thank you for your help, if all companies ran at this level of support, the IT business would be a lot better off. Thank you again. "

" I would just like to say that your ratings are the best on the market. The list of features in RaceXpert are stunning and the new ones that have been added since I stupidly left are fast and easy to use. This is the "COMPLETE PACKAGE" for any horse racing enthusiast. Thanks for everything because RaceXpert is EVERTHING!!!! "

" I have nothing but high praise for the service from RaceXpert. I've recommended you to a few folk over the years and will continue to do so if anyone asks me about racing ratings. "

" RaceXpert for me was my HOME. I decided to quit and look for something out there that wasn't there. I have tried laying horses using various systems bought on the internet, none are any good, trust me, I have wasted enough money to know this to be the case. I have tried trading and that too has proven costly. RaceXpert to me is so powerful that you cannot fail making a profit if your head is screwed on right and you have a good betting strategy. I have been using the new tools in RaceXpert that have been added and it just shows you the devotion of the RaceXpert team when it comes to upgrading the service. To sum it all up...I WAS LOST BUT I AM HOME NOW!!! Thank You RaceXpert, for giving me this second chance. Truly Grateful. "

" Have only just joined, I was once a member and left a while ago, but, RaceXpert is the best out there. I was silly leaving and I am glad to be back."

" As always thanks for your prompt attention and assistance. "

" I have used your service and ratings for some time now and I find it great. "

" A 66-1 winner - an incredible rating formula. Well done yet again. "

" Thank you for the subscription reminder. I will be renewing on Monday. The Ratings are too good to miss. "

" Hi. I am a new subscriber and I am mightily impressed - my old form book is whizzing back to the supplier. "

" It looks so comprehensive and professional in comparison to many of the others. "

" It's a fabulous service. "

" I 'Googled' horse racing ratings and came across your site. I was impressed with all the features your system offers. The comments in the testimonials section were very positive and along with the initial price indicated that your system was certainly the one to go for. "

" Thanks to you all for your help during my recent laptop disaster. A truly brilliant service. "

" RaceXpert is superlative in all its functions. The Racecards section is the mouth of the truth! Thanks thousands from Italy. "

" Can RaceXpert get any better? Superb addition guys.......well done!! "

" Thank you for your patience with me and for all your help, your technical assistance is second to none. "

" Once again I thank you for a service that I know cannot be matched by any other racing service. "

" I would just like to put on record that your technical service is unbelievable. 10 minutes before 8pm and you have answered all my questions and got me up and running at this time in the evening!! Bloomin Marvelous. "

" I have been with you virtually from the start of RaceXpert and just want to say what an excellent service it is. I believe I have the best tools on the market to enable me to pick winners. "

" I feel that RaceXpert is superb. "

" Your ratings are the best I have come accross and I do not plan to go with any other service. "

" Always on the ball with the best service & the best backup. "

" Thanks again for the excellent customer service! "

" With RaceXpert, the amount of information that is available is staggering. I was off ill having recovered from a heart attack so looking through RaceXpert was very interesting and helped with my recouperation. Thank you. "

" I am back with your wonderful service thanks to the patient help from all of you. Thanks to RaceXpert, last year was one of my best ( I've been at it for over 50 years!) and this year is off to a good start. Please keep up the good work. "

" As per usual you are on the ball. Thanks for your help. "

" First class service, thank you very much. "

" I would like to say it was brilliant using your service and it was a great experience. "

" Just wanted to say thank you for your help today. And also to say how impressed I am with the ratings ... Fantastic. "

" Thanks for the excellent advice. "

" I have had more winners since using RaceXpert in my initial period than I have in the past nine months. So yes I have renewed so I can keep winning.  "

" RaceXpert in my opinion is one of the best, if not THE best for picking winners. Right now this system is the bees knees, end of. "

" I am finding RaceXpert is what I have been looking for, excellent service. "

" Thank you for providing such good help over the past year which was my best Flat season. "

" Have joined RaceXpert successfully and I am now perusing what seems to be a WOW service. So full of positive info, if I cannot find a profitable betting angle using this service I am ditching horse racing and taking up bingo. "

" Thank you for your help and patience. Turns out that I was being incredibly dense. I'm very impressed with your level of help and support. Thanks again! "

" That's very kind. Thanks for your help I'm already impressed with the level of service. "

" There is one other system I looked at from *******. I contacted them via email over 5 days ago on two separate occasions. Not had any reply! Your response has been great. Like the testimonials say, your email response is great and I am not even a member yet. I will definitely be subscribing to your service. "

" Have renewed today for a further 10 weeks. I must say the ratings are VERY impressive - Thanks. "

" Please ADD THIS TESTIMONIAL. Absolutely AMAZING. I JUST KEEP WINNING AND MOST ARE OVER 10/1. So many different ways to do it using PRO MEMBERSHIP."

" Well done on your 40-1 winner today."

" There is so much RaceXpert offers that I've stopped searching. "

" I think you offer an excellent service, second to none. Thank you very much. "

" At Kempton yesterday your Ratings got four top rated winners @ 10-1, 7-1, 6-1 and 11-4 from the seven races. "

" Thank you for your support with my various self induced problems. "

" Thanks for that, and yes, you're right. Brilliant and so helpful, and quick tech service, thanks very much. "

" Well done with your 33-1 and 20-1 winners today in high class races. You can show the other speed merchants a thing or two. It's called Class! "

" It is not often you get a top rated horse winning at 50-1 but that is what the EP ratings did in the 16 runner E5 Seller race at Bath today. "

" I think you are doing a great job. "

" Excellent ratings, superb service!! "

" I have recently joined RaceXpert, and found it to be an invaluable tool in making my selections. "

" Just to let you know... I've extended my subscription with you for another 40 weeks. I've found RaceXpert to be everything the ****** **** website is... but a lot more! The power of the service is awesome, and yet improving all the time! It really is the single most useful tool to convert anyone into a professional punter/investor. Thank you for your service. "

" Thank you for all your help. I am now up and running and about to upgrade to Pro Membership. "

" Excellent service chaps!!! "

" Thank you for all the help and speed of service! "

" I have tried a fairly wide variety of programs, tipsters, websites and services and was quite interested when I came across your website as you appeared to offer similar data to ********* without the extravagant cost. (I only play to small stakes). I signed up for the 10 week trial and have been so impressed that I purchased Pro membership and intend to be a member for a long time to come!! With your help I have managed to increase my original 60 to 287 in less than two weeks. My maximum bet has been 6 so as you can imagine I've had quite a few nice priced winners. On my third day of membership I achieved something unique for me and went through the card at one course. (one was 15/1 and another 9/1, nice). Overall can I say again how pleased I have been with the ratings (and I've only scratched the surface of its potential) and wish you continued success. "

" Another great update, all making things even more user friendly. "

" Praise must be given for the latest update to RaceXpert. Well done for all the new and very useful features. "

" Things get better and better. Congratulations, an excellent job. "

" A service I have been totally happy with and without any complaints whatsoever. "

" Who could have foreseen where you would be now. You must be quite proud of your achievement in RaceXpert. Very well done. "

" RaceXpert is the best product of its kind on the market, and I would happily recommend it. "

" RaceXpert is quite unbeatable. "

" I don't think you could have helped me much more than what you already have done for me, and I guess that goes for your other customers."

" RaceXpert is brilliant, and getting better all the time. "

" Many thanks for the quick response... and at the weekend too! "

" I am perfectly happy with RaceXpert and still believe this is the best racing ratings service on the market. "

" I am now up and running in the USA. Thanks once again for your help. "

" Well done RaceXpert - a top rated 50-1 winner. "

" Heard about it from a tipping service. I have been a member now for over 2 months and I rate RaceXpert an excellent service. "

" Worth every penny."

" Well Done RaceXpert. As you all know I am a very critical sort of person but I also appreciate hard work and professionalism and like to give credit when its due. So Thx again to the RaceXpert Guys. "

" Thanks again for the superb service! "

" I have nothing but praise for the professionalism shown by the RaceXpert team in listening, managing our expectations and responding so quickly. "

" You do not get this kind of service elsewhere. "

" There is no other horse racing service that can compare with RaceXpert. "

" Wow! Why can't all companies be so responsive and positive like RaceXpert? (Don't answer that! I used to work for some and know the reasons only too well ...!) "

" Well done to RaceXpert for its 14-1 top rated Cheltenham winner. "

" I sent an email to the RaceXpert techies at 18.53. I got a reply and a fix at 18.55! (the same day). If thats not on the ball customer service well..... "

" I'm making far more than five points a day, all I need is RaceXpert every day because without it I wouldn't make a bean! "

" Just a quick note to say that after a couple of days playing around I am so impressed! Congratulations, it must have taken a lot of work/greycells & continuing updating time to devise/maintain. "

" Thank you for your excellent service. "

" I made it 6 out of 8 winners pointed out by RaceXpert at Lingfield today. "

" Well done Racexpert. All the effort is appreciated. Thanks very much. "

" Thank you very much for recent help. Your service/support is without hesitation the best ever and that includes most of the rest of the competition, which I have covered to my cost. Many thanks again. "

" I am a busy professional and get about 30 mins a day to pursue my hobby. What RaceXpert does is provide a wealth of data. Can you make money with it?? I'd be stupid renewing my membership if I couldn't!! "

" First day back as a subscriber and I just had a bet in the last 4 races across both cards today. I had 3 wins. Thanks for a great ratings service with many other great features. I was a subscriber before but had to give up for a while due to illness. Now I'm back with a vengeance! Many thanks again. "

" I think that you already provide the ultimate in race analysis & it's difficult for me to think of any improvements, which you could make. "

" I have just started to look into the features of the RaceXpert and thought I would check what the speed figures have done for the first three races of the day, and straight away there was a 50/1 winner!! "

" Keep up the good work, you have 1300 loyal members because you are superb at what you do. As Tina Turner sings, "YOU'RE SIMPLY THE BEST, BETTER THAN ALL THE REST. "

" Fed up with chancers and con-men, I just like the way this is presented. "

" I am a long term Pro-Member and very very happy with my daily/weekly profits using the RaceXpert. My wife and I have a comfortable life simply from the profits of racing, or to be precise, what I glean from the RaceXpert (so I consider myself a professional punter). "

" Well done to RaceXpert for top rating 25-1 winner "

" Used your ratings service before, just tried *******, prefer your service. "

" Thanks again for a great ratings service and the constant work in keeping it that way. "

" Thanks for the renewal email - I will be renewing. Thanks for the recent help late at night - I was very impressed. "

" Congratulations on your 25-1 top rated SF winner today. Your speed figures are the best. "

" After reading the testimonials I was impressed and thought I would give it a go. "

" Had a good look at what was on offer over the net and liked what I saw....that was a year and a half ago and I am still here:-) "

" Just surfing the net one day and found your website by chance, and decided to give it a try. Although I knew next to nothing about horse racing, I was impressed with the amount of information provided, also the members seemed so friendly. "

" I am a very recent subscriber and would like to say I am impressed with the amount of info contained in RaceXpert and from what I've seen so far it looks great. "

" Thank you for your advice - your service is second to none. "

" Cheers for you patience and understanding - it is very much appreciated - what a team. "

" Once again I would like to thank the most dedicated RaceXpert team & technical department for their hard work and their service to the members - it's second to none. "

" I must tell you that the system is just fantastic. "

" My bank has more than trebled in 2 weeks. "

" Since using "The Knowledge" analysis I have not had a losing day. "

" It's just a question of time before I nail an absolutely massive accumulator bet using the RaceXpert ratings. Several times I've been so close, including 8/9 selections. I find that two or three times a week RaceXpert is awesome - I'll let you know when I land one, but this is just to let you know so it wont be deemed a fluke! "

" No matter what I do in racing I always find RaceXpert an asset. "

" Thanks again for the fast response and also help on this day of rest. I was expecting a reply on Monday, which I would have been happy with, but once again you excel yourselves. "

" I have to say that the support I've received since I've purchased RaceXpert has been exceptional! "

" I have been through the ratings for yesterday and it looks very promising even for a novice like myself. I can't believe the information you have there and what you are charging is peanuts. There are lots of conmen around selling garbage but I really think your ratings service is simply amazing. I even managed to find an 18/1 winner plus others on the first day of using RaceXpert andd I have recouped the cost of joining on the first day. "

" I am using some other tips at the moment but I'm finding that RaceXpert is more consistent. "

" Many thanks for your patience and help yesterday. The testimonials on the website are certainly proven right on the technical assistance score! Lots of great information and I hope those same testimonials are just as correct with regard to selecting winners! Once again thanks. "

" As I have often said, RaceXpert is the best ratings service that I have ever used. "

" Once again RaceXpert comes up trumps with a 100-1 winner. "

" I think this is THE BEST Horse Racing Ratings Service, I have come across. "

" Thank you so much RaceXpert, after TRIPLING my original betting bank in just 2 months I WILL definitely be renewing my subscription! "

" I've doubled my betting bank in 3 weeks and I've never backed winners at such big prices. "

" You will get more help from the guys who run RaceXpert than from the principals of any other horse racing service and you will not find a friendlier bunch of guys (including gals) willing to help.

" In June last year I had a last minute invitation to the Uttoxeter Summer National. I quickly printed out 'The Knowledge' information from RaceXpert and off I went. There being three of us, I suggested pooling the cash and backing three horses in each of six races which resulted in five winners out of six. In one race, two of our bets photo finished 20-1 and 33-1. One of the party who had never been to a meeting or ever bet said they did not know it was that easy. "

" I have been a member for more than a year now and I am far from being an experienced horse racing fan but I still find winners using RaceXpert. So I would say NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED. "

" I have been with RaceXpert now for 2 weeks and I am a novice at horse racing but what you get for joining is a full commitment from RaceXpert, also a vast knowledge of horse racing from it's current members, oh, and the best ratings service in the world. I had a 40/1 winner just yesterday. "

" 1st 40/1. What a price! This is the biggest single winner in my life, thank you RaceXpert for the ratings. "

" Many thanks again for your help and your excellent horse racing ratings ! "

" I am impressed and grateful that you are working on a Sunday. "

" This horse racing service is without equal - SIMPLY STUNNING!! Well done guys for devising such accurate ratings. "

" I've stopped looking!!!! RaceXpert is the BIZ. "

" Found RaceXpert while browsing the web. Sat on the fence for a while but once I took the plunge I have not looked back."

" Thanks for the continuing upgrades and new features. I appreciate your hard work. What a polished product RaceXpert is. It feels like Christmas already. "

" Shame I was asleep at the TV today as I missed the first three races which all brought home winners at long odds for your Speed Figures. Still, thanks to RaceXpert I knew I wouldn't have to wait long for another long price horse and sure enough a 12/1 SP (17s on Betfair) Winner came home and netted me a nice 800. When I think of the money I've wasted on tipsters.........Keep up the good work folks. "

" Came back to RaceXpert because other services didn't live up to promise. "

" I would just like to say a big thanks to RaceXpert for their help, if only other companies were as good. "

" Once again you've done us proud with the new EXPECTANCY against PERFORMANCE ratings (EP). I only looked at the 4 handicaps at Goodwood today. 3 winners from 4 at 16/1, 7/1, and 13/2. Another huge profit on the day again. "

" I find that the ratings are awesome."

" I forgot to compliment you on the speed you get the daily updates out. No other organisation comes anywhere near. "

" Thanks for your swift response. Excellent product - have just paid my renewal fees, keep up the good work. "

" Just a note to say that I've been very impressed with your horse racing ratings service, so have just renewed for another 10 weeks. "

" You have been very helpful today, not many folk would have gone out of their way like that on a bank holiday - many thanks to both of you (and anyone else who helped out!) "

" I have recently signed up for the RaceXpert, and so far am finding the service awesome. "

" Many thanks for the special offer - it's good to see loyal members rewarded. I have this afternoon, increased my subscription for a further 40 weeks. Even with minimal use because of poor eyesight, I continue to make regular profits. Keep up the good work. "

" I have just re-joined RaceXpert after a few months away and it's great to be back. Had a good day as usual, winners @ 16/1 14/1 11/1 7/1."

" My sincere appreciation of all the help, professionalism and the speed with which you respond to my requests. RaceXpert is indeed unique. "

" I really believe I wasted several months of my life by not having RaceXpert earlier. "

" As always RaceXpert it's a pleasure doing business with you, I wish all on-line companies were as efficient as you. "

" Another cracking day for me, it's like having your own Personal Cash Point I shall be renewing my subs in the morning. "

" Thanks for your help it has been first class. I am a heavy user of RaceXpert and find it an invaluable tool, keep up the good work. "

" I have been using the system since 25th Feb this year and show 282.5 points profit. "

" Another great addition to the already excellent RaceXpert. "

" An excellent product just gets better and better. "

" I have just read "The Knowledge" and horses that you have advised were taking a big drop in class have just won at 66/1 and 33/1. Very impressive indeed. "

" I've made a favourable amount of cash dutching highly rated horses. Very impressive. "

" My first day's experience with RaceXpert is just over. Am very delighted to tell you that even using small stakes I still managed to win back the total cost. "

" The data to be a profitable gambler is contained within RaceXpert and the now self-financing credit card and bank account I run is living proof of it. "

" Hi guys, just dropping a public "Thank you" to the RaceXpert boys. "

" I'm a new member of 3 months and a complete novice to racing. What I know about racing you can write on the back of a stamp. Every one wants to know if RaceXpert works, Yes it does. I used to subscribe to tipsters or 0898 numbers which cost a fortune and if you were lucky you made a small profit or broke even. I don't need to anymore as I can find my own winners with RaceXpert and its a lot of fun. Am I in profit, yes, quite nicely thanks. "

" I'm a fairly new member and I have spent a fortune on so call tipsters and numerous systems, but at last I've found a service that really does help you sort out the wheat from the chaff. "

" RaceXpert has provided a brilliant set of tools and if you use it like you should, it's like going to the cashpoint, as easy as that. All it takes is just 15 minutes work a day. "

" Just got back and found that RaceXpert won me 1500. Thanks Guys. "

" Thanks RaceXpert, got two beauties today - netted me a fortune. Thanks guys. "

" I'm a newish member and I agree there's enough info at your hands to make profit with RaceXpert. In the last 5 days I've had 2 * 14/1 and 2 * 12/1 a 10/1 and 8/1 (on Betfair one of them was 25/1). My total points profit for the last 5 days is 66.5 points. For the last 3 years I've bought nearly every system going on ebay and elsewhere and failed to make a long term profit. RaceXpert produces the goods. "

" Well done RaceXpert. 11-2 8.00pm Windsor, my biggest bet for months!!! "

" I am relatively new to RaceXpert and I discover new things about it every day. I would also like to point out the Tech Dept's massive help and patience. Long may this continue. "

" I've been with Racexpert now for nearly 2 years.... I'm hardly likely to have stayed that long if I was losing money. Yesterday I backed the 66/1 and 33/1 winners. I wouldn't have looked at these if it wasn't for RaceXpert. "

" Most days when I bet I make more than 5 points. My bank is growing quickly and has in fact grown over 80% in the last week. I never write as a rule as most know, but this service really is worth every penny and more. "

" I am very impressed with your level of service and I cannot recommend you and your ratings highly enough. "

" Since I have renewed my subscription my Betting Bank currently stands at 601 from somewhere around the 300 mark. So thankyou for excellent ratings, keep up the good work. "

" I have been a member for over a month now and I am starting to have considerable success with RaceXpert. "

" I have just joined today and had a great day I won 172. I am very pleased that I seem to have got this sussed already. Brilliant. "

" Used properly this horse racing ratings service pays for itself several times over. "

" It seems with all the data we have at our disposal, if you apply it all together or try different combinations you can't help but make a profit. I love RaceXpert there are so many possibilities. "

" I can't fail to be impressed by this superb set of tools of yours. "

" I make it 6 winners today - Winners at 11/2 11/10 12/1 9/1 13/8 and 7/1. "

" Congratulations on what appears to be a significant new development. "

" As always, your help is quick and successful. "

" I renewed my PRO Membership a couple of days ago. Looking forward to a lucrative flat season hopefully to equal the NH and AW. "

" I just wanted to say thanks for a great new feature and that's taken care of the bills for the next couple of months. "

" I think RaceXpert is excellent I must thank you for your fantastic support over the past months/years. "

" A lot of hard work must have gone into this and I for one am very grateful for your efforts. It goes without saying RaceXpert is the best horse racing ratings service available on the market. Keep it up and thank you. "

" Thank you for you outstanding hard work again. I am sure that there is nobody in the world can produce this. Once again thank you to the team for your dedication. "

" It is getting impossible not to win. Congratulations. "

" A big thank you for the ratings - yet another fine weapon in the arsenal. I really appreciate your work."

" RaceXpert is without doubt the best horse racing ratings service on the market. I have been with them almost since the start and will continue to be a member for years to come. Members are always ready to help and there is an excellent back up from the RaceXpert Team. "

" As I'm disabled and can't work, RaceXpert is great for me as it pays the bills and then some. "

" I would like to say it is the best racing service on the market."

" Today I had 4 from 5 at 5/2,12/1,9/2, 7/2 2nd 9/2. I had a 3 Canadian and won over 6500, nice. Also backed them all 100 win on betfair. Its been a cracking 3 weeks for me. "

" RaceXpert is excellent. It is a fantastic analysis tool. "

" I joined RaceXpert yesterday and what a surprise I got. I have tried all the top programs and I must say that this one gives you real value for your hard-earned cash. "

" I am delighted with the RaceXpert Ratings. "

" I've been using RaceXpert for about 2 years now and I'm in profit with it. I've used most data suppliers over the years, and I've been doing this for 15 years now, the last 5 as my only source of income, and I don't think you'll find any service which is better than RaceXpert. "

" Even better than my friend led me to believe. Thanks for the prompt and individual response - I wish you all the success you deserve for having an excellent product and a rare level of customer care. "

" Just a line to say how much I am enjoying RaceXpert. I've had it now for about 2 weeks and it's unbelievable. Day after day, I get excited when I run through the lists. Keep up the good work. Thanks again. "

" Many thanks for an excellent product and service over the past year. "

" Just a short note to confirm to you that I have renewed my subscription for a further 12 weeks. A superb tool for analysing races and finding winners! "

" I love the service and the information you provide. I've found you to be a great help - nothing seems too much trouble. "

" XMAS now paid for thank you RaceXpert team for a great ratings services - Got 22/1 on Betfair this morning. "

" Many thanks for excellent ratings.

" The best service I have come across and I have tried most of them. "

" Keep those improvements coming on what is by far the best racing service going (bar none). "

" Many thanks for a great product and service. "

" Having had RaceXpert for just two weeks I must write and say that already I am extremely impressed. I became interested in horse racing when I took early retirement some 10 years ago and in that time tried all manner of tipsters, systems and computer programs. Most were rubbish, a tiny few not bad. There is no doubt at all that RaceXpert stands head and shoulders above all the rest. In performance and in value for money it just can't be beaten. I have yet to explore all the features, tools and possibilities that the service offers but already it seems to be turning what was a loss making hobby into a nice little earner! Many thanks for providing a superb service at such an affordable price. "

" I've been using RX for nearly a couple of months now and am extremely pleased with it and would like to say a big thank you to the RaceXpert team for great ratings, you will not find any better horse racing service. I don't work for RaceXpert by the way, I just think it's a great tool. My RaceXpert betting bank has grown 50% in 6 weeks. "

" Thanks RaceXpert, there are a lot of dodgy people and so called tipsters in this game and its good for all the genuine people to have this info just in case... Nobody who is a PRO member of RaceXpert has any need of a tipster in any case!! "

" I started with now defunct ********* and I've tried them all - you are by far the best. "

" The service has been excellent thus far, many thanks. "

" I've been a member for a while now and have not really said much but just thought I'd say a big thanks to RaceXpert because they're still doing the business. I've made over 30 points this weekend. Thanks and keep up the good work! "

" I love this brilliant ratings service!!!!! "

" I've made 1,400 in the last 6 weeks... Thanks RaceXpert!! "

" RaceXpert is novel in many ways to anything on the market with so many easy features to use. For the price it charges its Top of that sector of the horse racing market. RaceXpert must have more features of note that really work, than any other Racing Information Supplier in this cost sector. Well done to them for all the hard work put in. "

" I'm gobsmacked at just how powerful this service is, and the ways we've found to actually get the best from it. Brilliant! "

" We think that RaceXpert is the proverbial dog's thingies!!! Haven't learned it all yet, but have done some interesting modelling on the results. Would love to know how you weight factors, like ground, experience with course type/geography, weather, etc etc !!! With many thanks for your help, advice, and support. "

" I would like to say that your service is the best that I have ever seen. Over the past two years I have subscribed to tipsters, people like ***** ***** (all rip off merchants and shysters). If yours did not work I was going to pack it in. What Happened.......Brilliant. Due to work commitments I can only study between 1pm and 2pm, from 1st Set to 30 Sept I had a profit of 1022.46 (LSP 122 @10/point). I am speechless and entirely grateful for the hard work that you the team and all the members put in. Long may this continue. "

" It's amazing how completely stuffed I am without RaceXpert, in fact I think I'll go fishing as there's no point in punting without it! "

" Just a quickie to send my compliments at such outstanding service, I don't think a lot of people appreciate how much work that you put into RaceXpert and the full value of the service it is truly outstanding. Best bit of money I have ever spent...and you will be pleased to know I will be taking out a full years worth of updates next week when my subs are due. Keep up the good work and thanks for everything guys. "

" Brilliant, thank you very much! "

" Thank you for your help and prompt service. "

" And the big winners keep rolling in. Thank you very much RaceXpert. KEEP EM COMING!!!!!! "

" Many thanks to You for the fast response and support you have given me. Glad I joined the RaceXpert Brotherhood. "

" Thank you all for an excellent service and good luck with all the new developments. "

" Yes, I will be renewing. This is the best !!!! "

" I've been making a very nice profit from systems since my return 18 days ago - over 9,000! Many thanks. "

" Result of my first three days' betting: 1216 profit and a ROI of 164% on my stakes. Thank you, RaceXpert. And thank you, contributing members. Incidentally, I have no real understanding of racing and use only a fraction of RaceXpert's brilliant array of tools, but the good thing is that you don't have to be a genius to make money with this. Sometime in the next few days' I'll send in some of my current systems. One of my very best systems, which more than doubled its bank in a few months, is a revised version of one posted - one could make a comfortable living from that system alone. "

" Thank you Tech for your patience in helping me. I publicise this only to show real appreciation and assure anyone like me who feels intimidated sometimes that RaceXpert always comes through, no matter how many times you email them and even in the face of dim wits like me. "

" I'd like to back up all that has been said. RaceXpert are very patient with a dim wit like me too. All my problems were solved, technical questions answered quickly. Cant fault it. Brilliant service. Excellent ratings. "

" It's such a kick in the knackers for the doubters that have to question every detail of what RaceXpert is capable of with only a little effort, and of course the support from RaceXpert and the other members... well done guys! "

" Thanks to all members who have sent in their systems. Using 12 of the systems including my own and grouping them together I've made a profit of 47.5 points backing all selections e/way regardless of price all in the space of 27 days.... All I can say is A BIG THANKS to all the members and also Thanks to RaceXpert for supplying all the information. "

" The RaceXpert Speed Ratings did better than Raceform Interactive, Time Form and Computer Form Book. "

" Cheers Tech, proof as ever that RaceXpert does listen (why else do you think I'm happy to keep signing up) ;o) "

" Excellent ratings - you have got a lifelong member, nothing like it anywhere, and I have tried a few! All the best. "

" I must admit that you have developed an awesome racing ratings that I wouldn't now be without. I keep finding out new things every day and it never ceases to amaze me. "

" Thanks again for a really excellent package. "

" Due to you providing superb ratings and a recent run of good fortune, I am in a position to upgrade my museum piece laptop to a spangly Sony Vaio. Thanks. "

" RaceXpert not only offers you the best tools in the business for picking winners they also offer you continual support and upgrades. One of the best tools on the market and will continue to go from strength to strength. I have already signed for a full years membership and will renew again when due. The winners have paid for this and many other things. "

" Making more money betting than at any other time of my life since joining RaceXpert. We are also moving to our new home bought out of gambling - it can be done. "

" As for RaceXpert's credibility, I've been a member and user of RaceXpert for over a year now, and can't see me ever using anything else, unless something comes along that can pick even more winners - and I can't see that happening. That's how credible I think they are, in fact I'd be tempted to say the results can be "in"credible at times! The guys at RaceXpert have put a lot of work into making a good idea better and better, and all it takes is a little use of the old grey matter to get something out of it. I have many different ways of using it and quite a few make good profits, which explains why so many of us have been with them for so long. The Speed figures are totally different, probably similar to other speed figures you'll find elsewhere, but better - a couple of 100/1 winners in the last 2 years I doubt you would have elsewhere. "

" RaceXpert give more WINNERS per day, every day, week in week out than any other ratings service on the market .I am a member of several companies and RaceXpert are the best. Life is bottom line results --PROFITS @STRIKE RATES - in all cases RaceXpert gives all these and much more, a company on the way in the ELITE small band of PROFESSIONALS -- DETACHED FROM the world of sharks /conmen. "

" Another member uses RaceXpert to help turnover around 2 million a year on the exchanges.... to me it's a no brainer.... RaceXpert works if you put your mind to it. "

" We are using RaceXpert to make money. Let's face it, a lot of us will have had our fingers burned in the past by tipsters, software systems etc.... I have never renewed my membership or subscription to any of them until RaceXpert.... I am no longer a mug punter - I have a very powerful tool at my disposal. And dammit - it's fun to use as well! "

" It is not often I reply to mailings, but I have had no problems with RaceXpert. I must say that I am well pleased with my investment and it was money well spent...and I have only just touched the surface of what it will do, there are so many hidden extra's it just has to be value for money. BTW this is not an advertising tout, just my honest opinion. I think the team have put a lot of work into this service and it works well for me. "

" That was a nice Sunday afternoon gamble for a few lucky people and, I am sure, a few RaceXpert subscribers. RaceXpert top-rated was available at 28/1 in the morning, hit 20/1 in the live betting and shortened to an SP of 7/1, then won. I was a happy fellow. Many thanks, team.

" Thanks for the information RaceXpert, you guys really are super stars. "

" Since I bought RaceXpert I have won enough money to pay for my holiday in Rhodes next week, and a luxury holiday in Antigua next year. Boy, I sure made a mistake didn't I ??!! "

" Gentlemen, thank you for wonderful service and excellent ratings. "

" Your quick response is simply awesome and very much appreciated. "

" Thank you very much, I'd never get this level of support from Microsoft I can tell you!!! "

" I do wish you much success with RaceXpert, it truly is a great product. "

" Thanks to your ratings I've turned 623 into 1634 in just 2 weeks by taking a 5% profit on the bank each day.... fantastic...keep it up. "

" Thanks for getting back again to me to-day. As the dialogue from to-day has shown you do provide almost real time support. "

" I wish you all the success for the future. Another ten weeks subscription on its way. Thank you. "

" Just a note to say that I've renewed. Also just a quick thanks to you generally for creating RaceXpert. My goal is 200 points for the flat season starting the guineas meeting - I'm currently 40pts up and there is no way I could do that without your software. Thanks again. "

" Thanks for your continuing great service and support. "

" In my nine years as a professional punter I have found logic and horses strange bedfellows. I became a RaceXpert member in 2002 - it is the best service without exception. I have turned over my 'betting bank' six fold. "

" Wouldn't dream of being without this package - winning days seem to be following winning days!! Thanks again. "

" Thanks very much for all your help. An excellent technical support service. "

" Many thanks for your timely response. Less than an hour from request to reply. That's the reason you keep your customers. It's not just the racing info it's also the customer service. Thanks again. "

" Lets hope this dialogue of winners today will convince the lurkers that RaceXpert isn't just some fad, but an ESSENTIAL tool! Never before have I done so well, in fact I've dropped all my other systems just to concentrate on RaceXpert based systems and betting. "

" It is money well spent and returns good dividends. "

" Superb call - a stunning day for RaceXpert today! "

" For anyone thinking about buying RaceXpert, I was losing money daily before I bought it, and after studying it for a couple of weeks became a PRO member.... been betting modest stakes and have made 1,600 in 5 weeks....... many thanks again guys. "

" It takes some getting used to putting a reasonable sum on a long priced outsider but such is my confidence at present with RaceXpert that I hardly need to worry. "

" I have been subscribed to RaceXpert now for about 6 weeks and can honestly say that this is the best investment I have ever made. "

" I started 13/04/2004 with a 1000 bank betting 5% on each selection. I have a genuine 200% increase in my bank. Stunning. Many Many Thanks. "

" What can I say!! So Far 18 Selections, 10 Winners, Start Bank 500, 2% of bank per selection, Bank now 648.88. Not bad for a few minutes work. Excellent RaceXpert. "

" Yes, a great Saturday, I managed 6 from 7, RaceXpert is the most exciting racing ratings service around. "

" I must congratulate you on what I can only describe as THE BEST horse racing service I have ever seen --- Simply brilliant!!!!! "

" The best thing for me is that I am not a professional punter so I am very pleased to have done so well so far. Beyond my expectations in fact. I currently back to level stakes. I would point out that I am driven by the desire to achieve a good second income without having to work a second job. Who'd thought that horse racing could be the answer? I am also a bit of a statistic nut which is why I like RaceXpert. "

" I am please to report that my bank has now risen 381% since I started using RaceXpert at the beginning of this year. I can also honestly report that since day one I have not got near to touching my original bank it having never dipped below 200% of my original investment. Thanks again. Onwards and upwards. "

" The whole RaceXpert thing is still rather new to me, but I have to say that as I uncover more and more of its features, it keeps getting better and better. "

" I bet rather a large amount rather than small amounts blindly to a system which is why I find the RaceXpert Ratings so brilliant and effective. "

" I am very impressed by the scope of this horse racing service. "

" Without a doubt the best (and most fun to use) racing ratings service on the market today. "

" At the moment, my bank is standing at just over 300% ROI. "

" I think it is the best service & ratings package I have ever used. "

" Thanks to the RaceXpert team for the finest horse racing service available, and at the right price. "

" My bank has grown 338% in the 24 days that I've been using RaceXpert. If I couldn't see the evidence in my Betfair account I wouldn't believe it myself. "

" Having used the ratings service for nearly a month now I find it head and shoulders above others I've tried over the past 12 months. I have tried P*****m, R******m and G*****t but non of those have ever given me what I required. That was until I tried yours. I am still finding new features so still finding my feet a little but I do hope when mastered, I can add to the growing winning systems and formula's. Once again, congrats at producing a very tidy piece of Racing Service. You have a continued subscriber here. "

" Many thanks again for a superb ratings service. "

" I am relatively new to horse racing but have learned more from your RaceXpert in a short space of time than from any other advice I have received. "

" No other ratings I've looked at are anywhere near as good as the various RaceXpert ratings, that's why I only use RaceXpert and nothing else now! "

" I received access last week and spent the weekend playing around with RaceXpert (and thoroughly enjoyable it was!). "

" About a month ago, I signed up to the mailing list to have a nose around, and soon joined up for 10 weeks through intrepid curiosity. What a fantastic time I've had. I've made a decent profit, and after joining up as a pro-member 2 weeks ago, an even more profitable time. Well done RaceXpert. "

" RaceXpert practically went through the card at Epsom - superb. Thanks RaceXpert! "

" As a new subscriber, I would like to say how impressed I am with everything so far. "

" I often wonder if you sleep as the service you offer is outstanding. "

" Great start - Top rated by Speed Figures wins at 20/1 - clear by 7points! "

" I would like to congratulate you with your versatile and easy to use system. "

" What a future we are going to have! "

" What a day, RaceXpert, I am still counting the winnings. A wonderful afternoon. Congratulations all at RaceXpert and thank you. "

" I have to say that the whole package is amazing. I feel like a kid in a toy shop!! Well done, and thanks again. "

" I subscribe to RaceXpert. I bet in 50p or 1 stakes. I have now about 15,000 in my bank and that is in 26 weeks. "

" Top rated by Speed FiguresTo anyone thinking of subscribing to RaceXpert - I have trawled the net looking at various so called ' Racing Programs' and the BIGGEST regret I have is that I did not join RaceXpert earlier than I did. It is simply the best that you can get. This week with not a lot of time, result: 28pts profit without even trying. I reiterate - RaceXpert is the best!

" Well done RaceXpert, this is the best horse racing service I have ever seen. I would like to thank you for sharing it with us. For those of us who don't know so much about Horseracing this service really does what I have always wanted all along. Namely "Let the computer do the thinking". It really is a case of "press a few buttons and 99% of the work is done for you". I am a system follower and for my money you have cracked it. "

" You must be CONGRATULATED on the new package, it is brilliant, WELL DONE team. "

" If you are into the horses, buy it! "

" 100/1...TOP SF !!!!!!!! - ARE YOU GUYS HOT OR WHAT... "

" Well done on the excellent new features. Well thought out, it will make life even easier for us. "

" What I have in RaceXpert is a tool as powerful as the Racing Post but it is all on my computer by teatime the day before racing!! "

" RaceXpert is a most excellent means of selecting winners. "

" Its got so many features it's really mind blowing. "

" I am delighted with RaceXpert and the possibilities it gives. "

" Thank you RaceXpert. I look forward to a prosperous betting season. "

" Thanks again for the rapid response you always give. "

" Just gone through a divorce after 20 years being married - it is only RaceXpert that has kept me going - many thanks to you all. "

" I have been using your service for the last few weeks and without a doubt I can categorically say that from an entertainment, profit generating potential and value for money perspective it is without equal in the market. It is staggering to see the value you deliver at such a relatively low cost compared to much less functional and more expensive competitive products that are on the market (one of which costs nearly ten times as much !!). I really feel RaceXpert has tremendous potential. "

" So impressed have I been with the product and service, I am telling all my friends and business contacts to join. "

" Thank you and may I say your customer care is brilliant - I love this service. "

" I had a good day today, thank you RaceXpert - 20/1, 9/2, 14/1, 8/11 = 6694. Thank You RaceXpert for BRLLIANT RATINGS. "

" Thanks for the continued supply of excellent form data and features. "

" Thanks and well done on a marvellous racing service. Streets ahead of all the others. "

" No other horse racing ratings service that I know of gives so much, and I have a tried all the big names. Best of luck to you all and thanks for the friendship and support. "

" It says a lot of RaceXpert that it has brought together so many like minded people. You won't get this elsewhere. "

" RaceXpert has saved me at least one hour per day, with even better results and returns thus far. "

" A great day for top Speed Figure winners - bagged 2 from 2 today, 2.05 Lingfield, W 14/1 (got 33/1) on Betfair, and 4.25 Southwell, W 11/4.

" Thanks for your teams first class support, another superb day of ratings yesterday. "

" Those who haven't got RaceXpert will to need get it if they don't want to miss out on the brilliant priced winners. "

" I have to share the news on my Lucky strike - thanks to RaceXpert. I had just placed a 2 win on Betfair at odds of 140 to 1. Now, I wouldn't have spotted that in the Racing Post.....! This is by far the biggest winning Odds win in my life....! The Feeling is fantastic. Wow.....I am well pleased - Thanks RaceXpert. "

" RaceXpert gives one huge advantage and long time users would find it difficult to imagine being without it. "

" I use RaceXpert as a key element in my punting, it's brilliant no question. "

" I am a full time professional gambler. I have made over 5k this month and your ratings have certainly contributed to the profits, particularly the speed figures in 'The Knowledge' and 'QuickForm' sections which I have found particularly useful. I have enjoyed using the ratings and have found them a useful addition to my armoury. "

" Thank You Very Much for all your help. Do you know, I can't do without RaceXpert - I think it is a great product. The more I get used to how it works the more I am becoming reliant on it. I would like to congratulate you and all the Tech Staff involved with the RaceXpert ratings service. Once again Thanks. "

" The Speed Figures gave 4 winners out of 6 at Fontwell today - 7/2, 9/4, 5/1, 13/2. "

" Another pat on the back for RaceXpert a very big and useful help and where time is not in short supply.Well done again RaceXpert. "

" Just when one thinks that no further improvements can be made to a fantastic service, along comes even more goodies. I am totally gobsmacked! Many thanks for a truly wonderful upgrade! "

" RaceXpert gives us more than any other horse racing service that I know of. "

" 12.55 Cheltenham 20 runner Novices Hurdle Handicap - To get the 33-1 winner, the 16-1 second and the 20-1 third in the top five rated Speed Figures, to me, is indicative of very good skills in speed rating. "

" There are lots of goodies to be shared from being a member apart from getting yor hands on the excellent RaceXpert Ratings. "

" Thanks to RaceXpert & the Tech Team for all these extra and very useful features. "

" 25 selections with 8 winners 25/1, 6/1, 25/1, 16/1, 20/1, 13/2, 4/1, 12/1 profit 97.5 points betting to level stakes! "

" Thanks for an excellent product. I can actually envision a time when I will not have to work the daily grind. "

" Thanks guys and I'm impressed with everything! "

" RaceXpert is brilliant. Thank You to the RaceXpert team and Tech staff for putting the effort into such a great product. "

" Backing top rated Speed Figure has produced a profit of 91.1 points profit (at level stakes) for the past 7 days! "

" Over the last year, I subscribed to Raceform, Computerform, Sportsbook, Racedata, Proform and Bet-in-form. None come anyway near Racexpert in coverage, versatility or prompt technical support. I would strongly recommend your service to anyone. "

" RaceXpert has enabled me to drop other services. The other aspect of RaceXpert is the continuous development which goes into it. Suggestions are implemented if considered valid by the RaceXpert team - there is much more to it than when I first started over 12 months ago. I trialled another program at the same time as RaceXpert which was supposed to be revamped last January - it has only now come out in its new format, nearly a year after it was promised. Others I know of have not made changes that I am aware of in years. "

" As I see it RaceXpert gives its users an edge. "

" Racing may not have been an exact science, but you guys have done much to turn it into one. Keep up the fantastic work you have been doing. "

" A very clear top rated on Speed Figures in the 1.30pm 5f sprint at Southwell - so much clear at the top that I felt a poor draw would not stop the selection. I got 29/1 (equivalent) with Betfair. Some service, this RaceXpert. "

" I have found using RaceXpert a fascinating source of information and ideas. "

" Investing in RaceXpert was the best financial decision I made. "

" Well done to RaceXpert for top rating this 25-1 winner "

" Brilliant service as usual. "

" I wouldn't hesitate to recommend RaceXpert to anyone sitting on the sidelines who might be thinking whether to buy in or not (please note I don't have any shares in RaceXpert). "

" I would like to thank RaceXpert for the brilliant service and for the data, and for other members input and ideas. "

" I would like to say how appreciative I am for the regular enhancements, which is making this a really fantastic tool for race analysis. It was the best investment I ever made in the attempt to make some money from racing. Congratulations. "

" Thanks to the whole of the RaceXpert team for continually improving on the existing service and providing new features. "

" Well done guys you do a great job for us all. Great service and support. "

" RaceXpert is my bible and will always continue to be so. "

" The service goes from strength to strength well done for all your hard work."

" Congratulations to RaceXpert for top rating the 25-1 winner of the valuable Class B Handicap 3.15 race at Doncaster on Saturday. Well done guys. "

" You have an excellent system that has been enhanced on many occasions since I joined. "

" Thanks very much team. Over many years I have subscribed to all the main Racing Services. None on coverage or technical support come anywhere near yours. "

" Probably one of my best days ever and all thanks to RaceXpert. BRILLIANT. "

" In half an hour, the RaceXpert ratings came up with 8/1, 12/1 and 4/1 winners in 3 consecutive races. In fact RaceXpert got 5 winners from 7 at Towcester today. I'm growing ever more confident about the NH season. "

" Again brilliant. For me, RaceXpert is the best. Thanks again. "

" RaceXpert has in my opinion evolved into one of the finest if not the finest horse racing service on the market. The unique ratings if used effectively give an excellent edge. "

" I am only too happy to 'backslap' RaceXpert as they are doing a tremendous job. I subscribe to RaceXpert and am extremely happy which, as you probably realise, means I am making money with them. "

" I would like to thank all at RaceXpert for the superb features. "

" Yesterday I went to Plumpton and had five winners from seven races, all by using RaceXpert. Now I can see why "RaceXpert makes sense". "

" I have had my best run yet in the Autumn period. A lot of it is down to the RaceXpert tools - particularly the speed ratings and the derivatives. "

" I made a highly impressive start when I first got this service and soon paid for 40 weeks! RaceXpert is the best and most enjoyable racing service on the market! "

" I would like to congratulate the RaceXpert team. It is becoming a superlative product. "

" The latest version of RaceXpert is brilliant and adds to the already best racing service I have ever purchased. "

" The RaceXpert horse racing ratings service I regard as excellent. The on-going enhancements are fantastic. "

" I appreciate your ongoing efforts to make this the best horse-racing aid imaginable. I also greatly appreciate your active propagation of good ideas. You've certainly stimulated my thinking. Again, many thanks. "

" I for one am more than happy with the Racexpert Ratings which for me have identified winners that I would otherwise not have backed. "

" Just started looking at the features. Wow! Lots more to play around with and all very helpful indeed! A very big thank you for all the hard work you guys do! "

" Bottom line is, I am no longer a mug punter. I now make informed decisions for the first time in around 10 years, and yes, I am showing a profit. Thanks RaceXpert. "

" I have been a very satisfied user of RaceXpert since the service was launched. It has all the information you would expect of an "electronic form book", and more, much more. I write as someone who has tried all the other computer horse racing programs and can honestly say that I have not seen anything to compare with RaceXpert with regard to value for money, and content. "

" It is addictive and I am hooked. RaceXpert is like a private tutor. "

" I can highly recommend the RaceXpert Ratings. I personally now realise that I did not have a clue about horseracing and can honestly say that I have learned more in the past two months than in the past ** years, purely thanks to using this service. I particularly like the fact that so much information is available at the touch of a button. You certainly do not need to be a PC wizard. "

" I have been a subscriber of the RaceXpert software service since its launch 2002, as a company I have found them to be honest, approachable, helpful and efficient. "

" Congratulations on an excellent new format - Very impressive. "

" RaceXpert helps you to go deep into the form book. I write as a very satisfied subscriber who has been one since the service was launched."

" I find that with RaceXpert I am making much more informed decisions as to what to put my money on. "

" Many thanks for this brilliant service. Once again more 'ammo' for the fight. "

" Can I congratulate RaceXpert on their service as it is definitely capable of pointing us in the right direction when it comes to finding winners. "

" That was a very nice piece of work you produced, congratulations. All wonderful stuff and certainly beats all other services. "

" What a terrific piece of work RaceXpert is. I have never, ever, seen such a complete range of information on one page. Brilliant. "

" I joined at end of July. August showed the best profit I have had with any other service. I have tried many. Suffice to say I have confidence to back quite large stakes. I believe there is no better testimonial than that. "

" RaceXpert has allowed me to pick 7 from 11 on Monday, 5 from 5 on Wednesday and 5 from 5 today. Profit this week over 700 and that's not counting 3 out of 5 on Monday. Thanks RaceXpert, all profits will be added to my betting bank. I couldn't have done it without you. "

" What RaceXpert has done is to give me the confidence to bet in larger amounts. After 20 bets I have had 10 winners and a profit of 1,232. "

" Thanks for a good day yesterday. "

" I have been using it now for only three days and this bank holiday was the first that I can remember that I made a profit. It is a brilliant piece of armament to wage war with. "

" The RaceXpert service is great, I have been delighted with the quality and consistency of your ratings to date and I have INCREASED my original "bank" by 157% now that does make sense. Keep up the excellent work. "

" Congratulations on keeping up the excellent strike rate today. I had my first bet on 7 August 03 and have had 20 bets since then, resulting in a profit of 1,232. A really excellent performance. Again to the RaceXpert team, a great day "at the office". "

" Well done on what I thought was a very difficult day. Excellent results. "

" Thanks for the 3 Winners from 5 bets today at 4/5 2/1 and 3/1 - an excellent profit. "

" Hi lads, another wonderful time had by all, the results speak for themselves. Many many thanks boys. "

" The RaceXpert horse racing ratings service is without a doubt excellent. "

" I do hope that the service will continue, as it has changed my life! Many Thanks! "

" Excellent product guys. "

" I think the service is excellent, keep it up. "

" Superb!!! How much to keep going on this subscription? I will send by return. "

" Congratulations on the winner today. Really glad I joined up. It is giving me the confidence to back to larger stakes. "

" You know you are doing something right when those at Ladbrokes & co start to limit or refuse bets. As it happens I have an old score to settle with a local bookmaker and he is being punished at present along with Ladbrokes & co by phone. In all fairness enough has been said about the service and if people still doubt you it is their loss. May I state to all the doubters out there don't merely think about joining "just do it" while you have the chance. I have joined and left a number of unprofitable services over the years of which most were more expensive than RaceXpert. One thing they all had in common is they were not a patch on the outstanding service I am now enjoying. This ratings service is "WINNING MADE EASY". "

" Very Good ??? I'd Say Excellent Fantastic !!! "

" I had 2 wins with Betfair, and a double with Paddy Power. Just 4 days of selections, and my starting pool has increased by 150%. Since I bet 10% of my pool, my first bet tomorrow will be 250. "

" I have never doubted your service as I've been using your ratings for a long time now and they just get better and better. What can I say? "

" Well I suppose it couldn't last. Ladbrokes must have spotted how much money I've been taking off them with RaceXpert, they refused my (rather large) bet. Funny I've never had this problem with Ladbrokes before, though I've had a couple of smaller bookies either refuse bets or limit them. Must be doing something right. Many congratulations on your results so far and keep them coming! "

" Very impressed with the performance. "

" RaceXpert has done it again - thanks Team. "

" Until I got RaceXpert I was an experienced bettor and regular loser on the horses. I am happy to say I think my losing days are a thing of the past because RX is that good. In a nutshell it is an excellent package which helps the bank balance grow. "

" Keep up the wonderful work. Started 2nd Aug got 8/1 & after last weekend had a win double. So I am 26 points up in 8 days. "

" Just a quick note to say Thanks Very Much. Keep up the good work. Two singles and a double returning 607.00 or thereabouts. Absolutely Brilliant. RESPECT People. "

" What can I say other than well done. I'm in profit by 1,352 in just 2 weeks! Cheers. "

" Today was only my second day using your Service and you really produced the goods today. I made a profit of 820, betting with BETFAIR. I had enough to recoup my win bet if the selection had only been placed. Really excellent. Needless to say I am glad I joined. Many thanks top class. "

" I'm a RaceXpert user of some four weeks, which may not seem a long time to many but I have to say it really is a wonderful tool for whittling down the daily selections to " best bets". The ratings are very accurate and the different features are excellent. I have been backing horses seriously for years and as we all know it ain't easy, but this service is certainly the best I've seen. I bet to ten percent of a bank and this week I have backed ten horses and only one has lost. I certainly would not have done this before. It just helps to give me that edge. I can recommend it. "

" I have been using RaceXpert since the middle of April and am still very excited by its power. There are so many aspects to it. Personally I stopped purchasing the Racing Post when I purchased RaceXpert as all the tools you need (and more) are there. Having purchased numerous racing services in the past without any financial success, I am now showing a healthy profit for the first time in 40 years of punting! "

" I have to say I was shocked at today's result... FANTASTIC. "

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