Here's what the professionals are saying about RaceXpert's fantastic software..  
" Quite simply, it's the best out there, bar none. The RaceXpert Horse Racing Software package has a pedigree which is ABSOLUTELY SECOND to NONE and is more than worthy of the highest rating we have given any product so far. You simply cannot call yourself a professional, or even aspire to be one unless you own this software. "

" the program has paid for itself within the trial period. I have even paid for 40 weeks more racecards out of my own money as it does what it says it does "

" The software is excellent "

Totally unsolicited by us, just what are our customers saying about RaceXpert ? ...

Well done yet again with your 28-1 top rated winner (Diminuto). I must give more credit to your Speed Figures.

I have planned to take some long holidays and make a trip around the world.
Of course the RaceXpert ratings and software has helped me a lot to finance this trip. Can you freeze my account for the time being until I return from my holidays.

I do know about Horse racing and find RaceXpert very profitable.

I would like to thank you for providing an excellent service and in particular for the speed and quality of technical support that you have provided.

Thanks again for your excellent help and response.

You know your customer service is #1 - enough said.

I find your ratings service exceptional and all the information fantastic.

To be honest the service you run from providing the updates to helping out with technical issues is the best I have ever seen, there are hundreds of companies out there who could do with taking a leaf out of your book

You have created a wonderful program, MANY THANKS.

I only made 106.0 points profit today!

Thank you very much for all your help, great service. I'm very grateful to you.

RaceXpert gives me so much to go at, and your speed figures are quite something!

I am an absolute fan of RaceXpert and love exploring its contents and all the info it gives.

Keep it up all you guys, without RaceXpert I'd definitely have to get another job.

The service you offer looks very impressive.

I would recommend it to anyone.

You are the Master with the Speed Figures - 25/1 top rated winner Little Bob in the 4.05 Doncaster race today - well clear of the 2nd rated.

May I take this chance to say how impressive the RaceXpert package is, after one month of learning its features, its clear to me that there is a serious edge to be gained by anyone who uses the software correctly. I have never felt so confident about my betting! Many thanks.

I was previously subscribed but left for another service - big mistake - learnt errors of my ways.

A great service !!

Out of all the meetings today (03/01/08) my systems only produced a single qualifier "Premier Des Marais (FR)" in the 2.55 at Fontwell, but was it worth it! My bank (with RaceXpert's help) was currently at £1400, 10% of the bank per bet. That's a £140 win only bet I made today. It came in at 9/4 giving me another £315, taking my bank to £1715 from a single bet. I made the bet without hesitation. Thankyou RaceXpert, it is truly an amazing software package you have here.

Sum & Average is, in my opinion, the best feature in a most excellent overall presentation.

I would confirm that your product is excellent.

Many thanks for your efforts over the year.

I want to increase computer information into my betting and this seems a cost effective solution.

Your service is excellent.

Your software has become a valuable tool of my betting.

Many thanks for your prompt response. I enjoyed seven winning bets out of seven placed today.

I really can't thank you enough for your continued help.

I would like to say thanks for a great piece of kit, since I started using your software my average daily profit has gone up over 30%.

I do thank you for your help, if all companies ran at this level of support, the IT business would be a lot better off. Thank you again.

I would just like to say that your software is the best on the market. I have been experimenting today with some of the amazing features in RaceXpert and it selected King Charles in the 2.00 at Ascot at a price of 20/1. The list of features in RaceXpert are stunning and the new ones that have been added since I stupidly left are fast and easy to use. This is the "COMPLETE PACKAGE" for any horse racing enthusiast. Thanks for everything because RaceXpert is EVERTHING!!!!

I have nothing but high praise for the software and the service from RaceXpert. I've recommended you to a few folk over the years and will continue to do so if anyone asks me about racing software.

RaceXpert for me was my HOME. I decided to quit and look for something out there that wasn't there. I have tried laying horses using various systems bought on the internet, none are any good, trust me, I have wasted enough money to know this to be the case. I have tried trading and that too has proven costly. RaceXpert to me is so powerful that you cannot fail making a profit if your head is screwed on right and you have a good betting strategy. I have been using the new tools in RaceXpert that have been added and it just shows you the devotion of the RaceXpert team when it comes to upgrading the software. To sum it all up...I WAS LOST BUT I AM HOME NOW!!! Thank You RaceXpert, for giving me this second chance. Truly Grateful.

I have only just joined, I was once a member and left a while ago, but, RaceXpert is the best out there. I was silly leaving and I am glad to be back.

As always thanks for your prompt attention and assistance.

I have used your software for some time now and I find it great.

Correy - 66-1 winner - an incredible piece of rating formula. Well done yet again.

Thank you for the subscription reminder. I will be renewing on Monday. The Ratings are too good to miss.

Hi. I am a new subscriber and I am mightily impressed - my old form book is whizzing back to the supplier.

It looks so comprehensive and professional in comparison to many of the others.

It's a fabulous service.

I 'Googled' horse racing software and came across your site. I was impressed with all the features your system offers (the screen shots tab proved very useful). The comments in the testimonials section were very positive and along with the initial price indicated that your system was certainly the one to go for.

Thanks to you all for your help during my recent laptop disaster. A truly brilliant service.

RaceXpert is superlative in all its functions. The Racecards section is the mouth of the truth! Thanks thousands from Italy.

Can RaceXpert get any better? Superb addition guys.......well done!!

Many thanks for the new Prize Money Report. I like it. It saves trawling through the racecards to find the valuable races.

Thank you for your patience with me and for all your help, your technical assistance is second to none.

Once again I thank you for a service that I know cannot be matched by any other racing service.

I would just like to put on record that your technical service is unbelievable. 10 minutes before 8pm and you have answered all my questions and got me up and running at this time in the evening!! Bloomin Marvelous.

I have been with you virtually from the start of RaceXpert and just want to say what an excellent program it is. The recent version is particuarly good and combined with Master FormSpeed, WinPro, Horse Profiler, etc. I believe I have the best tools on the market to enable me to pick winners.

I feel that RaceXpert is superb.

Your software is the best I have come accross and I do not plan to go with any other program.

Always on the ball with the best software & the best backup.

The WinPro feature is great, many thanks for all the hard work and long hours put into this nice piece of kit.

Just got in from work, updated RaceXpert & woohoo WinPro is there. EXCELLENT work!!!

WinPro - nice tool - congrats to tech.

Thanks again for the excellent customer service!

With RaceXpert, the amount of information that is available is staggering. I was off ill having recovered from a heart attack so looking through RaceXpert was very interesting and helped with my recouperation. Thank you.

I am back with your wonderful service thanks to the patient help from all of you. Thanks to RaceXpert, last year was one of my best ( I've been at it for over 50 years!) and this year is off to a good start. Please keep up the good work.

As per usual you are on the ball. Thanks for your help.

First class service, thank you very much.

I would like to say it was brilliant using your service and it was a great experience.

Just wanted to say thank you for your help today. And also to say how impressed I am with the software... Fantastic.

Thanks for the excellent advice. Problem solved in less than five minutes.

I have had more winners since using RaceXpert in my initial period than I have in the past nine months. So yes I have renewed so I can keep winning.

RaceXpert in my opinion is one of the best, if not best for picking winners. Right now this system is the bees knees, end of.

I am finding RaceXpert is what I have been looking for, excellent program.

Thank you for providing such good help over the past year which was my best Flat season.

Have downloaded RaceXpert successfully and am now perusing through the mirade of what seems to be a WOW bit of software. The programme is so full of positive info, but if I cannot find a profitable betting angle using this software I am ditching horse racing and taking up bingo. Thank you for the very kind brillianty priced trial offer.

Got it sorted. Thank you for your help and patience. Turns out that I was being incredibly dense. I'm very impressed with your level of help and support. Thanks again!

That's very kind. Thanks for your help I'm already impressed with the level of service

There is one other system I looked at from *******. I contacted them via email over 5 days ago on two separate occasions. Not had any reply! Your response has been great. Like the testimonials say, your email response is great and I am not even a member yet. I will definitely be subscribing to your service.

Have renewed today for a further 10 weeks. I must say the programme is VERY impressive - Thanks.

Please ADD THIS TESTIMONIAL. Absolutely AMAZING. I JUST KEEP WINNING AND MOST ARE OVER 10/1. So many different ways to do it using PRO MEMBERSHIP.

Well done on your 40-1 winner today, "Bobs Buster".

There is so much RaceXpert offers that I've stopped searching.

I think you offer an excellent service, second to none. Thank you very much.

At Kempton yesterday your Form Report Ratings got four top rated winners @ 10-1, 7-1, 6-1 and 11-4 from the seven races.

Thank you for your support with my various self induced problems.

Thanks for that, and yes, you're right. Brilliant and so helpful, and quick tech service, thanks very much.

Well done with your 33-1 and 20-1 winners today in high class races. You can show the other speed merchants a thing or two. It's called Class!

It is not often you get a top rated horse winning at 50-1 but that is what the EP ratings did in the 16 runner E5 Seller race at Bath today - Tilsworth Charlie in the 3.40.

I think you are doing a great job.

Excellent software, superb service!!

I have found the Value Odds to be very useful as it has helped pinpoint true value in the market.

I have recently purchased RaceXpert, and found it to be an invaluable tool in making my selections.

Just to let you know... I've extended my subscription with you for another 40 weeks. I've found RaceXpert to be everything the ****** **** website is... but a lot more! The power of the program is awesome, and yet improving all the time! It really is the single most useful tool to convert anyone into a professional punter/investor. Thank you for your service.

Thank you for all your help. I am now up and running and about to upgrade to Pro Membership.

Excellent service chaps!!!

Thank you for all the help and speed of service!

I have tried a fairly wide variety of programs, tipsters, websites and services and was quite interested when I came across your website as you appeared to offer similar data to ********* without the extravagant cost. (I only play to small stakes). I signed up for the 10 week trial and have been so impressed that I purchased Pro membership and intend to be a member for a long time to come!! With your help I have managed to increase my original £60 to £287 in less than two weeks. My maximum bet has been £6 so as you can imagine I've had quite a few nice priced winners. On my third day of membership I achieved something unique for me and went through the card at one course. (one was 15/1 and another 9/1, nice). Overall can I say again how pleased I have been with the software (and I've only scratched the surface of its potential) and wish you continued success.

Another great update, all making things even more user friendly.

Praise must be given for the latest update to RaceXpert. Well done for all the new and very useful features.

Things get better and better. Congratulations, an excellent job.

The programme itself is excellent and the level of support second to none.

A service I have been totally happy with and without any complaints whatsoever.

Who could have foreseen where you would be now. You must be quite proud of your achievement in RaceXpert. Very well done.

RaceXpert is the best product of its kind on the market, and I would happily recommend it.

RaceXpert is quite unbeatable.

I don't think you could have helped me much more than what you already have done for me, and I guess that goes for your other customers.

RaceXpert is brilliant, and getting better all the time.

Many thanks for the quick response... and at the weekend too!

I am perfectly happy with RaceXpert and still believe this is the best piece of racing software on the market.

I am now up and running in the USA. Thanks once again for your help.

Well done RaceXpert - a top rated 50-1 winner in the 3.20 Kempton.

Heard about it from a tipping service. I have been a member now for over 2 months and I rate RaceXpert an excellent service.

Worth every penny.

Well Done RaceXpert. As you all know I am a very critical sort of person but I also appreciate hard work and professionalism and like to give credit when its due. So Thx again to the RaceXpert Guys.

Thanks again for the superb service!

I have nothing but praise for the professionalism shown by the RaceXpert team in listening, managing our expectations and responding so quickly with a well thought-out update to v55.

All up and running again, thanks again - the speed you guys sort problems out is brilliant!

You do not get this kind of service elsewhere.

Just updated and have to say many thanks for such quick reaction to members requests. Still drooling over the improvement of visual benefits.

There is no other programme that can compare with RaceXpert.

Thanks once again for your help, especially at this time of the morning.

Boy do I like the new version 55, great stuff RaceXpert.

Wow! Why can't all software companies be so responsive and positive like RaceXpert? (Don't answer that! I used to work for some and know the reasons only too well ...!)

Well done to RaceXpert for its 14-1 top rated Cheltenham winner.

I sent an email to the RaceXpert techies at 18.53. I got a reply and a fix
at 18.55! (the same day). If thats not on the ball customer service well.....

I'm making far more than five points a day, all I need is RaceXpert every day because without it I wouldn't make a bean!

Amazing piece of kit - am V. impressed!

Just a quick note to say that after a couple of days playing around with the software I am so impressed! Congratulations, it must have taken a lot of work/greycells & continuing updating time to devise/maintain. Often thought about how lovely it would be to have the computer prog described in Dick Francis novel (forget name, will look it up) - seems you've developed it, congratulations and thanks!

The form report had the 1st, 2nd and 3rd in correct order, it paid £750 for the tricast. Well done again RaceXpert.

Thank you for your excellent service.

How's this for service.... 7:21 pm this evening I e-mail Tech as I have a problem with the automatic update not working. 7:23pm I have a reply with some hints for a fix, and a file attached in case they don't work. The file cures it - done and sorted within 5 minutes... try getting that level of service elsewhere!

I made it 6 out of 8 winners pointed out by RaceXpert at Lingfield today.

Well done Racexpert. All the effort is appreciated. Thanks very much.

Thank you very much for recent help. Your service/support is without hesitation the best ever and that includes most of the rest of the competition, which I have covered to my cost. Many thanks again.

I am a busy professional and get about 30 mins a day to pursue my hobby. What RaceXpert does is provide a wealth of data. Can you make money with it?? I'd be stupid renewing my membership if I couldn't!!

First day back as a subscriber and I just had a bet in the last 4 races across both cards today. I had 3 wins - Turners Touch at 7/1, Barry Island at 16/1, Sands Crooner at 10/1 and Jaderoon (placed) at 14/1. Thanks for a great piece of software with many other great features. I was a subscriber before but had to give up for a while due to illness. Now I'm back with a vengeance! Many thanks again.

Just a quick note of thanks for the swift and straightforward assistance, much appreciated.

I think that you already provide the ultimate in race analysis & it's difficult for me to think of any improvements, which you could make.

I have just started to look into the features of the software and thought I would check what the speed figures have done for the first three races of the day, and straight away there was a 50/1 winner!!"

Keep up the good work, you have 1300 loyal members because you are superb at what you do. As Tina Turner sings, "YOU'RE SIMPLY THE BEST, BETTER THAN ALL THE REST.

Thanks for the "out of hours" help...thought I was going to miss tomorrow's info. Greatly appreciated.

Fed up with chancers and con-men, I just like the way this is presented.

Both the RaceXpert Ratings and the Power Ratings rated the 10-1 winner, the10-1 second and the 15-2 third in correct order for the 2.20 atWolverhampton today - the Tricast paying £822 - reflecting the difficulty ofgetting the first three in correct order. Well done to RaceXpert.

I am a long term Pro-Member and very very happy with my daily/weekly profits using the RaceXpert software. My wife and I have a comfortable life simply from the profits of racing, or to be precise, what I glean from the RaceXpert software (so I consider myself a professional punter). I look forward to Version 55 and may I take this opportunity to say a big thank you for all the work you and your team continually carries out for the benefit of members.

Well done to RaceXpert for top rating LERIDA on Speed Figures this 50-1 winner.

Thanks for that. Running again in less than half an hour. Superb. Dont think anyone could moan about the service from Racexpert.

Well done to RaceXpert for top rating 25-1 winner in the 4.00 Wetherby race.

Used your software before, just tried *******, prefer your service.

Thanks again for a great piece of software and the constant work in keeping it that way.

Thanks for the renewal email - I will be renewing. Thanks for the recent help from Tech, late at night - I was very impressed.

Congratulations on your 25-1 top rated SF winner today. Your speed figures are the best.

After reading the testimonials I was impressed and thought I would give it a go.

Had a good look at what was on offer over the net and liked what I saw....that was a year and a half ago and I am still here:-)

Just surfing the net one day and found your website by chance, and decided to give it a try. Although I knew next to nothing about horse racing, I was impressed with the amount of information provided, also the members seemed so friendly.

I am a very recent subscriber and would like to say I am impressed with the amount of info contained in RaceXpert and from what I've seen so far it looks great.

Thank you for your advice - your service is second to none.

I seem to be up and running so thanks for that it was quick and painless.

Many, many thanks for persevering with my problem. At times I thought I would never get back 'up and running' but with your help and swift responses to my emails we got there!

The balance seems to be for strong racecard based analysis with stats calculated on the fly. It is these algorithms which make RaceXpert unique and praiseworthy.

Cheers for you patience and understanding - it is very much appreciated - what a team.

Once again I would like to thank the most dedicated RaceXpert team & technical department for their hard work and their service to the members - it's second to none.

I must tell you that the system is just fantastic.

My bank has more than trebled in 2 weeks.

Thank you to RaceXpert for a great programme, I love the Auto-Update system and the almost endless methods for making profitable selections.

I wanted to say thank you to everybody that makes such an effort to post via the group and the forum. I am in profit thanks to you all.

Since using "The Knowledge" analysis I have not had a losing day.

It's just a question of time before I nail an absolutely massive accumulator bet using the RaceXpert ratings. Several times I've been so close, including 8/9 selections. I find that two or three times a week RaceXpert is awesome - I'll let you know when I land one, but this is just to let you know so it wont be deemed a fluke!

No matter what I do in racing I always find RaceXpert an asset.

Thanks again for the fast response and also help on this day of rest. I was expecting a reply on Monday, which I would have been happy with, but once again you excel yourselves.

Happy to report RaceXpert is now working as smoothly as it always has. Thanks for your patience on this one, sorry it was my end.

I have to say that the support I've received since I've purchased RaceXpert has been exceptional!

I have been through the software yesterday and it looks very promising even for a novice like myself. I can't believe the information you have there and what you are charging is peanuts. There are lots of software and conmen around selling garbage but I really think your software is simply amazing. I even managed to find an 18/1 winner plus others on the first day of using RaceXpert andd I have recouped the cost of the software on the first day.

I am using some other tips at the moment but I'm finding that RaceXpert is more consistent.

Many thanks for your patience and help yesterday. The testimonials on the website are certainly proven right on the technical assistance score! Lots of great information in the programme and I hope those same testimonials are just as correct with regard to selecting winners! Once again thanks.

As I have often said, RaceXpert is the best software I have ever used.

Once again Triple Class comes up trumps with a 100-1 winner.

I think this is THE BEST Software, I have come across.

Thank you so much RaceXpert, after TRIPLING my original betting bank in just 2 months I WILL definitely be renewing my subscription!

I've doubled my betting bank in 3 weeks and I've never backed winners at such big prices.

You will get more help from the guys who run RaceXpert than from the principals of any other horse racing programs and you will not find a friendlier bunch of guys (including gals) willing to help through the medium of various forums and an e-mail group.

In June last year I had a last minute invitation to the Uttoxeter Summer National. I quickly printed out the 'Analyse The Knowledge' information from RaceXpert and off I went. There being three of us, I suggested pooling the cash and backing three horses in each of six races which resulted in five winners out of six. In one race, two of our bets photo finished 20-1 and 33-1. One of the party who had never been to a meeting or ever bet said they did not know it was that easy.

I have been a member for more than a year now and I am far from being an experienced horse racing fan but I still find winners using RaceXpert. So I would say NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED.

I have been with RaceXpert now for 2 weeks and I am a novice at horse racing but what you get for joining is a full commitment from RaceXpert, also a vast knowledge of horse racing from it's current members, oh, and the best software program in the world. I had a 40/1 winner just yesterday.

4.00 Yarmouth Magic Amigo 1st 40/1. What a price! This is the biggest single winner in my life, thank you RaceXpert for the software.

Many thanks again for your help and your excellent program!

I am impressed and grateful that you are working on a Sunday.

This program is without equal - SIMPLY STUNNING!! Well done guys for devising such a program.

I've stopped looking!!!! RaceXpert is the BIZ.

Found RaceXpert while browsing the web. Sat on the fence for a while but the members in the forum gave me the push I needed and I have not looked back.

Thanks for the continuing upgrades and new features in the software. I appreciate your hard work.

Awesome update, what a polished product RaceXpert is. It feels like Christmas already.

Thanks for the very quick reply, it is much appreciated.

Shame I was asleep at the TV today as I missed the first three races which all brought home winners at long odds for your Speed Figures. "Ball Games" at 12/1, "Longstone Lass" at 25/1 and "Nazimabad" at 10/1. Fantastic. Still, thanks to RaceXpert I knew I wouldn't have to wait long for another long price winner and sure enough "Itsmyboy" came home at 12/1 SP (17s on Betfair) and netted me a nice £800. When I think of the money I've wasted on tipsters.........Keep up the good work folks.

Came back to RaceXpert because other services didn't live up to promise.

I would just like to say a big thanks to RaceXpert for their help, if only other companies were as good.

Technical, you are a hero again.

I must say tech support are top notch in response time.

Once again you've done us proud with the new EXPECTANCY against PERFORMANCE ratings (EP). I only looked at the 4 handicaps at Goodwood today. I used the Horse Profiler and then ranked by EP. 3 winners from 4 at 16/1, 7/1, and 13/2. Another huge profit on the day again

Thank you, thank you, everything seems to be working thanks to you, without your help I would have been well and truly up the creek without a paddle.

I find that the main ratings are awesome.

Thanks to your guidance I got "Typhoon Tilly" in the 3.40 at Redcar at a nice 15.5. Seven winners out of 14 races today and I doubled my bank.

Congratulations on your 25-1 top rated Speed Figure winner Sierra Vista.

I forgot to compliment you on the speed you get the daily updates out. No other organisation comes anywhere near.

Thanks for your swift response.

Excellent product - have just paid my renewal fees, keep up the good work.

Just a note to say that I've been very impressed with your software, so have just renewed for another 10 weeks.

You have been very helpful today, not many folk would have gone out of their way like that on a bank holiday - many thanks to both of you (and anyone else who helped out!)

I have recently signed up for the RaceXpert trial, and so far am finding the service awesome.

Got myself up and running and can honestly say that after the 2 week trial I'll definitely be joining up.

I must say it really is a fabulous product.

I use the Turbo Wizard on a regular basis and find it invaluable in the process of avoiding losers. I believe avoiding losers is on a par with finding winners.

Many thanks for the special offer - it's good to see loyal members rewarded. I have this afternoon, increased my subscription for a further 40 weeks. Even with minimal use because of poor eyesight, I continue to make regular profits. Keep up the good work.

Since re-joining last week taking advantage of the all inclusive deal, every day has been a winner based on a selection in each race culminating in 42.05pts profit today! This included 10 winners from 43 selections 4 over 10/1. The info provides plenty of indications as to why 'outsiders' can win. Having taken 6 months off, the updates have made a big positive difference I am well impressed.

A big THANK YOU to Tech, who've just enabled me to be up and running again without missing a day. I had a major computer crash, which wiped out both main and backup hard disks so I had to get a replacement download and reinstall from scratch.

I have just re-joined RaceXpert after a few months away and it's great to be back. I took up the excellent offer, downloaded and set up RaceXpert immediately with no problems at all. Should have signed up earlier. Thanks again your program is b****y brilliant.

Had a good day as usual, winners @ 16/1 14/1 11/1 7/1.

My sincere appreciation of all the help, professionalism and the speed with which you respond to my requests. RaceXpert is indeed unique.

I have been in IT for over 20 years & I feel I must congratulate RaceXpert for producing one of the most stable, useful, & well thought out applications I have ever come across. I really believe I wasted several months of my life by not having this software earlier.

As always RaceXpert it's a pleasure doing business with you, I wish all on-line companies were as efficient as you.

Another cracking day for me, Hereford 7.15 Blue Leader won 11/2, Newton Abbot 9.00 Gemini Dancer won 33/1. Thanks for such a great program it's like having your own Personal Cash Point I shall be renewing my subs in the morning.

Thanks for your help it has been first class. I am a heavy user of RaceXpert and find it an invaluable tool, keep up the good work.

I have been using the system since 25th Feb this year and show 282.5 points profit.

The "Selection Box" is the best feature RaceXpert have introduced, it brings together all the various threads of its already excellent ratings. I have just had a good winning bet on Plateau at Chester. I can't see how RaceXpert can better the "Selection Box" but I am ready to be amazed once again.

Another great addition to the already excellent RaceXpert.

An excellent product just gets better and better.

I have just read "The Knowledge" and horses that you have advised were taking a big drop in class have just won at 66/1 and 33/1. Very impressive indeed.

Thanks for the quick response and solution as always!

Thanks for that - great service and on a Saturday at 5.27pm too.

I've made a favourable amount of cash dutching highly rated horses. A very impressive piece of software.

'Zennerman', 2.30 Haydock, was shown in 'The Knowledge' that he was
dropped -5 in class and also top rated on 'Triple Class' - he won nicely at
100/1. I only had 2 quid each way but enough for a few beers :)

My first day's experience with RaceXpert is just over. Am very delighted to tell you that even using small stakes I still managed to win back the total cost.

The data to be a profitable gambler is contained within RaceXpert and the now self-financing credit card and bank account I run is living proof of it.

Hi guys, just dropping a public "Thank you" to the RaceXpert boys. Have just bought myself another PC (a Laptop this time so that I don't have to fight with the kids anymore for the PC) and RaceXpert have got me swapped over and back in play in no time at all.....Superstars.

I'm a new member of 3 months and a complete novice to racing. What I know about racing you can write on the back of a stamp. Every one wants to know if RaceXpert works, Yes it does. I used to subscribe to tipsters or 0898 numbers which cost a fortune and if you were lucky you made a small profit or broke even. I don't need to anymore as I can find my own winners with RaceXpert and its a lot of fun. Am I in profit, yes, quite nicely thanks.

Thanks for Suble Affair won 33/1. Excellent stuff.

I'm a fairly new member, not an expert on computers but have been connected to racing for 20 years. I have spent a fortune on so call tipsters and numerous systems, but at last I've found a programme that really does help you sort out the wheat from the chaff.

RaceXpert has provided a brilliant set of tools and if you use it like you should, it's like going to the cashpoint, as easy as that. All it takes is just 15 minutes work a day.

Just got back and found that RaceXpert won me £1500 on Broughton Buzzer 33/1. Thanks Guys.

Thanks RaceXpert, got two beauties today - Mercuri and Solarius Quest - netted me a fortune. Thanks guys.

I'm a newish member and I agree there's enough info at your hands to make
profit with RaceXpert. In the last 5 days I've had 2 * 14/1 and 2 * 12/1 a
10/1 and 8/1 (on Betfair one of them was 25/1). My total points profit for
the last 5 days is 66.5 points. For the last 3 years I've bought nearly
every system going on ebay and elsewhere and failed to make a long term
profit. RaceXpert produces the goods and the new "Selection Box" feature is
brilliant (a good source of finding winners).

Well done RaceXpert. Davenport 11-2 8.00pm Windsor, my biggest bet for months!!!

I am relatively new to RaceXpert and I discover new things about it every day. I would also like to point out the Tech Dept's massive help and patience. Long may this continue.

I've been with Racexpert now for nearly 2 years.... I'm hardly likely to have stayed with the software that long if I was losing money. Yesterday I backed the 66/1 and 33/1 winners. I wouldn't have looked at these if it wasn't for RaceXpert.

Most days when I bet I make more than 5 points. My bank is growing quickly
and has in fact grown over 80% in the last week. I don't post very often as
most know, but this software really is worth every penny and more.

May I say what a good extra the "Selections Box" is. I am doing place bets and from my system along with your "Selections Box" I have had 11 winners, 7 second and 2 losers.

I am very impressed with your level of service and I cannot recommend you and your program highly enough.

Since I have renewed my subscription my Betting Bank currently stands at £601 from somewhere around the £300 mark. So thankyou for an excellent piece of software, keep up the good work.

I have been a member for over a month now and I am starting to have considerable success with RaceXpert.

I have just joined today and had a great day I won £172. I am very pleased that I seem to have got this sussed already. Brilliant software.

Used properly this software pays for itself several times over.

It seems with all the data we have at our disposal, if you apply it all together or try different combinations you can't help but make a profit. I love this software there are so many possibilities.

I can't fail to be impressed by this superb data mining tool of yours.

I make it 6 winners for the Profiler today - Winners at 11/2 11/10 12/1 9/1 13/8 and 7/1.

The new profiler feature looks damned good and the enhanced racecard favourites data is a big plus too.

Congratulations on what appears to be a significant new development.

As always, your help is quick and successful.

Version 48 is an excellent addition to an already unbeatable piece of software. I renewed my PRO Membership a couple of days ago. Looking forward to a lucrative flat season hopefully to equal the NH and AW.

I just wanted to say thanks for a great new feature and thanks to the rest of the team. Font 4.35 GET THE POINT won 10/1 the name said it all for me I was on large, that's taken care of the bills for the next couple of months.

I can only say that the new 'Profile' feature is excellent and I am well ahead of the game, best Cheltenham ever.

I think that the software is excellent I must thank you for your fantastic support over the past months/years.

It's a great piece of software.

Congratulations on version 48, the new profiler looks to be a very helpful addition along with all the other good stuff as well. Very many thanks

A lot of hard work must have gone into this and I for one am very grateful for your efforts. It goes without saying RaceXpert is the best horse racing software available on the market. Keep it up and thank you.

Many thanks for Version 48. The new profiler certainly "is the business". Chelt 2.35 9/2, South 1.50 8/1. Both stood out so well in the new screen and coupled with support from other features - almost compelled a flutter. What a wonderful start to this new addition. Very many thanks.

Thank you for you outstanding hard work again. I am sure that there is nobody in the world can produce this. Once again thank you George & Peter and also rest of the team for your dedication.

Version 48 is brilliant; it is getting impossible not to win. Congratulations.

A big thank you for the profile ratings - looks to be a very useful addition to the software!

Just to say thanks for Version - yet another fine weapon in the arsenal. I really appreciate your work.

RaceXpert is without doubt the best software on the market. I have been with them almost since the start and will continue to be a member for years to come. Members are always ready to help and there is an excellent back up from Peter & George.

As I'm disabled and can't work, RaceXpert is great for me as it pays the bills and then some.

I would like to say it is the best software on the market.

Today I had 4 from 5 at wolves 5/2,12/1,9/2, 7/2 2nd 9/2. I had a £3 Canadian and won over £6500, nice. Also backed them all £100 win on betfair. Its been a cracking 3 weeks for me. Great software.

The software is excellent. It is a fantastic analysis tool.

I purchased this software yesterday and what a surprise I got. I have tried all the top programs and I must say that this one gives you real value for your hard-earned cash.

I am delighted with the RaceXpert software.

I've been using RaceXpert for about 2 years now and I'm in profit with it. I've used most software over the years, and I've been doing this for 15 years now, the last 5 as my only source of income, and I don't think you'll find any software which is better than RaceXpert.

Even better than my friend led me to believe. Thanks for the prompt and individual response - I wish you all the success you deserve for having an excellent product and a rare level of customer care.

Just a line to say how much I am enjoying RaceXpert. I've had it now for about 2 weeks and it's unbelievable. Day after day, I get excited when I run through the lists. Keep up the good work. Thanks again.

Many thanks for an excellent product and service over the past year.

Just a short note to confirm to you that I have renewed my subscription for a further 12 weeks. A superb tool for analysing races and finding winners!

I love the software and the information you provide. I've found you to be a great help - nothing seems too much trouble.

XMAS now paid for thank you RaceXpert team for a great bit of software - Got 22/1 on Betfair this morning.

I see you have used the first of the 3 suggestions that I suggested for the Help file in Version 46 of RaceXpert. It has now become a lot easier to find items. Also, RaceXpert now looks even more professional.

All I can say is that this is good software and it does give good results. There are plenty of people prepared to help you along the learning curve.

Many thanks for an excellent piece of software.

I'm getting a nice Athlon 64 with 4Gig of Memory to replace my current Pentium II. BTW this was almost all paid out of RaceXpert winnings. Good Xmas one and all.

The best software I have come across and I have tried most of them.

The main thing I use is the new "Sum+Avg" feature. This highlights an incredible number of winners and places if used in the right way - it's a brilliant and logical way of utilising the already good speed figures. After that, "Trainer/Course Form" can be very useful. The Knowledge" and "MFS" are also very useful in pinpointing horses suited to a particular race, the "Placepot" feature can be a good source of winners and decent priced places, and the "Form Browser" can be handy as well. There is just so much to use in the software, and it's all very user friendly!

Keep those improvements coming on what is by far the best racing software going (bar none).

Many thanks for a great product and service.

The upgrade from Version 45 to Version 46 is excellent. Many thanks.

Having had RaceXpert for just two weeks I must write and say that already I am extremely impressed. I became interested in horse racing when I took early retirement some 10 years ago and in that time tried all manner of tipsters, systems and computer programs. Most were rubbish, a tiny few not bad. There is no doubt at all that RaceXpert stands head and shoulders above all the rest. In performance and in value for money it just can't be beaten. I have yet to explore all the features, tools and possibilities that the program offers but already it seems to be turning what was a loss making hobby into a nice little earner! Many thanks for providing a superb program at such an affordable price.

Only 2 bets on the Sum+ Avg system today and a 50 /1 winner - pretty hot I think you will agree.

"Miss Faranheit" - just watched the race on ATR. Matt Chapman said what a surprise. I was about to mail him to say it wasn't to RaceXpert subscribers. I backed it on Betfair at 110/1.

I've been using RX for nearly a couple of months now and am extremely pleased with it and would like to say a big thank you to the RaceXpert team for some great software, you will not find any better horse racing software. I don't work for RaceXpert by the way, I just think it's a great tool. My RaceXpert betting bank has grown 50% in 6 weeks.

Thanks Peter, there are a lot of dodgy people and so called tipsters in this game and its good for all the genuine people in our forum to have this info just in case... Nobody who is a PRO member of RaceXpert has any need of a tipster in any case!!

I started with now defunct ********* and I've tried them all - yours is by far the best.

The software has been excellent thus far, many thanks.

I've been a member for a while now and have not really said much to the group but just thought I'd say a big thanks to RaceXpert because they're still doing the business. I've made over 30 points this weekend. Thanks and keep up the good work!

I love this software!!!!!

I've made £1,400 in the last 6 weeks... Thanks RaceXpert!!

RaceXpert is novel in many ways to anything on the market with so many easy features to use. It is an information source linked to its members via The Members Forum and The Inner Circle. For the price it charges its Top of that sector of the racing Software market. RaceXpert must have more features of note that really work, than any other Racing Information Supplier in this cost sector. Well done to them for all the hard work put in.

I'm gobsmacked at just how powerful this tool is, and the ways we've found to actually get the best from it. Brilliant!

We think that RaceXpert is the proverbial dog's thingies!!! Haven't learned it all yet, but have done some interesting modelling on the results from the systems. Would love to know how you weight factors, like ground, experience with course type/geography, weather, etc etc !!! With many thanks for your help, advice, and support.

I would like to say that your software is the best that I have ever seen. Over the past two years I have subscribed to tipsters, people like ***** ***** (all rip off merchants and shysters). If yours did not work I was going to pack it in. What Happened.......Brilliant. Due to work commitments I can only study between 1pm and 2pm, so I only use systems from the PRO area that have shown a consistent profit every year. From 1st Set to 30 Sept I had a profit of £1022.46 (LSP 122 @£10/point). I am speechless and entirely grateful for the hard work that you the team and all the members put in. Long may this continue.

Thanks for your help. I've just ordered a members CD on-line - It's amazing how
completely stuffed I am without RaceXpert, in fact I think I'll go fishing as there's no point in punting without it!

Just a quickie to send my compliments at such outstanding service, I don't think a lot of people appreciate how much work that you put into RaceXpert and the full value of the program it is truly outstanding. Best bit of money I have ever spent...and you will be pleased to know I will be taking out a full years worth of updates and racecards next week when my subs are due. Keep up the good work and thanks for everything guys.

Brilliant, thank you very much!

Thank you for your help and prompt service.

And the big winners keep rolling in - OBE GOLD 20/1 Newm.3.30 top on Speed Figures. Recommended system bet for me. Thank you very much RaceXpert. KEEP EM COMING!!!!!!

Many thanks to You, George and Technical Support for the fast response and support you have given me. Glad I joined the RaceXpert Brotherhood.

Thank you all for an excellent service and good luck with all the new developments.

Yes, I will be renewing. This is the best !!!!

I've been making a very nice profit from systems since my return 18 days ago - over £9,000! Many thanks.

I got back home from my travels Wednesday. On Friday my new RaceXpert CD arrived. At the same time I looked at the messages awaiting me from this group. I rushed to readjust a handful of my old systems, then downloaded the members' systems, short-listed those that seemed most immediately interesting and tweaked away. Result of my first three days' betting: £1216 profit and a ROI of 164% on my stakes. So, thank you, RaceXpert. And thank you, contributing members. Incidentally, I have no real understanding of racing and use only a fraction of RaceXpert's brilliant array of tools, but the good thing is that you don't have to be a genius to make money with this. Sometime in the next few days' I'll send in some of my current systems. One of my very best systems, which more than doubled its bank in a few months, is a revised version of one posted on the forum by a member - one could make a comfortable living from that system alone.

Thank you Tech, Peter especially, for your patience in helping me. I publicise this only to show real appreciation and assure anyone like me who feels intimidated sometimes that Peter always comes through, no matter how many times you email him and even in the face of dim wits like me.

I'd like to back up all that has been said. Peter was very patient with a dim wit like me too. All my problems were solved, technical questions answered quickly. Cant fault it. Brilliant service. Excellent software.

It's such a kick in the knackers for the doubters that have to question every detail of what RaceXpert is capable of with only a little effort, and of course the support from Peter and George and the other members... well done guys!

Thanks to all members who have sent in their systems. Using 12 of the systems including my own and grouping them together I've made a profit of 47.5 points backing all selections e/way regardless of price all in the space of 27 days.... Big Price Winners Include MAC LOVE 20/1, ROYAL STORM 17/1, TAGULA SUNRISE 8/1, REGAL SETTING 8/1, WERE NOT STOPPING 13/2. All I can say is A BIG THANKS to all the members and also Thanks to RaceXpert for supplying the software.

Many thanks for a smooth re-installation. Just a sign of how RaceXpert looks after its customers! Stick that on testimonials if you like ;o)

The RaceXpert Speed Ratings did better than Raceform Interactive, Time Form and Computer Form Book.

I use the excellent Trainer Power facility a lot, I find it very useful. Thanks to you all for an excellent bookie bashing tool.

Steve Tilley reviewed RaceXpert in the Smartsig magazine and said:
"There is a well-used user forum where users of the software can discuss methods they use and more importantly suggest improvements for the software. This is actually the strength of this software. In my 10 week trial we had an upgrade to the program which bought in a feature several users had asked for recently in the forum. Having dealt with other software companies where it can take years for enhancements to appear this is a very welcome change."
"So the program has paid for itself within the trial period. I have even paid for 40 weeks more racecards out of my own money as it does what it says it does. In conclusion if you want to go down the well travelled routes of horse race gambling you can choose from many family saloon style programs. But if you want to explore some of the less well-used and challenging byways then you could do far worse than take a ride on the RaceXpert land rover."

Cheers Tech, proof as ever that RaceXpert does listen (why else do you think I'm happy to keep signing up) ;o)

Excellent program - you have got a lifelong member, nothing like it anywhere, and I have tried a few! All the best.

I must admit that you have developed an awesome piece of racing software that I wouldn't now be without. I keep finding out new things every day and it never ceases to amaze me.

Thanks again for a really excellent software package.

Due to you providing a superb system and a recent run of good fortune, I am in a position to upgrade my museum piece laptop to a spangly Sony Vaio. Thanks.

RaceXpert not only offers you the best tools in the business for picking winners they also offer you continual support and upgrades. Support is very important once you purchase something. We need to feel assured the seller will help us when we have problems and there's a very pro-active members forum offering new and experienced users knowledge and advice. All this put together forms one of the best tools on the market and will continue to go from strength to strength. I have already signed for a full years membership and will renew again when due. The winners have paid for this and many other things.

I've been getting to grips with the systems 'Research Wizard' - fantastic tool.

Making more money betting than at any other time of my life since joining RaceXpert. We are also moving to our new home bought out of gambling since Feb 04 - it can be done.

As for RaceXpert's credibility, I've been a member and user of the RaceXpert software for over a year now, and can't see me ever using anything else, unless something comes along that can pick even more winners - and I can't see that happening. That's how credible I think they are, in fact I'd be tempted to say the results can be "in"credible at times! The guys at RaceXpert have put a lot of work into making a good idea better and better, and all it takes is a little use of the old grey matter to get something out of it. I have many different ways of using it and quite a few make good profits, which explains why so many of us have been with them for so long. The Speed figures are totally different,
probably similar to other speed figures you'll find elsewhere, but better - a couple of 100/1 winners in the last 2 years I doubt you would have elsewhere.

RaceXpert give more WINNERS per day, every day, week in week out than any other software on the market .I am a member of several systems companies and RaceXpert are the best. Life is bottom line results --PROFITS @STRIKE RATES - in all cases RaceXpert gives all these and much more, a company on the way in the ELITE small band of PROFESSIONALS -- DETACHED FROM the world of sharks /conmen.

Another member uses RaceXpert to help turnover around £2 million a year on the
exchanges.... to me it's a no brainer.... RaceXpert works if you put your mind to it.

We are using RaceXpert to make money. Let's face it, a lot of us will have had our fingers burned in the past by tipsters, software systems etc.... I have never renewed my membership or subscription to any of them until RaceXpert.... I am no longer a mug punter - I have a very powerful tool at my disposal. And dammit - it's fun to use as well!

It is not often I reply to mailings, but I have had no problems with RaceXpert apart from the racecards yesterday and that was not even RaceXpert's fault. However, I must say that I am well pleased with my investment and it was money well spent...and i have only just touched the surface of what it will do, there are so many hidden extra's it just has to be value for money. BTW this is not an advertising tout, just my honest opinion. I think the team have put a lot of work into this software and it works well for me.

That was a nice Sunday afternoon gamble for a few lucky people and, I am sure, a few RaceXpert subscribers. RaceXpert top-rated "Over To You Bert" was available at 28/1 in the morning, hit 20/1 in the live betting and shortened to an SP of 7/1, then won. It also came up on one of my new RaceXpert systems, so I too was a happy fellow. Many thanks, team.

Thanks for the information RaceXpert, you guys really are super stars.

The only problems I have ever had with RaceXpert have been through my own stupidity, and the team were most helpful & patient in helping me sort it out (thanks guys!). Since I bought it I have won enough money to pay for my holiday in Rhodes next week, and a luxury holiday in Antigua next year. Boy, I sure made a mistake didn't I ??!!

Gentlemen, thank you for a wonderful piece of software.

Your quick response is simply awesome and very much appreciated.

Thank you very much, I am all up and running again. I'd never get this level of support from Microsoft I tell you!!!

I do wish you much success with RaceXpert, it truly is a great product.

Thanks to your software I've turned £623 into £1634 in just 2 weeks by taking a 5% profit on the bank each day.... fantastic...keep it up.

Thanks for getting back again to me to-day. As the dialogue from to-day has shown you do provide almost real time support.

I cannot thank you enough for taking the time and trouble to send me the attachment again. I wish you all the success for the future. Another ten weeks subscription on its way. Thank you.

I had - Iceman at 5-1, The Tatling at 10-1, Azamour at 7-1 and Double Obsession at 36-1 all on the betting exchange with a £5 e/w stake. Great day for me and RaceXpert. Many Thanks.

Just a note to say that I've renewed, cheque sent yesterday. Also just a quick thanks to you generally for creating RaceXpert. My goal is 200points for the flat season starting the guineas meeting - I'm currently 40pts up and there is no way I could do that without your software. Thanks again.

Thanks for your continuing great software and support.

In my nine years as a professional punter I have found logic and horses strange bedfellows. I became a RaceXpert member in 2002 - it is the best software without exception. I have turned over my 'betting bank' six fold.

Yesterday after learning to use the RaceXpert software with Pro membership in just two days, I backed two winning horses using the Profit Builder 8 system. I am very pleased / impressed with the RaceXpert software design, ability and ease of use. These two excellent tips gave me a 33% return, so if the Profit Builder system continues like this, I will be a Pro RaceXpert patron for life. Regards, David Dawkins.

Please note that cheque was in the post for re-subscription on Sunday. Thanks wouldn't dream of being without this package - winning days seem to be following winning days!! Thanks again.

Thanks very much for all your help. An excellent technical support service.

Hi all, I don't often post here but always read what goes on. I have been using the RaceXpert software for quite a while now and I never have any problems. I got one today which was probably my fault. I didn't get time to email RaceXpert until around tea time today to ask for help. Got a reply within 1/2 an hour asking to provide more info on my problem. I did this and quick as lightning RaceXpert responded and sorted the problem (which was my fault anyway). I don't know how the rest of you feel, but I have never in all my days using computers and software had such good customer service. Polite, quick, helpful and to the point. Thank you RaceXpert it is a pleasure to do business with you. Of course the extra couple of hundred quid you make me each week is quite nice as well.

Many thanks for your timely response. Less than an hour from request to reply. That's the reason you keep your customers. It's not just the racing info it's also the customer service. Thanks again.

Thank you very much for all your help and understanding, it is very much appreciated. I will be renewing my subscription for the racecard & updates very shortly. I must say that joining RaceXpert is the best thing I've ever done, and I'm looking forward to enjoying continued success.

BECKERMET - top rated by all three categories wins at 8/1 - I can have the rest of the day off now (but I probably won't)!!!

Lets hope this dialogue of winners today will convince the lurkers that RaceXpert isn't just some fad, but an ESSENTIAL tool! It cost me just over £75 to start off with - but never before have I done so well, in fact I've dropped all my other systems just to concentrate on RaceXpert based systems and betting.

It is money well spent and returns good dividends.

Superb call - JINKSONTHEHOUSE wins at 10/1 - a stunning day for RaceXpert today!

For anyone thinking about buying RaceXpert, I was losing money daily before I bought it, and after studying it for a couple of weeks became a PRO member.... been betting modest £25 stakes on "Profit Builder" and other systems since 11th April and have made £1,600 in 5 weeks....... many thanks again guys.

It takes some getting used to putting a reasonable sum on a long priced outsider (as I'm sure those who backed Tap, High Voltage, Rahjel Sultan etc. would have felt) but such is my confidence at present with RaceXpert that I hardly need to worry

I have been subscribed to RaceXpert now for about 6 weeks and can honestly say that this is the best investment I have ever made.

Stunning Results. I have used all 'Profit Builder' systems and six of my own - I started 13/04/2004 with a £1000 bank betting 5% on each selection. I have a genuine 200% increase in my bank (21/05/2004). Stunning. Many Many Thanks.

What can I say!! First bet using Profit Builder was on the 10th of May (now 17 May). So Far 18 Selections, 10 Winners, Start Bank £500, 2% of bank per selection, Bank now £648.88. Not bad for a few minutes work. Excellent RaceXpert.

Yes, a great Saturday, I managed 6 from 7, including Iceman @ 5/2, Russian Rhythm @ 3/1 and Brazilian Terrace @ 8/1. All from systems and no work involved. RaceXpert is the most exciting piece of racing software around.

I must congratulate you on what I can only describe as THE BEST horse racing program I have ever seen --- Simply brilliant!!!!!

The best thing for me is that I am not a professional punter so I am very pleased to have done so well so far. Beyond my expectations in fact. I currently back to level stakes. I would point out that I am driven by the desire to achieve a good second income without having to work a second job. Who'd thought that horse racing could be the answer? I am also a bit of a statistic nut which is why I like RaceXpert.

I am please to report (13 May) that my bank has now risen 381% since I started using RaceXpert at the beginning of April this year. I can also honestly report that since day one I have not got near to touching my original bank it having never dipped below 200% of my original investment. Thanks again. Onwards and upwards.

The whole RaceXpert thing is still rather new to me, but I have to say that as I uncover more and more of its features, it keeps getting better and better.

Nice one guys. I had "Foley Prince" at 20/1 and "Pardon Moi" at 8/1 today.

I bet rather a large amount rather than small amounts blindly to a system which is why I find the RaceXpert software so brilliant and effective.

I am very impressed by the scope of the program.

Without a doubt the best (and most fun to use) software on the market today.

At the moment (11 May), my bank is standing at just over 300% ROI. This is around +55 points since April 6th.

I would like to tell everybody how good the Tech. Backup is for this software, when you have a problem they are on to it in a flash I think it is the best service & software package I have ever used.

This is a fabulous piece of software.

Tremendous RaceXpert! "TAP" top rated on Speed Figures 5.20 Mussbleburgh also selected by "Flat Big Price Hunter" system - WINS at 40/1.

Thanks to the RaceXpert team for the finest piece of software available, and at the right price.

My bank has grown 338% in the 24 days that I've been using RaceXpert. If I couldn't see the evidence in my Betfair account I wouldn't believe it myself.

Having used the software for nearly a month now I find it head and shoulders above others I've tried over the past 12 months. I have tried P*****m, R******m and G*****t but non of those have ever given me what I required. That was until I tried yours. I am still finding new features on the software so still finding my feet a little but I do hope when mastered, I can add to the private forum already growing winning systems and formula's. Once again, congrats at producing a very tidy piece of Racing Software. You have a continued subscriber here.

Many thanks again for a great piece of software.

I am relatively new to horse racing but have learned more from your RaceXpert programme in a short space of time than from any other advice I have received.

No other ratings I've looked at are anywhere near as good as the various RaceXpert ratings, that's why I only use RaceXpert and nothing else now!

I received the software last week and spent the weekend playing around with RaceXpert (and thoroughly enjoyable it was!).

About a month ago, I signed up to the mailing list to have a nose around, and soon joined up for 10 weeks through intrepid curiosity. What a fantastic time I've had through the pro-forum systems. I've made a decent profit, and after joining up as a pro-member 2 weeks ago, an even more profitable time. Well done RaceXpert.

RaceXpert practically went through the card at Epsom - superb. Thanks RaceXpert!

As a new subscriber, I would like to say how impressed I am with everything so far.

I often wonder if you sleep as the service you offer is outstanding.

TURBO wizard really is VERY powerful I use it all the time to create profitable systems.

What a brilliant cluster of winning systems. Thank you.

It was only yesterday that I had time to have a good look at the enhancements in Version 39. RaceXpert just gets better and better. I would like to congratulate the RaceXpert team for a really excellent product. Well done to you all. As I have said before, getting RaceXpert was the best investment I have ever made in the betting arena.

Great start - "Oasis Star" wins at 20/1 - Top rated by Speed Figures - clear by 7points!

I would like to congratulate you with your versatile and easy to use system.

What a future we are going to have!

What a day, RaceXpert, I am still counting the winnings. A wonderful afternoon. Congratulations all at RaceXpert and thank you.

Just a quick not to say thanks for the upgrade. The new version is excellent. I had only joined a few days before the new version came out, and I have to say that the whole package is amazing. I feel like a kid in a toy shop!! Well done, and thanks again.

I subscribe to RaceXpert. I bet in 50p or £1 stakes. I have now about £15,000 in my bank and that is in 26 weeks.

I started to subscribe to RaceXpert almost as soon as it started after receiving the Saturday ratings and finding them useful. At the same time I had been monitoring S**** W*****'s program (and one or two more). I received an email from him telling all potential RaceXpert subscribers not to subscribe, but wait for his new program which would soon be out (Jan 2003). I don't know what it's like but I did not like the way the original program "handled". It was all I needed to push into RaceXpert - he was worried.

After that Wally posted the rubbish about the supposed 'better' program I had to have a look to see what he was on about. It looks like it does exactly what RaceXpert used to do about 10 versions ago..... so they're always going to be behind the best in the business!

Another thanks from me for the new version - very impressed with the new features indeed.

To anyone thinking of subscribing to RaceXpert - I have trawled the net looking at various so called ' Racing Programs' and the BIGGEST regret I have is that I did not join RaceXpert earlier than I did. It is simply the best that you can get. This week with not a lot of time, result: 28pts profit without even trying. I reiterate - RaceXpert is the best!

Well done RaceXpert, this is the best software I have ever seen. I would like to thank you for sharing it with us. For those of us who don't know so much about Horseracing this software really does what I have always wanted all along. Namely "Let the computer do the thinking". It really is a case of "press a few buttons and 99% of the work is done for you". I am a system follower and for my money you have cracked it.

Congratulations on another excellent update. The "Profit Builder" systems appear to be brilliant.

You must be CONGRATULATED on the new package, it is brilliant, WELL DONE team.

This is a seriously good upgrade. Well done RaceXpert. It gives me graphical representation of my system(s) over time, allowing me to pinpoint the more volatile ones. My preferred systems can be grouped and followed to smooth out the profit curve on a longer term basis, and with a couple of clicks I can see over its lifetime. The smoother the better. "Profit Builder" is doing exactly this, with the ability to customise if need be. Just what I wanted.................

If you are into the horses, buy it!

Congratulations on the new upgrade - I think it's great. It is an essential part of the armoury of the bettor and as such is most welcome by all.


Well done on the excellent new features. Well thought out, it will make life even easier for us. And thank you for all the Profit Builder systems.

What I have in RaceXpert is a tool as powerful as the Racing Post but it is all on my computer by teatime the day before racing!!

RaceXpert is a most excellent means of selecting winners.

Its got so many features it's really mind blowing.

I am delighted with RaceXpert and the possibilities it gives.

Good Software, Thank you RaceXpert.

Having only had a brief look at the software the first impression is that it is very well presented compared to some other packages that I looked at. I look forward to a prosperous betting season.

Thanks again for the rapid response you always give.

Just gone through a divorce after 20 years being married - it is only RaceXpert that has kept me going - many thanks to you all.

I have been using your software for the last few weeks and without a doubt I can categorically say that from an entertainment, profit generating potential and value for money perspective it is without equal in the market. It is staggering to see the value you deliver at such a relatively low cost compared to much less functional and more expensive competitive products that are on the market (one of which costs nearly ten times as much !!). I really feel RaceXpert has tremendous potential.

So impressed have I been with the product and service, I am telling all my friends and business contacts to join.

Thank you and may i say your customer care is brilliant - I love the program.

I had a good day today, thank you RaceXpert - 20/1, 9/2, 14/1, 8/11 = £6694. Thank You RaceXpert for GOOD software.

Thanks for the continued supply of excellent form data and software features.

Thanks and well done on a marvellous program. Streets ahead of all the others.

No other program that I know of gives so much, and I have a tried all the big names. Best of luck to you all and thanks for the friendship and support.

It says a lot of RaceXpert that it has brought together so many like minded people. You won't get this elsewhere.

I am a new member and installed my software yesterday. I have spent a few hours looking at all the features and am very pleased with this software.

4.20 Wolverhampton - "Geronimo" Won 25/1 - I got 40/1 on Betfair.

RaceXpert has saved me at least one hour per day, with even better results and returns thus far.

A great day for top Speed Figure winners - bagged 2 from 2 today, 2.05 Lingfield, "Eccentric" W 14/1 (got 33/1) on Betfair, and 4.25 Southwell, "Henry Tun", W 11/4.

Thanks Peter for you and your teams first class support, another superb day of ratings yesterday.

Those who haven't got RaceXpert will to need get it if they don't want to miss out on the brilliant priced winners.

I have to share the news on my Lucky strike - thanks to RaceXpert. I had just placed a £2 win on "Certifiable" on Betfair at odds of 140 to 1. Now, I wouldn't have spotted that in the Racing Post.....! This is by far the biggest winning Odds win in my life....! The Feeling is fantastic. Wow.....I am well pleased - Thanks RaceXpert.

RaceXpert gives one huge advantages and long time users would find it difficult to imagine being without it.

I use RaceXpert as a key element in my punting, it's brilliant no question.

I am a full time professional gambler. I have made over £5k this month and your ratings have certainly contributed to the profits, particularly the speed figures in 'The Knowledge' and 'QuickForm' sections which I have found particularly useful. I have enjoyed using the ratings and have found them a useful addition to my armoury.

Thank You Very Much for all your help. Do you know, I can't do without RaceXpert - I think it is a great product. The more I get used to how it works the more I am becoming reliant on it. I would like to congratulate you and all the Tech Staff involved with the RaceXpert program. Once again Thanks.

"Little Richard" came up on the "Speed Star" system - it really is a great system. Got 26-1 on Sporting Options.

The "RaceXpert intelligence Filter" does highlight some very BIG PRICED winners and places.

I would once again extol the merits of the "Form Report".

The Speed Figures gave 4 winners out of 6 at Fontwell today - 7/2, 9/4, 5/1, 13/2. I got these with the aid of Research Wizard!

I want to express my appreciation at yet another enhanced version of your already truly excellent software. The Jockey/Trainer (J/A) and Trainer Power (TP) are potentially very powerful additions. The Internet Assistant (IA) is an imaginative enhancement, and will facilitate speedy assessment of short-listed horses. My sincere thanks for your continuing efforts to make your product even more potent as a tool for race analysis.

Another pat on the back for RaceXpert with the launch of version 38. I love the "RaceXpert Internet Assistant". Where time is of the essence, a very big and useful help and where time is not in short supply, a very useful shortcut to the sites listed. The "Trainer Power" Ratings look to be very comprehensive too. Well done again RaceXpert.

Just when one thinks that no further improvements can be made to a fantastic program, along comes "Trainer Power" and "RaceXpert Internet Assistant". I am totally gobsmacked! Trainer Power in particular will be of great help to me in my current exercise. Also IA will save a lot of time! Many thanks for a truly wonderful upgrade!

Your "Form Ratings" got 3/4 winners on today's handicaps: 14/1 12/1 13/8. Cheers!

RaceXpert gives us more than any other horse racing computer program that I know of.

12.55 Cheltenham 20 runner Novices Hurdle Handicap - To get the 33-1 winner, the 16-1 second and the 20-1 third in the top five rated Speed Figures, to me, is indicative of very good skills in speed rating.

There are lots of goodies to be shared from being a member apart from getting yor hands on the excellent RaceXpert software.

Nice going RaceXpert - the "Auto Reduce" facility directed me to "Palua", Kemp 1.25 which WON at 12/1 (I got 13/1 on the exchanges).

Thanks to RaceXpert & the Tech Team for all these extra and very useful features.

25 selections with 8 winners 25/1, 6/1, 25/1, 16/1, 20/1, 13/2, 4/1, 12/1 profit 97.5 points betting to level stakes!

Thanks for an excellent product. I can actually envision a time when I will not have to work the daily grind.

Thanks guys and I'm impressed with everything!

RaceXpert is brilliant. Thank You to the RaceXpert team and Tech staff for putting the effort into such a great product.

Backing top rated Speed Figure has produced a profit of 91.1 points profit (at level stakes) for the past 7 days!

Thanks again for reminding me how to gain access to the forum. Over the last year, I subscribed to Raceform, Computerform, Sportsbook, Racedata, Proform and Bet-in-form. None come anyway near Racexpert in coverage, versatility or prompt technical support. I would strongly recommend your service to anyone.

A piece of excellent software.

RaceXpert has enabled me to drop other programs. The other aspect of RaceXpert is the continuous development which goes into it. Suggestions are implemented if considered valid by the RaceXpert team - there is much more to it than when I first started over 12 months ago. I trialled another program at the same time as RaceXpert which was supposed to be revamped last January - it has only now come out in its new format, nearly a year after it was promised. Others I know of have not made changes that I am aware of in years.

As I see it RaceXpert gives its users an edge.

Racing may not have been an exact science, but you guys have done much to turn it into one. Keep up the fantastic work you have been doing.

"Ladies Knight" was a very clear top rated on Speed Figures in the 1.30pm 5f sprint at Southwell - so much clear at the top that I felt a poor draw would not stop the selection. I got 29/1 (equivalent) with Betfair. Some program, this RaceXpert.

I have found using RaceXpert a fascinating source of information and ideas.

Investing in RaceXpert was the best financial decision I made in 2003.

Well done to RaceXpert for top rating this 25-1 winner (RIGMAROLE).

Brilliant service as usual.

I think it's a great thing that members have volunteered for various different ventures using RaceXpert's brilliant software and continue to do so. At this point, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend RaceXpert to anyone sitting on the sidelines who might be thinking whether to buy the software or not (please note I don't have any shares in RaceXpert).

I would like to thank RaceXpert for the brilliant program and for the data, and for other members input and ideas.

I would like to say how appreciative I am for the regular software enhancements, which is making this a really fantastic tool for race analysis. It was the best investment I ever made in the attempt to make some money from racing. Congratulations.

Due to my own stupidity I inadvertently made a mess of some files in my RaceXpert folder but one e-mail at about 8:30 this Saturday evening and the software was up and running again by 9:00. What else can I say, other than you don't get that sort of backup from many software providers? Thanks again tech dept.

Thanks to the whole of the RaceXpert team for continually improving on the existing software and providing new features.

Well done guys you do a great job for us all. Great software and support.

Hi Peter, back on track thanks to you, and your staff, for helping me out. Merry Christmas and a Healthy & Happy New Year to you all. My very best regards.

FREE RaceXpert Saturday Racecard Viewer and Demo. Excellent information, I will be subscribing. Cheque on its way.

RaceXpert is my bible and will always continue to be so.

The software goes from strength to strength well done for all your hard work.

Congratulations to RaceXpert for top rating the 25-1 winner of the valuable Class B Handicap 3.15 race at Doncaster on Saturday. Well done guys.

You have an excellent system that has been enhanced on many occasions since I joined.

Thanks very much team. Over many years I have subscribed to all the main Racing Services. None on coverage or technical support come anywhere near yours.

Probably one of my best days ever and all thanks to RaceXpert. BRILLIANT.

In half an hour, the RaceXpert ratings came up with 8/1, 12/1 and 4/1 winners in 3 consecutive races. In fact RaceXpert got 5 winners from 7 at Towcester today and "Ballyrobert" (8/1 in a 4 horse race) looked too good to miss. I'm growing ever more confident about the NH season.

I just had a serious problem, all my own making, and requested assistance from the Tech Dept. What could have taken most organisations days, or even weeks to sort, Tech came back, courteously, efficiently, no bureaucracy - same day! Brilliant! Thanks Tech; thanks RaceXpert.

Again brilliant. For me, RaceXpert is the best. Thanks again.

RaceXpert has in my opinion evolved into one of the finest if not the finest pieces of horse racing software on the market. The unique ratings if used effectively give an excellent edge.

I am only too happy to 'backslap' RaceXpert as they are doing a tremendous job. I subscribe to RaceXpert and the Tipster Service and am extremely happy with both which, as you probably realise, means I am making money with them.

I would like to thank all at RaceXpert for the superb features in the program.

Yesterday I went to Plumpton and had five winners from seven races, all by using RaceXpert. Now I can see why "RaceXpert makes sense".

I have had my best run yet in the Autumn period. A lot of it is down to the RaceXpert tools - particularly the speed ratings and the derivatives.

I made a highly impressive start when I first got the program and soon paid for 40 weeks! RaceXpert is the best and most enjoyable racing program on the market!

I would like to congratulate the RaceXpert team on Version 35. It is becoming a superlative product.

The latest version of RaceXpert is brilliant and adds to the already best piece of racing software I have ever purchased. In particular the addition to the Research section will be of great help and I see the method of highlighting best trainers by the draw has already thrown up some good winners.

The RaceXpert software I regard as excellent. The on-going enhancements are fantastic.

Brilliant tools we already have and how much I appreciate your ongoing efforts to make this the best horse-racing aid imaginable. I also greatly appreciate your active propagation of good ideas. You've certainly stimulated my thinking. Again, many thanks.

I for one am more than happy with the Racexpert software which for me has identified winners that I would otherwise not have backed.

Just started looking at the new features in the research tool. Wow! Lots more to play around with and all very helpful indeed! A very big thank you for all the hard work you guys do!

Bottom line is, I am no longer a mug punter. I now make informed decisions for the first time in around 10 years, and yes, I am showing a profit. Thanks RaceXpert.

I have been a very satisfied user of RaceXpert since the program was launched. It has all the information you would expect of an "electronic form book", and more, much more. I write as someone who has tried all the other computer horse racing programs and can honestly say that I have not seen anything to compare with RaceXpert with regard to value for money, and content. Last but not least, the e-mail forum group is second to none and the help given by the company to all queries has no rivals.

It is addictive and I am hooked. The programme is like a private tutor.

I can highly recommend the RaceXpert program. I personally now realise that I did not have a clue about horseracing and can honestly say that I have learned more in the past two months than in the past ** years, purely thanks to using the software. I particularly like the fact that so much information is available at the touch of a button. You certainly do not need to be a PC wizard to operate the software.

I am delighted with the RaceXpert Selection Service and highly recommend it. I have a staking plan based on 10% of my betting bank and have taken a regular income out. If I had not taken money out of my 'bank' I would have more than doubled my original bank in 4 weeks!

I have been a subscriber of the RaceXpert software service since its launch 2002, as a company I have found them to be honest, approachable, helpful and efficient.

Congratulations on an excellent new format for the Saturday Summary - Very impressive and compact.

RaceXpert helps you to go deep into the form book. I write as a very satisfied subscriber who has been one since the program was launched.

I find that with RaceXpert I am making much more informed decisions as to what to put my money on.

Many thanks for the new version. Once again more 'ammo' for the fight.

Can I congratulate RaceXpert on their software as it is definitely capable of pointing us in the right direction when it comes to finding winners.

Thanks for all your time - I have to give it to you all in the RaceXpert Tech. Dept. - you have already provided us with some great software with all your hard work and hopefully it will get better, I really appreciate it.

That was a very nice piece of work you produced in the Saturday Report, congratulations. All wonderful stuff and certainly beats all other programs.

I have just read the RaceXpert Saturday Report and want to say what a terrific piece of work it is. I have never, ever, seen such a complete range of information on one page. Brilliant.

I joined at end of July. August showed the best profit I have had with any other service. I have tried many. Suffice to say I have confidence to back quite large stakes. I believe there is no better testimonial than that.

RaceXpert has allowed me to pick 7 from 11 on Monday, 5 from 5 on Wednesday and 5 from 5 today. Profit this week over £700 and that's not counting 3 out of 5 on Monday through the RaceXpert Formula Selections Service, nor is it counting 'Speed Star's' 2 on Monday which I did as an e/w double. Thanks RaceXpert, all profits will be added to my formula selections betting bank. I couldn't have done it without you.

What the Selection Service has done is to give me the confidence to bet in larger amounts. After 20 bets I have had 10 winners and a profit of £1,232.

Thanks for a good day yesterday, both with the advised tips and my own systems run on RaceXpert.

I have been using it now for only three days and this bank holiday was the first that I can remember that I made a profit. It is a brilliant piece of armament to wage war with.

The RaceXpert program is great, it has an engine and it really goes.

As you know I joined your Selection Service on July 19 with deep scepticism due to earlier bad experiences with other advisory services, most of who advertised in the Racing Post. I have been delighted with the quality and consistency of your selections to date and I have INCREASED my original "bank" by 157% now that does make sense. Keep up the excellent work.

Congratulations on keeping up the excellent strike rate today. I had my first bet on 7 August 03 and have had 20 bets since then, resulting in a profit of £1,232. A really excellent performance. Again to the RaceXpert team, a great day "at the office".

Well done on what I thought was a very difficult day. Excellent results.

Thanks for the 3 Winners from 5 bets today at 4/5 2/1 and 3/1 - an excellent profit.

Hi lads, another wonderful time had by all, the results speak for themselves. The best team of selectors I have ever known and I have known a few. Many many thanks boys.

The 'RaceXpert Intelligent Filter' gave two horses, a short fav and a 20/1 outsider, 'Absent Friends'. Looking at the Racecard the latter was top Speed Figure, top Formspeed and its price was 6 points above RaceXpert's value odds. Checking out QuickForm it had many positives. I thought at 20/1 in a 5 runner race it was a good bet - result WON 20/1.

The RaceXpert program is without a doubt excellent.

I do hope that the service will continue, as it has changed my life! Many Thanks!

Excellent product guys.

I think the service is excellent, keep it up.

Superb!!! How much to keep going on this subscription? I will send by return.

Your forum has re affirmed to me and indeed perhaps to many others that your group is conducted in a most professional and dignified manner.

Congratulations on the winner today. Really glad I joined up. It is giving me the confidence to back to larger stakes.

Congratulations again 1 bet 1 winner. You know it makes sense to join up as the bet was given yesterday so it's no fluke. Saw how it ran, so excited - just great.

You know you are doing something right when those at Ladbrokes & co start to limit or refuse bets. As it happens I have an old score to settle with a local bookmaker and he is being punished at present along with Ladbrokes & co by phone. Good to see you limiting the places as too many members may destroy the sp's. In all fairness enough has been said about the service amongst this group and if people still doubt you it is their loss. May I state to all the doubters out there don't merely think about joining "just do it" while you have the chance. I have joined and left a number of unprofitable tipping services over the years of which most were more expensive than RaceXpert. One thing they all had in common is they were not a patch on the outstanding service I am now enjoying. The software package is superb, the tipping service is "WINNING MADE EASY".

Very Good ??? I'd Say Excellent Fantastic !!!

Fantastic selections again today. I had 2 wins with Betfair, and a double with Paddy Power. Just 4 days of selections, and my starting pool has increased by 150%. Since I bet 10% of my pool, my first bet tomorrow will be £250.

I have never doubted your service as I've been using your software for a long time now and it just gets better and better. What can I say?

I sent my cheque off on Sunday, got a reply on Tuesday morning, got my 2 selections on Tuesday evening, on Wednesday morning I put £20 on each selection plus a £20 double and BINGO!! 2 out of 2= £250 richer, keep em coming.

The tipping service is fantastic you just expect them to win now.

Well done yet again team for today. 2 selections and 2 winners. I only managed to earn a mere £1,264 today. I would have been happy with just the first one coming in, still would have been in profit if the second had lost. 3rd week in and my bank has risen by 3.345.

What can I say! 2 out of 2! Another 100% day! Brilliant. I cannot believe that people are not signing up in their droves. They will be now... Thanks again.

Great result today, 2 out of 2. Brilliant!

What a good day to start, with your strike rate I decided on 10% level stakes to a 2k bank! Cracking outcome, keep up the excellent work!

Well I suppose it couldn't last. Ladbrokes must have spotted how much money I've been taking off them with these RaceXpert tips, they refused my (rather large) bet on 'Web Perceptions'. Funny I've never had this problem with Ladbrokes before, though I've had a couple of smaller bookies either refuse bets or limit them. Must be doing something right. Many congratulations on your results so far and keep them coming!

Well done yet again with today's Formula selections. 2 out of 2. This is becoming a regular habit, but one I, and I'm sure other RaceXpert members could get used to. After many years of betting this last two months have been my most profitable ever! Thanks.

My first day, today with the Selection Service. Superb results.

Very impressed with the performance.

Received my first tips today having and paid for the subscription already!!! Very good, keep it up.

I've been a member of the Tipping Service since July 28th (now 12 Aug). I started with a bank of £300 and use £30 for every bet regardless of the price - my bank now stands at £637:17. What I must say is that the 2 biggest price winners were in races I would never have considered having a bet in, yet both horses won hard held !!! Well done to all the team and keep them coming :)

Your tipping service is b***** brilliant. Wish I knew how you do it.

"Team-Mate" 11/1 - top rated in QuickForm (C,D,G,CL) and Master Formspeed (CS,TC,TOT)! RaceXpert has done it again - thanks Team.

Until I got the RaceXpert program I was an experienced bettor and regular loser on the horses. I am happy to say I think my losing days are a thing of the past because RX is that good. In a nutshell it is an excellent package which helps the bank balance grow.

Thank you!! I am absolutely delighted with the Selection Service. I came home late last night and found that both the selections had come in! Great news as it means that I have doubled my bank in only two weeks! Keep up the excellent work!

Keep up the wonderful work. Started 2nd Aug. till 9th Aug. got 8/1 on SHABERNAK & after last weekend had a win double. So I am 26 points up in 8 days.

Just a quick note to say Thanks Very Much. Keep up the good work. Two singles and a double returning £607.00 or thereabouts. Absolutely Brilliant. RESPECT People.

What can I say other than well done. I'm in profit by £1,352 in just 2 weeks! Cheers.

Today was only my second day using your Formula Selection Service (FSS) and you really produced the goods today. I made a profit of £820, betting with BETFAIR. I had enough on SHABERNAK for a place to recoup my win bet if SHABERNAK had only been placed. Really excellent. Needless to say I am glad I joined. Many thanks, and the new version of the program is top class.

I'm a RaceXpert user of some four weeks, which may not seem a long time to many but I have to say it really is a wonderful tool for whittling down the daily selections to " best bets". The ratings are very accurate and the different features are excellent. I have been backing horses seriously for years and as we all know it ain't easy, but this software is certainly the best I've seen. I bet to ten percent of a bank and this week I have backed ten horses and only one has lost. I certainly would not have done this before. It just helps to give me that edge. I can recommend it.

I have been using the program since the middle of April and am still very excited by its power. There are so many aspects to it. Personally I stopped purchasing the Racing Post when I purchased RaceXpert as all the tools you need (and more) are in the program. Having purchased numerous computer racing programs in the past without any
financial success, I am now showing a healthy profit for the first time in 40 years of punting!

I have to say I was shocked at today's result... FANTASTIC.

Managed to get back home to watch "Shabernak" win. Took Corals 8-1 this morning. TOP TIPPING. Now 15 points LSP in front since first started subscribing on 19th July (23 days). Thanks & well done.

I am absolutely sickened by the fact that I have not yet got off my backside and posted a cheque off to join yet !!!!!!!!!!!! Yours p****d off and HOT on a Saturday afternoon. PS. Cheque will be with you by 15th !! Many congrats to RaceXpert on your expertise.

I had £100 EW on at 8s with Ladbrokes. Thanks RaceXpert.

Well done yet again RaceXpert with today's Formula selections. 2 out of 2 @ 8/11 & 7/1. Thanks.

Many thanks Team! 2 out of 2 today 8/11 and 7/1. Fantastic!

Another great day for the RaceXpert Formula Tips. I got 8/1 on "Shabernak" this morning! Well done.

I am truly embarrassed to say how much money I have won in the last 20 days from the RaceXpert Tipping Service. Thank you, Racexpert. Thank you.

RaceXpert is working fine and is blazing away at warp speed. Thanks for your patient help. Version 32 is superb.

Congratulations on more superb additions in Version 32!

All I can say guys is WOW - just how much more are you going to spoil us. Got home from work, found the new upgrade and was so mesmerised I ate my tea while familiarising myself with it - "BRILLIANT".

A big thank you for including the "time ordered" racecard printout I requested.

Just started having a quick look at the new version. The runner reducer looks very useful.

Are we on for a through the card again - 3 out of 3 so far!!
............5 from 6, so close.

The Selections - absolutely tremendous.
ick run through I am absolutely DELIGHTED! This package is without a doubt the best value for money that I have had in
a long long time. Thank you all very much, The Team at RaceXpert are to be congratulated for producing a first class product. I have to add that the input from all of the members via the goup has encouraged and convinced me to put my money down on this product. Thanks once again to you all.

Congratulations on a brilliant 3 out of 3 on Sunday.

What a lovely day yesterday was on your tipping service. Keep up the wonderful work.

In just four days it has increased my starting bank by 50%, so I am encouraged and excited. It doesn't take a genius to work out that to continue like this will make me a very rich man.

Sitting the sidelines, not me - only started yesterday & I have been out all day. Can you believe how excited I was when I got home. Many thanks RaceXpert.

Well Done RaceXpert with today's Formula selections. I had a £10 patent with a return of £509.96. Thanks.

I can't believe I doubted it !!! What a fantastic Sunday, it made a very boring day in the office most enjoyable :) Once again, THANK YOU :)

Well done for your selections this week. I started last Monday with the selection service and as of close this Sunday, my bank was up by 54.2%. Keep up the good work.

Just a quick line to say thank you for the selection service. It's the end of my first week and it's been great. Many Thanks!

Brilliant. I had a £20 Trixie on these 3 today - return 736.25.

Well done on the formula selection service today. £620 profit for me today. 3 singles @ £50 and a £20 treble. Keep up the good work. Many thanks.

You always said that August is one of the best and most profitable months in the racing calendar, especially when you guys are involved. 3 out of 3 for the Formula Selections Service. Fantastic!!

"Kings Thought" made it an extremely profitable day.

'Devolution' was worth the 16/1 I got at Betfair because Quickform showed it as the best.

The best day yet for Class Form - five top rated winners from eight races. Winners at 12-1, 13-2, 5-1, 9-2 and 7-2.

I want to add my congratulations for your new idea for CLASS FORM. I did manage to land "Reel Buddy" yesterday at 20/1, using QuickForm. There are so many features in RaceXpert now.

Tonight - 7/1 win 5/1 win and a 10/1 placed horse in a £2 each way patent - outlay = £28. Return = £237.78!!

Just seen another great result. 'Devolution' - top rated and won @ 12-1. I have had the best winning run I can remember.

Brilliant results today! What a marvel you are. Many Thanks for this brilliant system!

Well done to everyone at RaceXpert for the program and succeeding in finding a winning formula. What a brilliant days punting! Long may it continue.

This is unbelievable. Congratulations just doesn't do you justice enough! I made 4.5 points today to add to yesterday's 22+ points.

I must pass on congratulations to RaceXpert for giving us the 'Form Report' facility. An extremely useful tool for current class form.

This looks very promising. I have been using it quite successfully over the weeks. As always your thoughts have put the icing on the cake.

Such sharing of information seems to me to be a unique attribute of this group.

14 qualifying races so far with the winner in the top two in nine of them - four top rated and five second top rated. Winning prices 12-1, 10-1, 15-2, 7-1, 5-1, 10-3, 9-4, 7-4 and 11-10 (Sunday and Monday).

Thank you thank you thank you for 'Imperial Dancer' 16/1. You're a star!!!

Got 'Imperial Dancer' at 16-1. Thanks.

Top rated winners at 14-1 10-3 and 6-1 from six races can't be a bad day.

Thank you for a very good day. I go on holiday on Friday with the cash that I have won today. I feel sorry for the one's that have not got the software.

They are excellent results. Have a look at the top two on 'Master Formspeed' for the handicaps at Goodwood this afternoon. They were also in the money big time.

Good day today thanks to RaceXpert. Your guidance is excellent.

I backed "Imperial Dance" on Betfair at 20/1:)))) Thanks for your advice and confirmation of selections.

This is just to see if you have received my subscription cheque and to say a big thank-you for your fantastic software and support.I think the thing I like most of all - it's nice backing winners but the prices give me such a lift knowing I have not followed the crowed. Thanks to every one and all the best.

I made reference to the excellent 'Form Report' in my e-mail yesterday. I should have praised this at the time(see how we take things for granted) since it is an extremely useful facility and very well presented.

I cannot express enough what a great team you are and the help we receive from you.

Many thanks. And what a fine way of starting! The first evening's results will cover a year's subscription and still leave profit over.

A BIG THANKYOU for Saturdays 2 tips, marvellous, first day with your tipster team and already in profit. Once again MANY THANKS.

Many thanks for today - new subscriber and first 2 selections have paid for 2 months subscriptions betting to £20. Beat SP on both to make it even better.

Great start to the Tipster Service. Backed them in singles and also had a double.

My first day on the Tipster service: 2 out of 2 at 15/8 and 7/2! Many thanks.

Thanks RaceXpert for two great winners from the tipster service. Also with your help
(for the first time ever) I got a Lucky 15 up. A wonderful day thanks to you

Nice 25-1 'Yellow Banker' winner today in the 2.25 at York.

Nice result for the QuickForm Best SF's For ( C) ( D) - Belinda 1st 14-1. Another one in the bag!

Yellow Banker, "Kareeb" cruised in on Saturday at 25/1.

Last three Yellow Bankers - WON 25-1, placed, WON 9-1.

Very good result for the QuickForm Best SF's For ( C) ( D) ( G) - "Glenrock" 1st 50-1 - Cheers RaceXpert.

Dear Group Members, This is my first message to the Group. Feel compelled to write because as a computer novice I have been given not only considerable help from Peter and his Team, in a technical sense, but excellent encouragement as well !!!!

Just to say to all those doubters out there that I am making more money than ever backing horses thanks to a combination of the software and the magnanimous advice of other users - thanks RaceXpert - don't forget to give me notice to re-subscribe - I don't want to miss any winners!

The attention we are getting does suggest to me that RaceXpert is doing something right.

I can add that I have had every assistance possible direct from the team. Their hard work and commitment is second to none!

The service from RaceXpert could not be improved as far as I am concerned.

My instinct tells me this is a brilliant programme because it gives users an active interface with live data in a user friendly format. I have tried seven other software based computer racing systems and each had their merits but most were flawed at the end because they were too rigid. RaceXpert is fluid and flexible. The man who designed this programme deserves to be a millionaire.

My Bank from the 4th July 2003 has increased 11.5 times; I make that an increase of 1150% in an incredible 6 days. In all my years of betting and endless computer programs I still can't believe it, and I'm not as dedicated or as clever as some of the others. Well done RaceXpert you are without a doubt the best.

I had numerous problems -which had nothing to do with the software, including a crash. The Tech Dept. were there EVERYTIME and the problems were resolved. This is not a "fly by night" company, more like one of the best I have dealt with and that includes all walks of business life!!

After a recent computer crash when I lost everything on my hard drive the RaceXpert team did everything they could to get me up and running again as soon as possible. The software is absolutely superb and very robust.

I have had excellent service from Technical Support whenever I have needed it.

I have had the program since April and to date I am in profit, to the extent that it has recently paid for a further 40 weeks subscription:-)

Nice result for the QuickForm Best SF's For (C) Orpenberry 1st 16-1 - Excellent start to the afternoon.

Thank you RaceXpert for "Night Fighter" (top rated by Power Ratings) 25/1! Cheers!

Well done to RaceXpert for top rating the 25-1 winner of this race and belated congrats. on their recent 20-1 winner.

It pays to keep an eye on Class Speed. Top rated in the 6.55 Haydock tonight - 'Kuster', won 5-1. Clear 2nd top rated Rajam(000) 2nd - 66-1. The Tote Exacta paid £452 to £1 for the winner and second in correct order.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who appreciates what you at RaceXpert have done so I'll say it again - thanx guys. You make my job so much easier.

Many thanks for yet another incredible upgrade.

Yes, congratulations to Peter, Steven, John, all those who entered the 'Best System' competition and of course to RaceXpert for holding it. I must say that I found it a very informative exercise and I look forward to the next one. Great new upgrade RaceXpert and nice to know that you are still at the drawing board designing more.

Congratulations on the new version of RaceXpert from the guys - great stuff!

Version 30 is another stroke of genius. Superb.

I've been a member since April and I can say as a user of RaceXpert that it has improved my strike rate and ROI no end - thank you.

Many thanks for the added facilities - as usual - GREAT!

Brilliant service. Thanks.

I have today posted a cheque for another 40 weeks - profit made from the program!
Horse racing has always been a hobby with me - never expecting to make a profit! Of course, I still have the odd bad period but RaceXpert ensures that these are not as frequent (or long) as the good periods! I look forward to receiving version 30 which I believe you are hoping to issue shortly, although I can't see how such an excellent program can be improved! Cheers and good luck!

I think RaceXpert is brilliant!!! "ANYHOW" - top Speed Figure, top Class Speed, best Speed Figure for course & going. Got 20/1 !!!! Thanks

I've only had software since Friday and had 4 winners yesterday and
just had "Anyhow" 12/1 today - well pleased.

I ended up well in profit, "Orienter" (6/1), "Trade Fair" (11-8) and the 'Big Price Hunter' bets all each way ( they included an 8-1 winner). RaceXpert does point you in the right direction to find winners in tricky races.

'Quicker Than Class' Selections gave 3 out of 6 at 14/1 11/1 7/2.

I've had the program since April and am still going well (June) - enough profit to pay a 40 week subscription!

I combined today's 3 Yellow Bankers in a patent, and with 2 winning at 12/1 and 7/2 I made a nice profit.I also had Thesarus separately at 8/1. Thanks to Racexpert.

Nice to see a 11-1 winner in "Invader" which was clear top on Formspeed, Class Speed, Triple Class and Total. It was also the only 'Quicker Than Class' horse in the race. These are the ones to watch out for. It was also best Speed Figure for 'distance' and 'going' in QuickForm!

Thank you for the new Saturday summary, 1 more winner and I have my first ever Yankee up !!! Had plenty of others as well thank you, 'Orienter' (6/1) being the main bet. Thank you again for the updated version.

Nice result for QuickForms Best SF's For ( D) - "Reasonable Reserve" 1st 40-1. Very good each way start to the afternoon.

Thankyou RaceXpert that is very good of you giving out those new selections on a
Saturday. U Guys R the Best. Keep up the GREAT work.

I have just undertaken a review of all RaceXpert's 'recommended' bets since I started to print them out on 30th May. If we had followed them blindly since then, we would be 25 points up!! This included a couple of dismal days for the 30th and 31st May which if excluded would have us over 50 points to the good so far in June all at SP, there were also a number of multiple selections for Ascot which would not have been sensible to do!! I know RaceXpert have said repeatedly that you need to do some work, but this proves to me that they give you a tremendous head start!!! Just thought some of you waverers might find this interesting - I certainly have, especially as I started the exercise thinking it had no chance of success.

I congratulate you again for a brilliant winner finding software package.

Another very good result for QuickForm's Best Speed Figures's for "Hilltop Warning" 1st 33-1 - Best Speed Figure's for ( C) ( D) and (G).

I would like to congratulate RaceXpert for their QuickForm assessment of this 33-1 winner.

"Hilltop Warning" 33/1 turns over odds-on "Activity". Highlighted in Yellow, top on Formspeed and top in QuickForm on most factors. Great result (and I got 66/1 earlier)!!!!!!!!!! Well done RaceXpert and thanks

I did back SAMBAMAN via Totalbet @12/1 before I left yesterday. I am a happy bunny!!!!

Thanks for the latest update, truly superb. Keep up the good work.

May I just say the new features look great - the handicap report produced a quick winner with 'Basinet' (11/2) in the first at Windsor last night. Well done.

Hi Guys just wanted to compliment you on the latest upgrade. A good product just got better.

The RaceXpert program works well for me, if it didn't produce winners on a regular basis I wouldn't use it.

Just want to say thanks RaceXpert for V29. It was good before, but it's even better now.

Once again RaceXpert has come up trumps with Version 29. I can't see how RaceXpert can get any better but I am sure the RaceXpert people will prove me wrong.

May I send you my thanks for the new innovation - brilliant. If we cannot make our betting pay with RaceXpert now we should all give up. I have had my strops with you guys over the last few weeks but you have treated me with civility and courtesy which I did not deserve, may I thank you. PS a cheque for another 2 months will be sent within the next couple of days.

What a profitable system (Flat Big Price Hunter) - when they come in they sure do have the WOW factor. I was 'on' yesterday, getting 37/1 on Betfair and 7/1 place as cover. Thanks for all your work team.

Just a quick note to say thank you team for the new update. I've only looked briefly but already I can see that my profits will get bigger. I am particularly impressed. Thank you very much!

Many thanks for all the hard work you put into improving what was already a superb aid for beating the bookies! Version 29 - brilliant!

I've been using RaceXpert for about 8 weeks and sure I've had some losing days but it has produced some spectacular winners and the overall trend is positive unlike my punting without it. I only had one bet on Saturday in the Derby - placed the bet on Friday at 16/1 on Betfair (Won SP 6/1).

My first bet with RaceXpert - my first winner! ARCALIS won 4/1 - 7.45 Pontefract. I got 9/2 earlier. Came out top in every way - in the racecard and on Master Formspeed. It would
have been a crime not to back it! A great start to what I hope is the beginning of a profitable relationship. Thanx guys! It was also the only Banker Bet of the day!

'Arcalis', 'Swift Tango', 'Barking Mad'. Well that's paid for the subscription. Thanks for the info guys.

Best Speed Figure for Distance ( on QuickForm ) has comes up trumps again - 8-30 Windsor Saddler's Quest...1st 14-1.

I made it two Yellow Bankers today. 7.30 Windsor - "BARKING MAD" - 1st at 3/1. 7.45 Pontefract - "ARCALIS" - 1st at 4/1. Plus win double at 19/1. Profit : 3 + 4 + 19 = 26 points. Here's to RACEXPERT.

5-45 Salisbury Birth of the Blues...1st 16-1. 5-00 Redcar Phamedic...2nd 66-1. Two nice each way selections. Cheers RaceXpert

It is well designed software.

RaceXpert IS THE BEST OF ALL SOFTWARE that is out there.

I just got the software this morning and have been playing with it all day but the winners at Epsom from the top and second rated - especially 'Casual Look' 14/1 in the Oaks - have made me feel more confident about betting for real in the future.

The RaceXpert software is almost a license to print money. RaceXpert does give
you a huge advantage with respect to form study, thus picking big priced winners.

Had a really excellent return using RaceXpert today. Backed 'Casual Look' @14-1 and
'Warrsan' @ 9-2. It's simply the best piece of racing software on the market.

In the Oaks today the "Triple Class" column gave four selections. The winner @ 10-1, the second @ 7-2 and the third @ 25-1.The Tricast was £830.

Cheers RaceXpert for producing software that pinpoints winners.

I've got to hand it to you - this is one First Class program you've written. 'Angel Annie' 50/1, 'Vindication' 8/1, 'Moral Justice' 9/2, 'Above The Cut' 5/1, 'Sovereigns Gift' 3/1.

I cannot fault the service.

Your ratings and software are top class.

Just thought I'd like to drop a line to say, what a good software package RaceXpert is.
I looked at some racing this evening, and what I find most useful is "The Knowledge" screen and the great "Master Formspeed". I fancied certain horses, and it's really useful to check these out using the software which gives great guidance. The results I have entered below from a very profitable evening racing.
7.10 Thirsk 'Hambledon' won 9/4, 7.55 Windsor 'Fromsong' won 16/1 (best SF by a big margin), 8.25 Windsor 'Barking Mad' 2nd 33/1, 8.55 Windsor 'Anyhow' 4th (20 runner hcp) @ 14/1.
Many thanks and keep up the excellent work

I placed a Win bet on 'Zither' in the 2.30 at Leicester @14/1 for a neat profit. Also (and a system bet) I took a chance on an EW 16/1 Seafield Towers at the 3.15 Carlisle, which came in 2nd. To top it, I placed an EW double on both selections.

With RaceXpert my betting bank is getting bigger with winning runs now outstripping losing ones. RaceXpert is a very valuable tool.

Thank you once again for your help. Your after sales service is second to none. The potential for winning is enormous with this program.

Just a few words, to thank you for your patience and support. I feel that I want to be added to your testimonials page, or rather by now, pages! RaceXpert was excellent when it first emerged. However, it is constantly improving. You seem to be dedicated too. CANI, i.e Constant and Never Ending Improvement. Congratulations and Warm Regards from Sunny Brighton and Gareth.

What a great tool the system builder is. Today it threw up 10 horses to back out of those 10 I had 7 winners including 7/1 winner "Our Gamble" San. 4:10. Of the 3 losers only one
finished outside the place - one was 3rd at 25/1 the other 2nd at 6/1. I know I keep saying it but I will say it again - "Outstanding RaceXpert". Keep them coming.

What can I say! You guys don't stop, keep going, and leave the rest well behind.

'Risk Free' wins at 20/1 - Luvly Jubly - well done guys, excellent result yet again. I would have never picked out 'Risk Free' without your excellent software.

The "Kiddykid" 7/1 - I am finding big winner after big winner - sorry RaceXpert is finding them. KEEP IT UP GUYS.

I have only had RaceXpert a month but wish I had known about it before!

Took the plunge last month - not regretting it, bank growing nicely.

We have now had one week since the rules for yellow bankers were posted with the following results:
11 bets
Winners at 12-1, 8-1, 4-1, 4-1
Win strike rate 36%
Investment 11 points, return 32 points
Clear profit 21 points
Profit on Investment 190%

Congrats to RaceXpert for some excellent wins from the QTC horses today (SP's 8/1, 6/1, 9/2, 4/1).

Most of us have been there and didn't even get the T-shirt. It's not a major investment compared with many out there - but if you don't try it you'll never know. I trialled several race analysis programs and settled on RaceXpert. What has most impressed me is the development that has taken place since November. It's a more powerful tool than when I first started.

The Yellow Bankers last weekend were top class.

I bought two copies/subscriptions for home/work, and I don't regret it. RaceXpert gives you the edge, and betting "against the crowd" becomes profitable. There are so many tools available.

I joined up last Saturday after tracking the user group correspondence for a few weeks. The depth and range of the software is very impressive and includes some really smart features. I am sure the use of this system will greatly assist in the task of winner finding. I have found the daily updating and racecard input a doddle. Very quick and efficient. Although the system is supplied with a detailed help file which is easily printed to produce a reference manual there is the added bonus of the user group. The main participants seem very willing to advise and assist anybody who has questions.

Its not what it claims to be - its more! Over the weekend, I paid for next year's subscriptions with 2 recommended bets! The technical support is excellent as well.

I bought RaceXpert a couple of weeks ago and I'm very impressed.

I would like to thank all the team once again for all your hard work and upgrades to this already fantastic program.

Bev 4.35 Promising 2nd @ 150/1 (only beaten a NECK) - Clear top rated by Speed Figures by 2 points!

I returned on Friday evening from an enforced three week absence but I have already noticed an air of confidence in the software. I am amazed in the short time away, RaceXpert have once again improved an already terrific software. If any of my fellow subscribers have doubts as to the value of the software, try research and horse selection without it for a few days, as I have done. Possible, but so time consuming. I must say it is the best software I have come across by a long long way.

Well what can I say. Another day and another winner. I got 7-1 against Adobe - what a fantastic team.

I continue to be amazed at the way you are developing this product. I have bought a lot of racing software over the years but have never come across one as good nor one that continues to be improved. Well done RaceXpert.

Three bets today, winners at 12-1 and 8-1, follows the sole bet yesterday a winner at 4-1. A good start for yellow banker bets.

Once again we have been given some very useful features. The QuickForm enhancement will be a big help, I am coming to the conclusion that course friendliness could be of great use in any final analysis. Again, well done Technical Department.

I just had to write to say how delighted I am with RaceXpert! Three new versions within my first month - you are obviously not prepared to rest on your laurels! Please give my thanks to all who are helping us to beat the bookies! I shall certainly be renewing my subscription.

There are a lot of BIG price winners to be had but you do need RaceXpert otherwise it's
all mumbo jumbo. Only been on board with the software since mid April - the BIG PRICED WINNERS I've had are 2x12/1, 3x9/1, 7/1, 2x6/1, plus a lot of smaller winners - not bad for only being a subscriber for 1 month. Before RaceXpert I would very rarely have any confidence in backing anything outside of the top 3 in the betting. NOW I feel a lot more
confident and Paddy Power my bookie is a lot less happy.

I am sure we are all satisfied with the profits we are making!

I think this has been my best day yet.

Just one word - Unbelievable!!

What a day it has been today thanks to RaceXpert. I could not believe the last result tonight - I had a 8/1 'Cill Droichead' and 20/1 'It's Definite' in a double - wow what a pay day.

I have this evening paid tribute to RaceXpert's speed ratings compiler - without his brilliance I could not do what I do.

I have just renewed for 40 weeks and today's two winners have paid for this and more!

I have had a very successful day - RaceXpert's fantastic ratings - nothing short of brilliant. Thanks RaceXpert for a very profitable day.

And the winners keep rolling in 8/1, 12/1, 5/1, amongst today's winners CIL DROCHEID just rounded of a perfect day.

£780 for 2 winners! An absolute cracker! Thanks RaceXpert!
Below statement from
12:23 4804618 £20.00
S Nottingham [ 4:30] 5F HANDICAP 0-75 Show Prices Whistler 11/2 W £130.00
11:44 4803066 £50.00
S Hamilton [ 2:55] 1M 5F HANDICAP 0-85 Show Prices Nowell House 12/1 W £650.00

Just got in and checked the results. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Thank you RaceXpert.

Wouldn't have been on Nowells House at 12:1 without the program. Thank you RaceXpert.

Paddy Power being well and truly hit by me in the last few days - two 12/1 winners and a 4/1. Well done RaceXpert Team.

Well you told us all in no uncertain terms, which ones to follow, all I can say is after 30 seconds work and seeing the earlier results I filled my boots with Nowell House (Won 12/1), all I can say is thank you, but that doesn't really convey my gratitude.

What a masterpiece of programming!

I picked Hey Presto 12/1 - its a great bit of software .

Before RaceXpert I never had such big priced winners! Lubbly jubbly!

HEY PRESTO 12/1 system bet thanks RaceXpert.

Results: 7 Qualifiers, 3 Wins (1/1, 25/1 and 9/1) 2 Placed (15/2 and 11/2) - I always back each-way where possible. 2 Unplaced. Pretty impressive!

One bet today, Thanks RaceXpert. Master Formspeed top rated and dropping in class. I got 10's on betfair.

Can't believe it !! Looking at QuickForm first of all, I am finding it highly effective at narrowing down the potential candidate. "The Knowledge" was also reassuring. 2 bets 2 winners at 16-1 and 9-1.

Thought I'd look for a bet on this race. Cassis looked in with a chance and what a stormer she ran. Just watched it on the telly. 16-1 winner - would never have been able to choose it without RaceXpert. Thanks guys.

On 4th May (now 13 May) I decided to give the Betting Bank Manager a whirl. Since then - Bank Rise 69% and a Strike rate of 41%! Long may it continue!

HERE are the developers who actually listen to their Clients.

The software goes from strength to strength. That you are assured a strong customer base long term I have no doubt.

It really is a great program and thanks for all your good work.

On a more personal note, of which you may or may not want to forward on. For over six month's I have been bombarded by B*******n to join them, at over ten times your annual cost. It was so close, but I am so happy that I did not join them, and decided to become a member of RaceXpert. Do you realise, that your new Quicker Than Class (QTC) feature does everything that their marketing literature says that they do, but they do not say, how many bets were placed before a winner over 10-1 was achieved!

The Formspeed clear top two rated got the 25-1 winner, Prince of Gold and the second home, Nuit Sombre at 20-1. The Tote Exacta paid £785.40.

Very Impressive so far guys (Quicker Than Class) - best one so far was on the 3rd of May, Thirsk 2.25, Henry Hall won 20-1.

Nice one RaceXpert - Hammiya 9-1 winner (Speed rating of 80 last time) - putting it +7 clear of any other speed rating this year.

It is a powerful "bookie bashing" tool!

Although my experience with this program is brief (3 weeks) I would strongly recommend it to anyone. All the relevant data is sent daily by email - just collect the winnings! I have 3 out of 4 again today including 'Not So Dusty' at 12/1 - the fourth selection was 2nd!

Since the 14th of April (now 6 May) my Betting Bank has increased 100%. The emails are also helpful. I would most certainly recommend it.

I spend a lot of time in the system builder looking for combinations that give a decent strike rate plus, of course, a profit. Turbo Wizard is a great help here! The RaceXpert systems already in the program are also very good.

I have only had the program for three weeks and started using it (putting money down) at the end of the first week. At the end of the second week I went on holiday for a week (most enjoyable but Oh! the RaceXpert withdrawal symptoms!). I have had many computer programs for racing over the last 20 years or so, but none come close to matching this one. Using the information at one's mouse click intelligently it is a fantastic weapon for beating the bookies - I have only had two losing days so far - yesterday 4 winners out of six including Oases at 8/1.

Glad to know that you received the subscription in time! Be lost without RaceXpert now!

'DELSARTE' RaceXpert top rated storms home - got 7/1 on Betfair.

Many thanks for the latest updates to's getting better all the time !

Hats off to RaceXpert. A 12-1 winner and 50-1 second, in correct order. Tote Exacta paid £243. That takes some beating.

Thanks RaceXpert. Looks first class.

It is hard to know where to begin in the praises of this upgrade. Suffice to say at this stage that more goodies we asked for and some we did not ask for are in the latest version. Again, well done RaceXpert.

The latest upgrades are brilliant. RaceXpert just gets better and better.

I'm not clear how you do it. The competitor you referred to many months ago has not even mentioned any trial or testing of his new product - it was supposed to be launched Jan 1 (now May 1)!!!. All in all your product development is impressive.

I'm impressed with the quality of research and discussion by forumites.

A great program and the support is first class.

What fantastic news about the impending 'Quicker Than Class' facility soon to be introduced. This is the one I have been eagerly awaiting. Well done guys.

Well done on 'Soller Bay' - plenty of 20/1+ available earlier in the day, after a flick through the form and seeing it handled soft ground I had a bit each way - it was never headed and hosed home by 5 lengths (also came out top on QuickForm for Distance and Going - well done RaceXpert.

I have certainly not been disappointed because I can see that you are providing the tools with invaluable help. I think your service is brilliant and I think the forum is great.

Thanks RaceXpert team, your new features look excellent.

For a novice like myself after a week of trial I went live this week trying my own systems. Systems that I could not have thought about without RaceXpert and the "System Builder & Turbo Wizard". In a week since Tuesday I've DOUBLED my bank. Thanks RaceXpert.

Ripon 2.00 - Great results, I was on Young Mr Grace e/w with Sporting Odds and took the 40/1 on offer.

The new NoteBook feature is just what I needed. Now I can bin the hundreds of bits of paper I have stuck all over the walls! Many thanks guys.

Over the past few days 7 tips from systems have been posted to the forum. Of these 5 won, one was a non runner which won the next day and one came second. All were found using the RaceXpert program and Turbo Wizard. You'd pay a fortune for tips like that from a Tipster.

I am rather impressed with the RaceXpert Ratings.

I have sent you a cheque today for a further 10 weeks subscription and membership of RaceXpert Pro for a year's upgrades. Congratulations on a fantastic weapon to help beat the bookies!

Master Formspeed on the ball today - a 15/2 winner a 2/1 a 4/1 and a 10/1 shot going in with the horses clearly marked in yellow.

I decided to use the system builder to design a few systems. I finally came up with two and the results have been impressive. I find this part of the software an excellent source of winner finders. My first week - POI% 52%, BETS 16, WINS 8.

I started using real money on Saturday (now Monday) and so far am 34 points up! What a tool you have provided us with!

My first bet since buying RaceXpert a few days ago won @ 11/1 (Only
highlighted selection in Master Formspeed)! Fantastic!

Stunning information.

RaceXpert does an excellent job.

The help files are well written and conveniently to hand.

Never neglect 'The Knowledge'.

I had some great price winners. RaceXpert is an excellent tool.

It has been a very good day for all aspects of the RaceXpert program and congrats. to the team for giving us such a successful, varied and friendly program and the attendant e-mail group. Unique me thinks.

Had a couple of good touches today. 1-40 Newmarket Dazzling Bay...2nd 20-1 ( each way bet ), 2-15 Newmarket Hurricane Alan...1st 9-1 win bet, 2-40 Ripon Sovereign Dreamer...1st 12-1 win bet. All three easily found using the new QuickForm. Cheers. A HAPPY RACEXPERT USER.

Saturday was my first "real" day of using RaceXpert. Up £232 on the day! (Quite pleased).

RaceXpert (+team) is excellent in my opinion!

The research tool - I have found it absolutely invaluable for setting up my own systems. Now with so many added features such as Master Form Speed or QuickForm you can check your personal selections against the 'extra' ratings there.

Version 25 looks good and QuickForm is excellent. Many thanks!

Once again the boys have done it. Excellent new features in Version 25 of the program. A particular thank you from this person for the print facility in Master Formspeed, and QuickForm is superb. Well done guys.

Thank you Racexpert - yet another example of the RaceXpert program being designed and adapted according to the customer's needs!

RaceXpert gives you good information. With the help of all the information available I cleared £11,000 today!

I'd just like to say that I've only been running the program for two days. I managed five bets yesterday, the 1.50 Lingfield 8/1 winner then the 2.00 Warwick a 20/1 winner I also did the banker bet not a great price but with these three bets done to a level £20 stakes it makes it one of my better days. Today I've had 2.45 Ludlow 13/2, 2.35 Brighton 6/1, 2.10 Ludlow (banker bet) 8/15, 2.00 Brighton 4/5 plus £10 straight forecast paying 8.75. In two days nearly a grand.

Of the software I've seen, RaceXpert has the potential to be top of the tree.

After several years of trying numerous avenues of getting racing info, to date RaceXpert is far and above the rest.

What is refreshing about RaceXpert is that it is prepared to allow non-subscribers like myself to view the comments and participate with you guys who have put down your hard earned. No doubt it may p.. some of you off (it would me) to get critical comment from some of our ilk. But, if it helps to convince us to join and add to the overall experiences so that as a group we can all benefit then that must be a worthy objective.

RaceXpert is the best software on the market. The help and advice all the technical team give is second to none.

I have used computer-based systems to aid my betting activities over a number of years but RaceXpert has something the others do not have and that is a User-group Forum.

We have the very best software you could ever wish to use with the fantastic RaceXpert.

I consider time the most precious asset, and RaceXpert gives me the opportunity of looking at what I want in as much detail as is necessary each day.

Congrats to SF and FS on pinpointing the 'National' winner.

Thanks once again RaceXpert for the brilliant Formspeed idea, I narrowed the field to a few runners and when I saw what was top rated on Formspeed I made Montys Pass a selection and backed it. Won at 16/1.

Formspeed's clear top rated, Monty's Pass, wins the Grand National at 16-1.

Well done to RaceXpert and Formspeed for top rating the National Winner.

Good day yesterday, Le Duc 33/1, Midland Flame 14/1, Leinster 12/1. With RaceXpert I've now moved into the AW world, which I find more predictable and more profitable.

Had to put "pen to paper" tonight. I have been largely monitoring RaceXpert on a daily basis since becoming a member 5 weeks ago. A slight "slant" on the MFS and other ratings, which I have been testing over the last 5 days is proving incredibly accurate. Indeed, I sat in front of my computer tonight grinning like a Cheshire cat! I will start investing (properly) on the horses tomorrow. Basically, the point of this e-mail is to say that the RaceXpert programme is a revelation, and to thank you for saving me the £5K that I was about to pay to that other Company in London, had I not spoken to you when I did! Again, Thanks.

I would just like to thank Peter and all his team for the fantastic work they have done. I cannot express enough how much pleasure it has given me. I am new to racing so I am still learning to explore the mass amounts of data involved to beat the bookies. The pleasure the software has given me is endless.

Well done on the Banker Bet today team, Harik romped home at the generous odds of 3-1 (+23pts RX, 11pts PR and +1SF, + Prophet Selection, and clear on FS and CS). Keep up the good work, amazing features added in such as short period of time.
My methodology at the moment is picking scattered ratings on RX, PR and SF that all point to only a handful of results (eg 4.35 Plumpton Harik) , I then use The Knowledge (truly amazing screen) to pick out class, distance, course and going, then as one final check if it agrees with MFS - it's a bet providing the price is reasonable value. Hope everyone else is as satisfied as I am with the first rate program and enthusiasm from the RaceXpert team.

Peter has produced software which is pioneering its field, and improving by the minute, literally. Together with your talents and contributions and the activeness of the group, I reckon I am lucky to have discovered it.

Have been getting into Master Formspeed in the past week or so and am finding it very good, particularly with Triple Class. Great stuff indeed.

I am doing nicely over the last few weeks since I really started to use RaceXpert and all its functions. I really like the Form Browser as it's fast and efficient.

Your system of 'Horses to Follow' is the best available.

Great news with the "Archie" feature. This new feature, combined with the Turbo Research Wizard will help anyone aiming to make a profit from their selections.

Thanks to RaceXpert for Xaipete & Mister Sweets. They were top rated in so many different ways it was impossible not to select them.

Thanks for putting "ARCHIE" in the program. Just checked all my systems, brilliant way of getting extra confidence to back a system bet.

Thanks for including "Archie" in the RaceXpert. Excellent Job!

I have only used RaceXpert for just over a month and I can honestly say that I have had quite a few wins by backing the daily System and got back ( and more ) all the money that RaceXpert has cost me.

RaceXpert is a great program.

The software is very very good for both finding horses to back and horses to lay.

In only a few weeks I have quadrupled my betting bank.

I don't believe for a second that you have to be an expert to make money at this game. Actually, daily use of RaceXpert should do the job just fine.

Thank you to RaceXpert and TURBO Research Wizard for making what would have been an uninteresting race very watchable and profitable.

The new 'Triple Class' addition seems very powerful, take for instance the 2.10 Newbury on Saturday - gave the 1st, 2nd & 3rd at odds of 14-1, 14-1, & 25-1. Nice one team!

I must say I do feel very privileged to be part of it.

You certainly have a good product which is improving all the time. The cost of the software is negligible and £1 a day for cards seems fair.

I am completely happy with the service so far.

I think the program is brilliant. I do feel in a privileged position. I like the way you do business!

Your service and product are absolutely brilliant.

I only use the speed ratings from the last two runs and combine this with statistics. Let me say that I managed to find the first three in the Lincoln.

Very reliable service.

Let me state that I think I have stumbled across the most powerful racing software known to man and before paying some of the ridiculous prices that some members have paid for competitors "systems"!! I am also very pleased with the way you have responded to some of the suggestions made by genuinely enthusiastic members. I think this could be massive. Many thanks and regards.

I currently use RaceXpert and have now put myself in a position where I must become a pro-punter.

What an exciting business you've given birth to!

You have a fantastic team. There aren't enough superlatives to adequately describe how the majority of the members feel about the whole RaceXpert experience. Thank you.

I have been with you since the beginning and I never cease to be amazed by what you provide - and the way RaceXpert is developing is just brilliant.

I must say IM truly impressed with RaceXpert.

Personally, I feel that there's so much real cash profit for us customers to be made from RaceXpert, particularly as it becomes better and better. Personally again, I would happily pay more.

Yesterday was my first day with the TURBO Research Wizard W and what a fantastic tool in the fight against the old enemy. As an exercise I decided to check out the one system bet for the day. Using the TURBO Wizard I quickly found that a 100% strike rate was achieved at Warwick. The very course our horse was running at. Well you know the outcome. ANOTHER WINNER!!! Thanks team, for giving us a piece of software even a computer nerd like me can use AND FIND WINNERS. What a small price to pay for such a knowledgeable helper.

On a day when outsiders seemed to be popping up all over the place, RaceXpert did well.

Your software is great.

Thanks for an absolutely brilliant piece of technology.

I am very satisfied with the full program.

May I say the greatest respect to you all for this incredible addition to RaceXpert "bloody fantastic".

I have had 85 Lay Bets and won 70 plus. I have been laying to £100 and have made £4,800 since the 25th February (now 21 March).

I Think that you are doing a fantastic job.

Your team of techies and boffins really deserve a big drink.

It is a great piece of software.

You guys are so damned gooooood!

I am only starting to get to grips with "Systems" the last 24hrs. The TURBO Wizard from what I can see is very powerful, and even with my extremely limited knowledge I have managed to greatly increase the strike rate and ROI% for some of the supplied RaceXpert systems. The TURBO Wizard report is superb! It is really dummy proof (I am referring to myself here!) providing you with all the details which allow you to fine any system.

Back top two on Formspeed and perm the top 3 you will make a fortune.

If I were a bookie, I would find RaceXpert and its fast developing armoury very frightening. Thank you team. Great job.

Just received the 'TURBO' and WOW, what a tool - great stuff.

Once again, thank you, your openness and service to the customer is beyond any which I have ever experienced before. I wish you continued success.

I have only had a very brief look! WOW! Guys this is the IT!

INDIAN GUNNER ( 3-1 ) and PUPS PRIDE ( 9-2 ) ( in a double ) have just paid for my upgrade to the Turbo Pro membership ( £110.00 return ). Cheers - Keep 'em coming.

Well, congratulations again to RaceXpert - you cannot get better than 1, 2 and 3 in the correct order, as RaceXpert did in the 4.30 at Doncaster - 6/1, 6/1, 10/1 - Tricast paid £357.95. Well done, guys.

Got, 1st 2nd, and 3rd! thanks to RaceXpert and Master FormSpeed! 1st race of the day over 90% profit, 2nd day running.

What a program impressed the hell out of myself with it yesterday your boffins are bloody marvellous.

The cheque is in the post and the excitement is unbearable!

Thanks again for all your help and patience.

Again, many thanks for your efforts. I will be posting off my £35 PRO membership shortly as your program and after sales service is 2nd to none!

Getting the edge in this game is what it's all about. Keeping that edge is even more important. I'm getting the hang of the individual components of the software but tools like the Turbo Research Wizard will, I believe, guide me to that little pot of gold I'm searching for.

My cheque is in the post. I think the continual development of RaceXpert is excellent news for all of us subscribers.

I greatly look forward to seeing these new features incorporated in what is already the best product of its type in the market-place.

I can hardly wait for the "Turbo" feature. Who said 'Christmas only comes once a year' ?

Silly question!!! I WILL be renewing, and for longer this time... Many thanks.

I received RaceXpert this morning, and have it up and running. Many thanks for a great service.

I have a few of these so called computer programs that will make you the richest man in your street for stakes of 25p - some cost me more than I like to admit! What is the difference between that software and RaceXpert? Well first of all RaceXpert is doing what it is supposed to do, but above all what you get is the very best backup service possible and a group of people that are more than willing to help each other out.

At long last start making some money with this great bit of software provided by RaceXpert.

So much for so little.

Now your just teasing us...... we want the Turbo Wizard. I cannot wait to see this new beast in action.

Have loaded the software - it would appear that this new member is now cooking with gas! Next you will be telling us what each selection had for breakfast!!! Many thanks.

Many thanks for your lightning speed!

Excellent software, keeps finding the winners, I will be continuing with my membership, cheque is in the post.

Many thanks for such brilliant software.

This is one of the best things I've ever come across!! Keep up the good work!

Last Saturday I did 7 seven races - five came in at 10/3, 5/4, 5/2, 3/1 and 33/1. Once again thanks for your help and a brilliant piece of software

On Saturday, with RaceXpert ratings I had 10 winners from 13. Sure some were odds-on, but still pretty good. Thanks RaceXpert and everyone!

I got my programme Friday and spent the day looking it over and to-day (Saturday) had my baptism of fire with 5 out of 5 - chuffed to bits.

Have not seen any of today's racing nor the results yet but know that my bookmaker accounts have gone up :))))) This is, I know, due to RaceXpert. Anyone still on the outside, please come in as you are missing out!

I had REAL money on Banker Bets, System Bets, Prophet and Secret Weapon - what a great day. What brilliant software.

Just to report 5/5 today. Fantastic - Thanks to RaceXpert.

This week I have turned £1000 into £2470. A nice weeks `work`.

Congratulations and thanks to the RaceXpert team. My betting bank for the 'Speed Star' system has multiplied by 3.4 since 16 January (now 14 March). My own Lingfield system banks have more than doubled within the last month.

I've spent years of my life checking for runners from my own Horses to Follow list. Now that I have RaceXpert with its own HTF facility it's going to be a simple job.

Fantastic, very much appreciated all at RaceXpert. Certainly finding the winners using the software.

I had no idea that software like this existed until a few weeks ago - I am so glad I bought it when I did. I have spent money on all sorts of things in the past to earn extra cash and
came by this by chance. It does more that deliver the goods and is excellent value. I can't ever think of anything I have been happy to endorse before. I have saved ( I don't waste bets anymore) and profited by more than I paid easily. The members are really helpful too. In the private forum area there is a wealth of experience which we all benefit from. One thing that surprised me is the willingness to share profitable systems with other members. I could go on....Good luck.

How many programmers work on this? It must take a huge amount of man-hours to produce such an excellent product and I've only been playing with it less than 2 hours. From what I've seen so far, you're too cheap.

One of the things I really like about RaceXpert is that it appears to cater for all levels of experience. If you don't know a horse from a kangaroo you can still make money by following any number of successful systems, some in-built, some which you can crib freely from other members and some which you will doubtless devise for yourself with the very simple systems research tool. This is where I make most of my profit, since I'm pretty ignorant. But, if you do have greater knowledge, you'll find a whole bunch of useful research tools to help you focus in on your choices. RaceXpert is very good. And the company do all the hard work: no hand entry. A satisfied customer .

What a brilliant job you are doing.

Keep up the excellent work.

I want to thank you and your staff for the help you have provided and the patience you have shown when dealing with my queries. I am 81yrs old and not quite up to speed, as they say, when it comes to working things out. I am however, gradually becoming more acquainted with your software and find it very enlightening. Thanks again,

Something that has been more of a surprise to me I think than the software, that's the willingness of the RaceXpert team, and every member.

I have had the program since its launch and have never regretted subscribing. I tried the rest and am now with the best. I feel to be one of the family - it is that sort of relationship. You get more than just cold figures.

My bank is up by 70%.

The RaceXpert team are a genuine bunch of chaps, they love the sport, and implement features in the software which their customers ask for, not what RaceXpert thinks that you should have. You have very little to lose, especially for such a small initial financial outlay, when compared to other over marketed offerings out there! There are no guarantees but RaceXpert provides the tools necessary to make justified investments!

Thanks again for all your continued efforts, one and all!

The top four Formspeed rated got the 12-1 winner, the 20-1 second, and the 14-1 third. The forecast paid £252 and the Tricast paid £3505.76.

Just got a Yankee up at Southwell - Quiet Times 11-2, Jan Brueghal 7-2, Mr Bountiful 7-2, White Plains 4-1. Plus a Trebles bet up with the same selections. Your software is just MAGIC. Cheers and many thanks.

My third day with the software and another brilliant start to the day. Top rated by RaceXpert, Quiet Times won 11-2. RaceXpert - You know it makes sense

Irbee won me a nice pound or two today! Thanks to the software for making it an easy decision!

Great stuff, many thanks, had a nice few quid on Mythical King at 16/1.

Great day today, inc 16/1 winner, many thanks for a great software.

Today the two Banker Bets both won. Congratulations, team. Many thanks.

Some cracking results from RaceXpert, inc 16/1 winner.

I got my confirmation of membership this morning just waiting for the rest to arrive, your emails have been an inspiration and the friendliness of the whole site and freedom of information passed willingly between members especially to assist newcomers ( like me ) is what decided me to join, again thank you.

Since joining RaceXpert I have really enjoyed the sport of kings more. From a knowledge point of view, and yes financially, my bank has grown by 70% in the last 6 weeks. To all the newbies to the horse racing arena in a similar boat to myself, the RaceXpert software is really excellent value for money. Armed with all of the tools that RaceXpert provides, there are some excellent returns - dont forget to check the Form Browser for your investment, and last but not least, check the forum for what other members are saying. They have saved me time, and money by pointing out certain weaknesses that a selection has. Anyway. great team work all round, and good investing to one and all!

Nice one Guys! You never cease to amaze me on how attentive and responsive the RaceXpert team are.

Excellent results!

I realise that the RaceXpert team are very skilled in what they do.

What I have found from both the software and the people on the email forum, is that everyone (surprisingly) is trying to help everyone. Now that in itself I think is quite amazing as any kind of financial speculation is something most people keep to themselves normally. The guys at RaceXpert I feel do much more than is needed. I sure would not sit there answering god knows how many emails they must get each and every day.

I being very new to not only the software but also Horse racing have found the software
really good.

Thanks again for your support - like some of my fellow members have already
said - it is refreshing to deal with such an up-front company.

Great Stuff RaceXpert. Many Thanks.

You're a genius!

The software is powerful,

The RaceXpert software is brilliant in my opinion.

I will be renewing ! Cheque in the post tonight...Many happy years betting guys ! Thanks for making it easier.

Congrats on a great program.

Tech have sorted my problem out. They are excellent.

I am extremely happy so far with this service, and all the add-ons.

I suspect that I'm not alone among your subscribers in that I'm not really a racing man. But even I can make money with RaceXpert (140% ROI in February) by recognising patterns and using statistics. This is why I delight in your System Research Tool. Anyway, many thanks for all you've done so far. I know how damned clever your team is.

Well pleased with the program.

The software is brilliant. The service is excellent. Your team is so professional. Whatever you do, I know that eventually it will turn out to be brilliant and worth waiting for just like the program.

I have to say that the way RaceXpert get things done is great. It seems like no time ago when I was trying to work out F/s and C/s with a pen and paper now the Bankers are on the screen as soon as I turn on. Thanks RaceXpert. Keep up the good work I am having a great time and winning money as well. All the best

You never cease to amaze me. Lovely work. Thank you.

Just got 13-1 (bet fair) for Ladies Knight at Ling. It was Top MFS. Thanks Racexpert Team.

Thanks for the amazingly profitable software.

Keep up the fantastic work everyone.

I think RaceXpert are wonderful, a joy to be with.

Getting better and better. Had these selections in a Yankee today. 2.10 Fontwell Stars Delight...1st 5-1, 3.40 Fontwell Megalex...1st 15-2, 4.25 Wolv Crusoe...unplaced 5-15 Fontwell Adalie...1st 11-4. Also had single bets on 2.10 Fontwell Stars Delight...1st 5/1, 3.40 Fontwell Megalex...1st 15-2, 1.20 Wolv Loves Design, 4-35 Market Deep Water...1st 3-1. Looks like you will have a long term subscriber !!!

Thanks for all your hard work so far, and quick responses back to me. If this keeps up over the coming year, there's very little chance of me NOT staying a happy member.

I have tried all sorts of systems and software and as far as I can tell from the members of the RaceXpert forum none can come close to RaceXpert. All of the members of the forum are very positive about the product and do there best to help each other. I am also very cautious before getting involved in anything related to horse racing simply because the industry seems to attract a large number of dubious characters perpetrating one scam after another. However, I have been convinced that RaceXpert is different and will be ordering my copy of the product when I get back from holiday.

I have been so impressed when watching this forum from the sidelines that I have decided to subscribe to RaceXpert. I have tried all sorts of rubbish that is available out there and was therefore very cautious when I came across RaceXpert. I have particularly been impressed by you the members and the support that is provided by RaceXpert. I hope to learn how to use the software quickly so that I can make a positive contribution to the
forum and my bank balance.

My congratulations on a fantastic piece of software. I was initially a member of the free Saturday service for several weeks and after seeing everything that was going on within the Yahoo group decided to join you all.

What you have here is a unique system. People can't get over the results. Just read the emails on the forum. This has to be a pointer to it being a great program.

I do think this is a great system, and I'm very grateful to the RaceXpert team for it.

Thanks for your great service all round.

Just to make your head swell a bit more after all the justified praise, I'm getting great use out of the speed figures, having some very lumpy bets in the right circumstances.

I think your programs are fantastic.

I am extremely grateful for all your help and assistance. I am posting this on the forum site to show my appreciation. Again many thanks.

Many thanks for all the help you are giving me. I am extremely grateful.

I've had a great week thanks to RaceXpert.

Of all the bets I really enjoyed watching Erracht coming home at Wolves last night - got 9/1.

I've had the software for over a month now and just been watching, learning and listening. Took the plunge this week and I must say I am over the moon with RaceXpert's results. This week has more than paid for the software and the whole year's subscription. With the addition of Fs, Cs and 'The Prophet' I have had great fun this week collecting money from the Bookies every day. A big THANKYOU to all involved. All the best.

Personal thanks for bringing RaceXpert into existence,

And I thought I was bad at sleeping! When do you guys take a break? Thanks for the speedy answer. Most impressed with the service.

Many many thanks for all the help and support I have already had from you guys and the people on the email forum.

I have had the software for almost a week and it has already proved to be of great benefit. It took me 2 months of "lurking in the shadows" listening to you guys and gals discussing the mutual advantages of the RaceXpert set up before I took the plunge. Regrettably, like others, I have purchased systems that promised lots and delivered nothing. Hopefully I will be able to contribute ideas to the forum. Continuing good fortune to all.

It's really brilliant.

Well I had a really good day thanks to RaceXpert... got to tell you as I am just so happy.

I rarely post direct to the group, as I don't feel I have a great deal to contribute personally, although I do profit (metaphorically and literally) from much of the excellent discussion that goes on in the forum. I'm also - needless to say! - a big fan of the RaceXpert program. The forum as a whole, unlike so many others, is friendly and highly informative and thought-provoking.

Keep up the good work - I've had a fantastic week!

Not sure how many times I will have to keep saying thanks to all you guys but thanks .

The RaceXpert team are implementing the features which we ask for at an alarming pace :). I have never come across this before, and I have been in the software business for over 13 years! Keep up the great work. Many thanks.

Isn't it wonderful to know that while you are out shopping and spending money RaceXpert is busy making you money.

Superb Service Guys - I'm now winning regularly.

Got the programme yesterday, loaded it up, and had to take two aspirin before bed! I can't believe the myriad of information available in the software, it's awesome!

I have only had the software for 3 days. I have 100% no attachment to the RaceXpert. However in the past three days I can say I have actually made money. The first day I had the software I won enough to almost pay for it and that was with very very small bets to test things out (£2 - £5). Yesterday I won and today I am up. The most important thing the software has done for me is help me spot races to just not even bother with, and races that are worth a bit of time looking at. Regards, one of them very new customers that just cannot stop talking about this software.

I have been using RaceXpert program since its conception and have watched it grow into what it is today. It was good when it was launched - it is even better today, after many
updates in response to subscriber's requests. There is a friendliness and rapport between the Team and subscribers that I have not encountered with any other service to which I have subscribed. The e-mail forum is part of the enjoyment in being a part of the RaceXpert "family". The amount of data provided should satisfy the most serious of form
students whilst those wanting ready made selections are well catered for. I write as a very satisfied subscriber whose own suggestion has very kindly been incorporated in the program.

Just started with RaceXpert today after using ratings. Very impressed with new Knowledge screen, my only complaint is that today it made the other system I paid £4000 for seem very poor !!!, wish I had come across RaceXpert FIRST !

Thanks again for an excellent program.

Well done on all the new features. The program is Brilliant.

Thanks to RaceXpert I had my best ever day of taking on the satchel boys. 7 winners and a 2nd from just the eight bets and I didn't do any of the odds on shot winners. Our Jolly Swagman 2nd 12-1ew, Laurel Prince Won 10-1, Shardam Won 6-5, Rudolf Rassendyll Won 3-1, High Point Won 5-1, Legal Set Won 6-1, Bravura Won 13-2, Freds In The Know Won 3-1. My cheque is in the post for MORE!!!!!!!!!!

Talk about starting with a bang! Well done.

I've been silent for the past week since I've been out of the country, but came back to discover a host of new features. This really is great stuff. Thank you.

Wow two winners at 10/1 one at 4/1. No doubt I'm on to something good here. THANKYOU RaceXpert.

Great program and thanks again for the help early on. I would recommend RaceXpert to anyone.

I would like to add my congratulations to the RaceXpert team for the superb results they are, and regularly have been, coming up with. You will not get better value for money elsewhere, and I have tried most of the rest.

I have only had RaceXpert for two days, and have more than won my money back plus a bit more and that's for very small stakes.

I've just had another fantastic day using the software. The winners I had were Fulvio 9/2, High Point 9/2, Legal Set 6/1, Bravura 6/1. Thanks once again to RaceXpert.

Great days racing, again coming up trumps with your excellent software.

First Class Service !

Just to say I received my software today. Installed in 5 minutes, no problems at all. Got it activated immediately, no problems. Loaded racecards & Update, no problems. All seems to be working fine, and impressive. I look forward to finding my way around the software for the next few days and then to a profitable future courtesy of RaceXpert. Thanx

What an amazing day we've all had!!! Won 9/2, Won 9/4, Won 8/11, Won 7/2, Won 3/1, EW 2nd 7/1, Won 7/4, Won 12/1, Won 4/7, Won 4/1. Helped very much by the 'Best Bets' selections of The Manse Brae and Bank on Him, but if you can't chose winners using this software then you never will!!! My shortlist this morning contained 7 horses (all of which won), but as I wasn't working today I had a little more time on my hands. As you can well imagine, RaceXpert has more than paid for itself today!!!

Just like to thank RaceXpert, great software program. Had a very successful days racing, have been involved in racing for nearly 30 years and is my passion and have come across some really bad systems in that time, some bordering on the ridiculous, adding RaceXpert, to my own system is paying dividends, Thanks once again RaceXpert.

I started using the software a few weeks ago. There is so much to consider and such brilliant info to analyse I decided while working my way around the system to begin betting with only 'best bets' of the day. I have not been disappointed. You all know how Saturday went. Yesterday I checked Best Bets. Went to Betfair placed my bets all done within minutes. Returned from a gruelling days pleasure to find one winner Shingles. Same today. Backed both The Manse Brae and Bank On Him. Just checked Betfair account both won. Thanks Team and I'm only at the tip of the iceberg. Absolutely brilliant !!

What a bit of software you guys have. I have won the money back today that I paid for the software and first 4 weeks cards. It is fantastic and very nice to use. A lot to learn before I can get the best out of it, but I am well happy with today's results.

This is my 2nd day with the software, 3 out of 3 yesterday, and so far 2 out of 2 today, Bhutan 9/2 and The Manse Brae 9/4.

What can I say guys :) 2 bets a second that I did e/w so it paid for itself and a winner at 9/2 and this is my first day with the software.

Just shows how powerful this software is - all done in a second at the touch of a button.

As a new user to RaceXpert I must say I am greatly impressed with the whole set up and certainly wished I'd subscibed much earlier.

Thank you. I spent £95 on a demonstration the other week. I drove up to Harrogate and they only spent about 30 mins with me. It's a massive price for the software and all I have heard is bad things. I am so glad I found RaceXpert when I did as I was going to buy theirs.

I used to own this programme 10yrs ago it cost £45.00 the company that bought the rights to this are...........WELL YOU KNOW WHAT THEY ARE!!!!!!!!! RaceXpert puts them to shame.

I know very little about horse racing and I'm learning all the time. My advice to all those without the software is to get it ASAP. This will produce profit.

I have only been using RaceXpert for less than a week and have found it very interesting. So much information available with a few clicks of the mouse. With no betting tax, and the
betting exchanges (virtually no over-round on most races) and RaceXpert software, it should be within the range of any serious racing student to turn a profit.

RaceXpert is TOP of anything I've seen before. RaceXpert ratings are top form. Thanks to the RaceXpert team.

Just a quick message to say, this is my first day of using the RaceXpert software and the results were fantastic. Very exciting software. Thanks RaceXpert

Cheers Lads even more reason for me to purchase RaceXpert I've been totally blown away by the standard backup VERY PROFESIONAL.

There should be more good people like yourselves around.

The RaceXpert forum is the best by a country mile.

If this screen alone does not find winners I will be very surprised. Thank you again Team.

You've got to be the most helpful group I've come across. CHEERS !!!!

Well done with the programme. In a word...IMPRESSED

I would just like to say how enjoyable and informative it has been in this forum, I have only been involved for the past 2 weeks. I must say a great thank you.

Once again thank you everybody for a superb forum.

Many thanks and hope in time that I may be able to contribute some useful information to the group.

I am all excited now. My money just went in the post for the software. I to
may be lucky enough to be on some of these winners next week :)

I join all others in congrats. to RaceXpert on a marvellous programme.

Hi, just to say received software today, installed no problem. Was on Shingles at 6.6 to 1 (betfair) and had Tefi to place 4.8 to 1 (betfair). Software looks great, and I know the ratings are good from the free Saturday ratings.

Since joining RaceXpert I have used 5% of my betting bank on each strong selection and it has steadily grown. Some of these have been short prices - but I figure that sometimes a slow steady profit is better than "instant" riches waiting for that elusive 33/1 - 50/1 winner to come along. Having said that - I have had quite a few at decent prices - I am one very happy customer!

I have to say that there are some very good reads posted on this forum. I used to venture onto a race chat room not long ago and all you got was people slagging each other off. It's
wonderful to find a place where there are intelligent and polite people all aiming for the same thing.

I would like to publicly thank the guys at RaceXpert for incorporating one of my ideas into the program. I consider this to be a great honour and indicative of their response to suggestions and ideas from their customers. Where else would you get such a fantastic follow up to taking out a subscription. I can honestly state that I have tried seven other major competitors and there is just no comparison. It is the interactive nature that is missing from the others. With a wealth of data for even the most serious form student it is worth looking at all the information presented and you will soon see that you lack for little. Thanks again RaceXpert team.

Well I can say one thing, there are very very few places I can think of where the people are all so so helpful. I will be sending my money this week. To be honest the software does sound great but so is the thought that anytime I have a problem with stats that you guys are there with the answers.

I've just joined, and am amazed at all the information put out by RaceXpert and some of the members.

Congratulations to RaceXpert MasterForm/Formspeed.

My congratulations - Thank you.

Thanks all. What can I say. You have delivered again. And colour coded too!!! Do you know what this weeks lottery numbers are??? Amazing

Many thanks for the info. I was stupid enough a few months back to purchase the ******** software. To day it has been the biggest waste of time and money ever. Having said that it would be great for anyone who lay's bets as they can be confident in what is not going to win :)

I have recently joined and purchased the RX software in the last month or so. Personally I have found the software, very user friendly, and yes, I have been in profit since using it over this last month. Also, the service from RaceXpert has been excellent! I can't believe how excellent the overall product and service is for such a small out lay. Also there are some very experienced users within the RX email group, and very helpful.
And no, I do not have any commercial links with RaceXpert, just a very happy customer.

Just my weekly update to say another good week when using the Knowledge within RX. Looks like RX is getting quite an interest in the email group :)
Again, thanks for all your support and efforts to date!

Good Saturday for me Miss George (6/1) and 5 from 6 at Wolverhampton, thanks team.

You have made some very exciting changes, you are very wonderful people and I wish you great success.

I'm definitely sold on this RaceXpert.

I'm new to RaceXpert I just wish I came across this bunch of race fanatics before - good original ideas not your normal drivel.

So far, this has been an excellent RaceXpert day, Thank you all.

I will certainly be renewing my sub to RaceXpert at such an exciting time of development! RaceXpert was an excellent system at launch and has only got better and better. My thanks to the team for responding so well to suggestions from members.

I could not do what I do without your excellent figures and program.

What can I say? Magnificent.

Another excellent day yesterday starting with the clear top rated 12/1 winner Dubai Dreams, in the first race at Southwell and including clear second top rated at 10/1 and 8/1 and joint second top at 25/1. And for those who have not yet subscribed to the program - you are missing an awful lot.

I have just today received the latest program from the team and I must say I am
very impressed with all the latest gizmo's bell's and whistles which have been
added and must congratulate the Team for some really brilliant software. We are now ready bash the bookies this season so keep up the good work.

I am amazed at the time and effort spent not only by yourselves, but also by other members . Cor! I'm looking forward to participating.

I have been using RaceXpert since it was only available as a daily summary and have found the speed ratings are second to none (even my own!!!) and have been using them to some good effect.

I'm not surprised that the forum has grown so fast. All credit to you.

Having checked you out by phone also having an impressive web site I've
decided to subscribe to your racing gang community (I posted it this afternoon).

I have just started my first day today looking at RaceXpert - Flownaway has just bolted in at 8/1, very impressive, thanking you very much.

Definitely the place to be - The constantly improving system that has been developed is amazing.

I hope all my ramblings encourage others to look at all the aspects of this excellent program we subscribe to and try out different ideas.

I have learnt a lot over the last month or so joining the RaceXpert email group, and also using this very profitable Racing Software. Best regards, one and all!

This seems the place to be. I like 8/1 winners very much.

I think that your software is probably the best on the market - I feel that with the level of development you have achieved so far the system will go on to be a very useful tool. The software and the online chat is first class.

What a credit to RaceXpert that such simple reliance on their SF figures, revealed by the simple click of a mouse, can produce a 27% profit. This software really is dynamite.

I also use the excellent RaceXpert program, like most of the users I've nothing but praise for the program. The excellent edge RaceXpert gives us, is the guys there, give us a program to do the donkey work.

I am having great fun using the software to find different systems which give good results and returns.

Appreciate all the help everyone is giving.

Just backed the winner Three Lions at 20/1 at 12.45 at Hereford top rated on Speed.

A good start to the afternoon for all of us so congratulations to the skills of the RaceXpert's ratings compiler.

Three bets, three wins 6/1, 6/4 and 5/1 - Its all down to this magical programme

Just little me saying that the "Knowledge" is still consistanly helping me to generate profit, when used in conjunction with Dutching, and E/W bets! A happy RX customer!

The RaceXpert developers and the forum team whom use the software are collectively doing a job 2nd to none in my eyes! The proof is in the pudding as they say, and so far the pudding is sweet as honey.

I think this is brilliant, being able to put our minds together with this extraordinary software and come up with some serious weaponry against the bookies.

I made a mistake believing Ling 120 race to be a handicap! My wager £10 Pleinmont Point at SP and £5 on Tote Stagnite & Master Rattle. Lucky, lucky mistake with a 135/1 winner! Hope I can do it again with RaceXpert's help!

Pleased to say I am sending my cheque off today.
I put this on the group mail rather than direct to RaceXpert because you have all been instrumental in my decision. The friendly atmosphere amongst everyone and the knowledge help is at hand with computer difficulties (new kid on the block syndrome ) together with RaceXpert's terrific knowledge and hands on approach makes it impossible not to get involved.

I too will be voting with my wallet by sending my cheque off today. Best of luck and best regards to all the group, especially the techies at RaceXpert.

What can I say, except a very big thank you? This is great.

The best piece of equipment for relieving bookies of their money that man ever devised.

There are so many useful tools to help attain a continuous stream of profit. Using Main Knowledge screen, and then the analyse view, helps me greatly to shorten the field down to 1,2,3,4 houses max. Using this excellent feature, it has helped me to bring in a large number of extremely long odds horses (top one 50-1 1st place, last Sat).

Using this feature (The Knowledge) I am quite consistently getting long odds horses placed!!

Well, you can tell that I'm excited about this new feature. It's early days yet, but looking promising.

I am very impressed by the improvement pace of new releases - keep up the excellent work.

Top marks to RaceXpert for reacting so quickly to demand. Customer'll never catch on.

RaceXpert goes from strength to strength.

A big thank you to the RaceXpert guys. Any waverers should by now have been impressed by the willingness of the team to accommodate any requests within their power to satisfy, and the sheer friendliness of them. They are not a million miles away and unapproachable - they listen and respond.
The impossible they do at once, the miraculous takes a little longer!

Well done with your 16-1 top rated. I could not do what I do without your figures.

How the hell do you do it ? It's absolutely fantastic. Never seen anything like it anywhere else and I've tried them all !!

I have to say once again that I am getting more enjoyment from RaceXpert
than any other Racing Software I have tried and that goes back to a
programme called "COURSEWINNER" which I ran on the BBC B computers!! and
also includes Timeform, Raceform, Pro Punter, ProForm, etc etc

Thank you again, both for great software and brilliant follow-up.

Thanks very very much for all your help. Without exception the best program I have tested over many years.

RaceXpert is away and by far the best program of the many hundreds I have used.

As a first time user of the programme today, have to say I'm very impressed. I'm a speed freak (looking for double figs and treble figs advantages in last three outings a la Andy Beyer) so "The knowledge" section is ideal for me. First race rated was the maiden at Lingfield (my kind of race) and up pops Tregoning's horse Perfect Echo with an admittedly marginal double fig advantage at a juicy early price 14/1. Could be the start of a beautiful relationship I think.

I think at the rate RaceXpert is going it will be the No1 racing software available ( if it isn't already ). Thanks a lot and keep up the good work.

Many thanks, team. I must say that I'm quite amazed by the continual upgrades. Companies like Microsoft put out new patches every few days because their software is so full of bugs; and, as often as not, the patches themselves cause chaos.
You, in contrast, put out nothing but improvements, and so far not one of
them appears to have occasioned even the slightest problem. More power to

Well done a great add on. Looking once again at the 'Speed Star' selections backing every selection e/w gives a healthy profit for every month. As well as that, on days when the system gives two selections backing them as e/w doubles adds a further 20 points to the stats and leaves very few losing days. Thanks team

The team is spot on fantastic

The Knowledge feature - Very Very impressive. It's for me the best tool in the software. It does everything which all the rocket scientists try and do.

Please, please, please DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING INTERNALLY CODE WISE FOR THE KNOWLEDGE. It works!!! :)) And, chaps, I sincerely think that if you have not already patented this feature that you should do so ASAP. Too many UK companies lose out due to the larger far bullier organisations stealing ideas, and gaining market share for colourful marketing! Keep up the great work.

The knowledge is a brilliant feature of the program.

Used it yesterday, it did everything I hoped for. Onward and upward. Thanks for a great weapon in the battle with the bookies. Keep up the good work.

Yet again something asked for has been supplied. Very useful additions to the program.
Thank you team.

RaceXpert is brilliant!

I logged on to your Saturday free service for a look. It's very impressive!

What a magnificent aid The Knowledge is!

This screen must be the finest single screen for form study to be found in any racing computer program and I repeat that I have tried all the major players over the years.

Congratulations on a first class program which certainly came up with some nice ones today.

Thanks for the latest improvements and additions

The 'KNOWLEDGE' seems to be very impressive, well done on creating a great product. I wish you all the best success in the world

I'm delighted to be part of this happy group of punters. It's really great to feel the enthusiasm that everyone has for this project.

Thanks to RaceXpert for 'THE KNOWLEDGE' add in, just great.

I am blown away by the improvements you keep introducing, and most of all by 'THE KNOWLEDGE'. Thank you and congratulations. And it's so great that we also have this forum in which to learn from. I feel very privileged.

I was impressed with the new tool "The Knowledge" and am sure it will be a great help in the age-old quest for beating the bookies. Refreshing that the service has the ability to add new functions like this, so quickly, I am not aware of any other service that does this. Good luck to all,

Great new features on the program, keep it up.

The techies at RaceXpert seem to be worryingly quick at incorporating new
ideas. I'm finding it hard to keep up!! I've used a lot of Horse Racing analysis programs. I have never seen so much rapid response to user requests.

Have just applied 'THE KNOWLEDGE' to today's racing as an additional 'rating' completely separate to the other information, it gives some interesting alternatives!
My immediate reaction is brilliant. Thanks for a brilliant new tool.

I would suggest to anyone hesitating about purchasing the RaceXpert program, that the new upgrade containing "The Knowledge" screen would soon convince you that this was a screen giving the finest form study yet, from one screen. It has everything, including a facility that I consider invaluable - a sort facility.
I write as one who has used all the major racing computer programs. Just a very satisfied customer with no connection to RaceXpert other than that.

I just had to say that you are a genius! This screen is one of the finest form study screens that I have yet encountered. It has everything. Do you get time to sleep?

The new additions look promising well done.

Your doing a great job thanks very much.

I am amazed by the innovations and improvements to the already brilliant software. WOW is all I can say - Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant!!! I think this will really sort out the winners and Good each way chances. Congratulations to the team for this extra improvement - its already head and shoulders above other racing software I've been involved with in the past and a fraction of the price (the team knows which one I mean) Thanks again.

Having had the privilege of testing the latest additions to the program I can endorse all the praise being heaped on the team (I am just an ordinary and very satisfied subscriber).

I should simply like to add my thanks to Peter and his team for the new 'Knowledge' facility sent out earlier today. It is another excellent example of the way they listen to the feedback they get and then take forward the new ideas that come from members. I have spent a most enjoyable afternoon watching channel 418 on Sky TV with my printouts spread out before me ! Thanks also to Tom and the other members who have played an important part in contributing to this new initiative.

Excellentissimo. Thank you very much for an extremely good job done. Good punting.

RaceXpert is certainly making form study so much easier and the latest additions are really something.

Having run through the cards for 'THE KNOWLEDGE', there is no doubt that it gives you a better picture of those in the race and in many cases would enable you to strike out half the field as no hopers!!

Looking forward to being able to use this extra tool to improve an already excellent system. Many thanks guys.

Thanks for your valuable & excellent service and advice.

I am pleasantly surprised at the way RaceXpert has dealt with the numerous requests for further improvements to the program. The interaction between the members and RaceXpert have, on the whole been, very good. I think that if this interaction continues in the same vein and improvements to the program progress then I think that in a short period of time those people that buy this product will have a serious tool with which to try and make betting on horses pay. Which, incidentally is the reason I joined this group. I have tried many horserace prediction programs over the years, probably seven or eight but none that were willing to change or re arrange the program to suit the buyer. This you have and are doing and once again I commend you. All the best.

What a great job all the team are doing

Absolutely brilliant..... Love it.

14/1 winner well done

Many congratulations to the team, for a software package which can identify a winner having such long odds (100/1).

Well done the 100-1 winner

I expect to use bookies money to keep me receiving your excellent program and data.

Was anybody on the equal top rated SF in the 1.00 at Southwell. Star Princess 1st 100/1 (available at 300/1 on betfair). The exacta paid £1156 for both the top rated horses.

RaceXpert has provided me with an ability to make carefully chosen selections, the forum allows us to exchange research tips and staking strategy. I am an absolute novice (who is however able to earn money 11 days out of 12 from my RaceXpert selection). I have no desire (or time) to seek other methods of selection - obviously I am happy with what I have!

Thank you for a very good service and I can honestly say I would recommend it to anyone.

I will be leaving UK for a while so I won't be able to use your program but I will be renewing my subscription as soon as I came back. Thanks for all your help on a great program.

Not a bad start for our first combined attempt at reducing the field to live contenders, a 20/1 winner & 10/1 winner.

Well, after all of my email bombarding to your team I have decided to become
a member. Please pass on my thanks to your technical department for all their assistance and the timely manner of their responses!

I have been very impressed with your openness, and quick responses back to me!

Your site and screenshots are very impressive and some of the postings from your subscribers show that they have a real willingness to share their ideas to come up with a great system.

Thank you for your wonderful support and all the best for 2003

Thanks to your Herculean efforts I am pleased to confirm that my cheque for 8 weeks is in the post today.

Many thanks once again for your invaluable help.

The system is showing profit of £37.26 on TODAY ONLY to a level £5 stake!
This could be encouraging!

Confirm that I will be renewing. Will send cheque on Friday for 20 weeks. Am very impressed so far and looking forward to the future.

Have a nice Christmas and thanks for a great program.

RaceXpert is an excellent programme with great potential.

Another cracking day at Lingfield today 3 good priced winners & 4 2nd's for the Top speed horses, Keep them coming.

Very efficient system updates and the method of processing information is impressive.
Best regards and hope you have a good Christmas etc

Hello Team,
Congrats. on this 20-1 winner - top on Speed.

Impressed so far

Well done, you are not far away now from giving us everything we need!
Things have been really speeded up and full marks for the continued expansion.
Many thanks,

RaceXpert gets better and better. Its nice to know that some of our suggestions are being built into the programme and I am confident that others will follow.

Thanks for the help. I've been using RaceXpert since launch and it is very impressive.

Hello RX team,
A thousand thanks from this person for the extended sort and OR facility.
Ask, and ye shall receive. Well done guys.

Thank you for everything. The more time I spend with RaceXpert, the more I like it.

You really have done a wonderful job and I speak as someone who has tried them all.
Additionally you have produced what I feel is a friendly program with terrific backup and personal involvement.

I must say that I have found the ability to readily call up a previous race, with detail as they were at the time, to be a superb facility not seen elsewhere in this manner. Just one of the many features exclusive to our wonderful program.

Many thanx for all your help, I am now fully up to date,and getting the hang of things.
Mightily impressed with the product and the friendly service.
Keep up the excellent work,

I received the disc and instructions this morning, and after I had been out I settled down to install the system.
I read the instructions twice to be clear what I had to do, and then followed them exactly as instructed. Eureka. They burst into activity the first time. Brilliant.

Your service and help peter is second to none please keep up the good work. Thank you very much to all the guys and of course ladies for all the time and effort trying to get a good system and sharing them with us. RaceXpert is fantastic and affordable please keep it that way for us working class.
Thank you.

I am well satisfied with your daily summary and will have cheque for £18 in the post tomorrow morning thanks

I have been interested in horse racing for nearly sixty years (yes I am knocking on a bit) and during this period have tried out several ideas for the "perfect" system. There is no such animal but programs like RaceXpert (I have no interest other than as a very satisfied user) provide the means to do what would have taken hours, in burning the midnight oil with paper form books.

Well, the wait was worth it.
Congratulations to all concerned. An excellent program installed with the
minimum of hiccups - unusual these days with those of us with older P.C's.

hi peter ken here just to say thank you for your help today and for sending me the friday summary. your a top guy.

This 12-1 triple top rated (if you take its turf SF form as it has no AW form) winner, is real testimony to the strengths of RaceXpert.

Thank you all for the quite outstanding assistance the team has given me with the installation.
Again many thanks to all.

Well, it hasn't taken long to find a profitable system using the Analyser

I am starting to get really excited over the program. It has so much to offer and the speed figures are very good.
When, and if, you can provide the sort and OR facilities I asked for I think you will hold your own, and in many areas, exceed all the more expensive opposition programs.

I spent all evening exploring all the different features that RaceXpert had to offer, boy was I impressed. Having previously subscribed to computer versions of Timeform, Raceform, Superform and sportsbook. By comparison RaceXpert is a Group One winner.

Well done on getting the software ready and launching on target.
I would like to wish you every success for a very professional looking package and I know it will live up to expectations from it's trials of which I have been lucky enough to have been part of many thanks and onwards and upwards.

Brilliant and that's just for starters!
I expect your telephone will be hot.
You can be very proud of yourself with such a great program

I would say what a superb job you have done turning into one that will stand alongside and in many areas beat, the long established names.
You must have worked tirelessly for months now.

I must congratulate you on your ratings and speed figures...I have been involved in this game full time since early retirement from business 5 years ago and RaceXpert is the best value I have come across without a doubt,..nothing else even comes close...Well done and long may it continue.

You can earn a very good living with these Racexpert ratings/speed figures,..they have turned round my returns massively !. I had several winners again today and well in profit on the day.

The top rated under speed figure has a 100% record in chases at Ludlow. Only a small sample but 100% must be impressive.

Just like to say very well done today, results where superb

It looks like another good day for the speed ratings!!

I just look forward to your summary , It is a very good service .

Had to tell you all - signed up for the daily summary everyday this week -
got my first paid summary through yesterday and made 5 selections win only -
4 lost (at least 1 placed) but Fast foil won at 25/1!!
Thankyou Racexpert Team!!

Today I had a good day with 4 winners from 6 at 10/3, 13/8 (got 3/1), 5/6 and 14/1 (got 16/1).
Over £200 profit from £10 level stakes.
Thanks to you at RaceXpert!

CHEL 2.30 - ALMNADIA - SF66 20-1 winner

I've been using the software for several months now and have no connection with RaceXpert (apart from being a satisfied user) and can say that it is the most useful betting tool I have.

Well done on the 25/1 winner of the Dewhurst ( joint top rated on Speed figures ).

Mightily impressed with info received

What a fantastic day yesterday, I was able to get a couple of bets on and made a nice profit Thanks team

I have visited your web-site and like what I see. I live in Toronto, Canada

Just a note to say well done on the Big price bets yesterday - fantastic - I actually got a couple of bigger than sp prices and although only putting small stakes on got a really great return

Well, I was one of the lucky ones who just happened to be sat in front of the computer and had the opportunity to 'dabble a bit' wished now I had done more than dabble - but hey I'm not complaining, it was great fun!!

Well..what can anyone say about these horses....I make it that a E/w Lucky 15 on the 4 big price hunters...paid over £1,500...and if by chance you did E/D it would have paid £2,700. Well done team....very well done.

I am absolutely blown away by your picks for today! What an EW patent with a wins of 9/1, 14/1 and 5/1 AND a 16/1 placed horse!

Thought I´d be the first to say brilliant performance with the FLAT BIG PRICE HUNTER bets todate 3 massive wins 5-1 9-1 14-1 and one left to run. WELL DONE

I've just received the latest program update and it's getting to look better and better.
There will be so much to keep me occupied in what spare time I have.
Well done and keep up the good work

Today the first method had three selections
2.20 Ascot Choir Master Unplaced 8/1
3.00 Southwell Pertino 1st 4/5
4.30 Ascot Secret Garden 1st 20/1

I'm one who has been trialing the software which has gradually progressed over the months to what I think is a "near finished" thing.
I have no connection with the people inolved in the software, but can honestly say they have been very helpful to me as I have not been an "ordinary" user (I spend alot of time out of the country and so need "extras" which they were only to pleased to supply). Any problems I have faced have been solved very quickly.

Impressive, I've been making my living from using expert systems and ratings based programs for longer than I care to remember. There are very few over the years which can boast a profit for any period from just backing the top
rated. Best of luck with the rest of the month. I am looking forward to the full product launch.

well done lads, whatever your doing and however your doing it your doing it well.

Congratulations on a very promising start, I'm well impressed.

Days like that can only be good for business. Congratulations. Please sign me up my cheque is in the post.

Through the card at Newmarket for + 46.5 points!!!!

I can hardly believe that I've just watched the top rated selections win the first five races at Newmarket this afternoon, and also the first three at Brighton.

I'm putting the cheque in the post today!!.

Great start today Peter at a cracking price with 2.10 La Campanella 1st 4/1 well done and thanks

I can confirm the benefit of RaceXpert and have made consistant profits from using it.

I got 14/1. The rest of the day is free!!!! Many thanks.

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