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Just blindly backing the top rated horse will throw up lots of daily winners. But this program is more than just a ratings tool and has been designed for both the novice and professional alike. Indeed you can use it to view full form and past races from every foreseeable angle.

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CLEAR TOP RATED WINNERS in the last 7 days include :-


Please Note - these horses were TOP RATED and NOT from the top two or top three rated horses in each race as many others often quote !!

Our aim is to always keep our thriving membership one step ahead of the Bookie at all times !!

RaceXpert is the NUMBER ONE software for UK Horse Racing
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" We are always working on more new features in line with our "Continual Development Policy" - We release a new version roughly once every month on average - you just can not get this level of customer service anywhere else! "

RaceXpert recent feature upgrades :-

Version 65 was released in January 2008 and included a new print option for the 'Sum/Average Report', and an enhancement to the 'Remove Non-Runners' utility.

Version 64 was released in June 2007 (the second upgrade to be released this month) with the new "Last Year's Winner" feature highlighting successful horses/trainers. In addition, a printout option was added to the useful WinPro utility, and we also enhanced the Racecard printout to include extra data.

Version 63 was released in June 2007 and included the new and very useful Prize Money Report.

Version 62 was released in April 2007 and featured the brand new WinPro utility. This looks at form data in a new way and provides a means to tell whether horses are still capable of reproducing earlier form, and at what class level.

Version 61 was released in February 2007 with the facility to Save/Export the Declarations data.

Version 60 was released in January 2007 which added to the Research & System Checking functions. A new Print routine was also added as a direct request from a member.

Version 59 was released in December 2006 which fixed a few small bugs.

Version 58 was released in September 2006 with an enhanced "Selections Box" feature and tools to keep RaceXpert running optimally.

Version 57 was released in July 2006 with a totally new and modern look. A new "Value Odds Report", unique to RaceXpert, was also part of the release.

Version 56 was released in June 2006 with the much requested "Results Export", additional data export options, and an automatic facility for removing non-runners.

Version 55 was released in March 2006 with more export options, a superb file-joining utility, a TimeSort facility, and screens resized/optimised to work in high resolutions.

Version 54 was released in December 2005 containing speed improvements with report generation along with enhancements to the Research/Turbo screens.

Version 53 was released in October 2005 containing our fantastic "One-Click Auto-Update" feature (amongst other things). One click and your database is updated and the racecards are downloaded. This is what our members asked for and this is what we gave them.

Version 52 was released in September 2005 with our new "EXPECTANCY against PERFORMANCE" feature. This amazing new concept is not available anywhere else and is already banging in the huge-priced winners!

Version 51 was released in July 2005 and features our new "Collateral Form" report....the vital parts of the form book, all on one page!!!

Version 50 was released in May 2005 with the much requested "7+" report.

Version 49 was released in April 2005 with the very useful "Selections Box" feature and an enhancement to "The Knowledge" Report.

Version 48 was released in March 2005. New features included our new Horse Profiler, enhancements to "Jockey/Trainer Form", a revamped and very detailed "Favourites Data" screen, etc, etc.

Version 47 was released in January 2005 with a new T-1 Report, Links directly to live comparative odds, plus other improvements/enhancements.

Version 46 was released in December 2004 with a new improved Help System, quicker Summary Reports, an enhanced Declarations Screen, etc.

Version 45 was released in November 2004 with the new "Sum & Average" report and a worthy addition to "Trainer Course Form".

Version 44 was released in September 2004 with some excellent 'Class' features added to The Knowledge, QuickForm, Research, Turbo Wizard, etc.

Version 43 was released in August 2004 with an enhancement to the extremely powerful and useful 'System Groups'.

Version 42 was released in July 2004 with the brand new SUPREMACY REPORT our members are using this to great effect as it is highlighting many winners.

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RaceXpert is a totally unique set of ratings and tools that allows horse racing fans to make an informed choice. It also offers via it's built in systems analyser an answer to those that are just looking for a ONE CLICK solution. Just install this superb software onto your computer and then keep your database up to date by downloading the information that you need from the RaceXpert web site. What could be simpler ?

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Requirements to run the RaceXpert package are :-
Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT/2000/Me/XP/Vista/Windows 7

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