1. Please enter your RaceXpert Serial Number and your Email address ( in lower case only) in the boxes below. Make sure that you use the same address with which you originally registered on your order form. Our system will not recognise you with any other e-mail address. Failing to use your original address will prevent you from receiving your software Unlock Code.  

2. On clicking the unlock button our system will automatically e-mail you a verification to check that your e-mail address is valid. This usually takes less than a minute, but please be patient and allow up to fifteen (15) minutes for your email to arrive. The time it takes depends on Internet traffic and how quickly your ISP delivers your mail (AOL users can experience longer delays). You must respond to this e-mail before midnight on the day you originally enter your details or you will need to input them again. If the authorisation e-mail fails to arrive it may mean the account verification email was caught by a spam or bulk mail filter in your email system. Try checking your Spam or Bulk Mail folders to see if the email ended up in there (Hotmail in particular). Then try entering your details again.

3. When your verification e-mail has arrived, click on the link in that e-mail ( or paste it in your browser ) and the RaceXpert security system will issue your Unlock Code and display it on your computer screen. Please make a careful note of this code as you can not be issued with another during the current calendar month.

4. Please note that  RaceXpert has built in protection and on the 1st of each month your software will generate a ** NEW SERIAL NUMBER** which you will need to unlock your program.  Please be very careful NOT to use any previous numbers the software has generated. If you do use an old number the RaceXpert security system will lock you out.

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