PRO Membership is excellent value for money (we release new PRO features roughly ever month) and it ensures that you have all the necessary tools at your disposal to make your betting pay. Please click here for our current PRO Membership pricing details.

If you don't wish to become a PRO Member, then please just continue to use the many features already available in RaceXpert.


Racecards screen
Forecast SP’s, Your Own Odds, Supremacy Report, Save/Export Trainer Course Form, Sum and Average Report, Previous Day’s Runners, Additional options on Jockey/Trainer form, Enhanced Favourites data/information displayed on the racecards, Selections Box, Selections Box 7+ Qualifiers, Collateral Form, Sort the racecards chronologically, Automatically remove non-runners, Calculation field – SUM of the main ratings, Value Odds Summary Report. Enhanced Racecard Printout.

Main screen
File Joiner

System Qualifiers
Check qualifiers in individual
System Groups

The Knowledge
Access to the Value Odds, Forecast SP's and your OWN odds, Remotely sort the Racecard display

Access to the Value Odds, Forecast SP's and your OWN odds. Export Data.

Sum and Average Report
Button to quickly jump to the next race
. Export Data. Print Data.

Save all Help topics to a text file to edit, print, or personalise to your own requirements

Make and save ‘Notes' via MemoPad

Save the Declarations to a text filen> screen
Make and save ‘Notes' via MemoPad

Save the Declarations to a text file

Favourites Data
Enhanced data showing everything you need to know about Favourites at every racecourse and for all race types. Data is updated weekly

Horse Profiles
Shows graphically all the horses suited to a race and those who are not – very revealing. Export Data.

Unique ratings and valuable data
Export Data

Racing Results
Results can be viewed and exported in two different file formats.

WinPro provides the means to tell whether a horse is still capable of reproducing earlier form, and at what class level
Export Data

Prize Money Report
This at-a-glance report shows all of the races of the day ranked in order of winning prize money

FREE Systems
Access to well in excess of 300 systems on our web site that our members are willing to share.

The PRO version of RaceXpert is screen-resolution aware and it will resize itself and the displayed data accordingly (if required).

NBThe additional PRO features detailed above will only function whilst you are a PRO Member.

Please also note that if your subscription to the RaceXpert racecards/updates service ends, your PRO Membership will also automatically end i.e. PRO Membership is NOT a stand alone feature.

Below we have listed some of the features/benefits that are ONLY AVAILABLE to PRO Members
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